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• Wednesday, 16 June, 2021
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Quickly and easily schedule an appointment time that is convenient for you and your pet. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page.

See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. BridleTrail Veterinary Clinic is sharing a COVID-19 Update.

We wanted to thank everyone for showing us patience and understanding as we transition to this new (hopefully temporary) normal in veterinary medicine. You will be transferred to reception to process your payment (VISA or Mastercard, you can also send us an e-transfer if that works better for you at the time of the appointment).

This way no one has to stand in the cold, and you can sit in your nice warm car Today's winter pet hazard is Ethylene Glycol.

Signs & symptoms are similar (but not limited to) to alcohol poisoning (drooling, vomiting, seizures, excessive thirst, walking “drunk”) Stage 2: Occurs 12-24 hours after ingestion. Symptoms are severe lethargy, coma, vomiting, seizures, inappetance, and more.

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If you believe your pet has ingested Ethylene glycol, it is important to seek veterinary care immediately. Tired kittens after their overnight stay at Dr. History's We are starting the process of weaning them from mom, so they get short trips away from her.

This building is located at 33 The BridleTrail, Markham, L3R4E7 and is situated in the neighborhood of Zionville. Other neighborhoods nearby are Maryville, Millikan Mills West, Millikan Mills East, Rural Markham, Rouge River Estates.

While has homes currently available, the district of Zionville has 374 postings available. That's just 23.1% of the 1620 total properties for sale in the city of Markham.

Homes in Zionville are listed for an average asking price of $1,221,600, or an estimated monthly mortgage of $4,138. That is 1.2 times less the average list price of $1,429,073 in Markham.

Zionville listed properties average 802 sq ft, 1.8 beds, and 2 baths. Apartments make up 13.1% of homes for sale in the neighborhood around 33 The BridleTrail.

(Source: www.bridletrailvetclinic.com)

Millikan Mills High School Contact us for these details regarding this building's price history or to see units in nearby buildings.

View buildings close to 33 The BridleTrail There is a reawonderfulog out by Dr. Scott WeeGeese DVMDVDat has extensive knowledge of infectious diseases.

4 girls & 2 boys in total (as of right now, that could change due to the difficulty of rendering kittens at a young age. Stay tuned later this week for more information on the different species of ticks found in Ontario.

April is Tick Prevention Month here at BridleTrail Vet Clinic. Follow our posts to become a tick expert & have the knowledge to better protect your pet.

New essential service list as of April 3rd, 2020 #11 “Veterinary services (urgent care only) and other businesses that provide for the health and welfare of animals, including farms, boarding kennels, stables, animal shelters, zoos, aquariums and research facilities.” CVO (College of Veterinarians of Ontario) has deemed some preventative medicine necessary that may have long term animal & public health impacts (such as rabies, leptospirosis & arbovirus vaccines & parasite prevention).

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However, because Deanne got insurance for him (AND they covered the foreign body), she only had to pay $1,900 (still a lot, but much more reasonable ). After she paid her deductible (which was $1000 in this case to keep her premium low), 90% of the bill was covered by the insurance company.

Keeping a higher deductible is a great way to be prepared for the big emergencies (foreign body surgeries, cruciate ligament injuries, etc.) The lower your deductible, usually the higher the monthly premium Tune in later today to find out more about the different pet insurance companies.

Stay tuned later today to find out what was included in all of this hairball drama. Raider is a very affectionate, 9-year-old, neutered domestic medium hair cat.

When you arrive to the clinic for your appointment, please call us (905 477 1190) from your car (or knock on the door if you walked) and one of our RVTRatsll come out to greet you. They will take a medical history, note down any concerns you have and then bring your pet into the clinic while you wait outside.

Once the veterinarian has examined you pet, they will call you and go over what they have found and/or a treatment plan as needed. Our Rats will then bring your pet back out for you and go over any medication instructions as needed.

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Thanks for your understanding & help in keeping our staff heahealthy, so can continue to take care of your pets. As Pet Poison Awareness Month draws to an end, we just want to check in and see what you (our lovely clients) thoughts are on our social media page.

Do not take your pill and set it on a table, night stand, or in a disk. Cats may bat & play with the pills or lick them and dogs may grab them if they think they are food.

When guests arrive, ask them to please make sure any medication they have is kept in a location out of the reach of your pets. The variety of colors and formulations cause it to be very confusing because although all of them are poisonous, the active ingredient determines what kind of poisoning occurs in your pet and can cause a variety of clinical signs.

The three most common rodenticide active ingredients are: anticoagulants (decrease in clotting factors), cholecalciferol (causes acute kidney failure) and bromethalin (neurotoxin). The clinical signs will vary from internal bleeding, lethargy, coughing, weakness, pale gums, bruising, bad breath, peeing more, drinking more, in coordination, seizures, paralysis, etc.

As you can tell there are a wide range of clinical signs associated with rodenticide poisoning depending on which one was ingested. They cause damage to the red blood cells and make them more prone to rupturing.

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This type of poisoning may have delayed onset and the signs will not be present for several days. They are definitely harmful to dogs with anecdotal evidence that they can have toxicity for cats & ferrets.

The signs of a grape (or raisin) can range from vomiting and diarrhea, to abdominal pain & acute kidney failure. It is important if you think your dog has ingested a grape (or product with grapes in it) to contact the vet or poison control hotline, so we can help you determine the best next steps to treat your pet.

As some of you may have seen on the news, the provincial government has decided to close all non-essential businesses starting tomorrow (Tuesday, March 24th) at 11:59 pm. Under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, veterinary medicine is considered a non-essential service.

However, if that does not wwork, andwe do have to close, we will be staying open until midnight tomorrow to make sure that EVERYONE can get any medication or food they need for the next two weeks. If that happens, we will be remaining open (possibly with reduced staff) to be able to take care of your pet's needs.

They have no “thaw” time and will latch on to your pet as soon as that temperature requirement is met. It is always important to make sure your pet is negative of any diseases before starting prevention, which is why we recommend that your dog get a 4Dx test done yearly.

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This checks to see if your pet has heartworm, Lyme disease and two other tick born illnesses. We will then run the 4dx test in clinic, get your prevention medication all prepared and then bring it out to you.

Payment will be done over the phone via credit card, this way minimizing the risk to our staff as well as yourself. Thanks for your understanding & appreciate you helping us keep our staff heahealthy, so can continue to provide care for your pets.

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