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Elaine Sutton
• Monday, 11 January, 2021
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Press and hold START button for 8 seconds to force turn off the controller first, then press START again to turn it back on. However, it can be mapped as: LEFT + Select : set Dead as left analogue stick Up + Select : reset Dead Right + Select : set Dead as right analogue stick *Press and hold any of the key combinations above for 5 seconds to set the mapping.

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It does auto reconnect to all the systems mentioned above with the press of START once they have been successfully paired. The controller uses 180mAh rechargeable battery with 1 – 2 hour charging time.

The USB connection is for firmware upgrade and power charging only. The 8BitDoZero2 ($20) is a tiny no-frills controller that is perfect for playing retro-style games on the go, though limited compatibility outside the Switch keep it from being an absolute must-have accessory.

The shell is made of a hard plastic that feels durable in-hand, and the two I received were colored to match the Nintendo Switch Lite’s blue and yellow variants. I also received wrist straps to make it more difficult to lose them, though I imagine some players will put the Zero2 directly on keychains for easier access.

The directional pad is outstanding, with just the right about of ‘click,’ and the face buttons are large enough to avoid making mistakes. The shoulder buttons are a bit too difficult to push compared to the rest of controller, though I eventually learned to adapt.

The Zero2’s small size also means it doesn’t include the share or home buttons found on the standard Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers. For the latter, there is a workaround by pressing down on the directional pad and hitting the Select button, but you won’t be able to capture gameplay while using the Zero2.

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This was bugged during our review testing, but the firmware can be updated to correct it if your version comes with anything below v1.04 installed. That should be plenty of time to game in between charging sessions, however, and the included micro-USB cable lets you do so right from the Switch’s dock.

Genevieve Poland/Digital Trends can’t say the same for Steam, where I encountered several compatibility issues when attempting to connect the Zero2 to a Mac. Steam registers the controller without issue, as well as all button functions, but the games I tried didn’t always play nice.

Still, when Mac is listed as a supported system in the user manual, it would be nice for the controller to just work. With terrific buttons and a durable feel, it lets you have controller ready at a moment’s notice.

However, PC and Mac players have access to better controllers with more functionality if they aren’t worried about portability. The battery lasts about 8 hours on one charge, and its durable design doesn’t feel like it will break.

Package Contents: 1 x 8BitDo Zero 2 Bluetooth Mini Game pad 1 x USB Charging Cable Perfect for a keychain, this baby has all the fixings you need to play on a Nintendo Switch and is also compatible with motion controls.

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Weighing just 50 grams and with an 18-hour battery, it could be a great stocking stuffer for emulator fans. They've got new versions of the N30 Pro and Zero in new colors and with new features to accommodate Switch support, along with a new version of the SN30 Pro with handles and the stock SN30 with new colors.

The SF 30 Pro is one of the single nicest controllers I've ever used (even if I can't get the bloody thing to pair with the SNES controller port adapter). It’s funny, it’s like they are discovering the evolutionary path from the SNES pad to the DualShock independently.

Eventually (I hope) people will learn that this site resizes stuff itself, so you don't need (shouldn't!) They resize to the width of the page, but they still add lots on unnecessary scrolling IMHO.

Also, grips are a great addition as I find myself rubbing my ring fingers off the analog undersides. I saw the mega drive/genesis 6 button controllers and got excited... but then I saw that they aren’t actually making one of those, just the normal thin and tiny SNES copy they have made in the past, but recolored.

I’ve been trying to play sf 30th anniversary on my 8bitdo controller, and while it’s better than the joy cons, it’s not better by much. It’s a struggle to even do normal sonic booms etc, and I play street fighter A LOT.

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I like having it as a little controller for my Pixel 2XL every once in a while, and I love that Yellow and Black design. Weird that they are going to continue the N30 Pro line because that is by far their worst controller; it's just ergonomically not very pleasant in my opinion.

Hopefully they at least replaced the shitty sticks on the originals with the ones they started using with the SN30 Pro as that would alleviate about half my problems with it. I love all the new SN30 colors, but I own three of the things already and probably don't need anymore...but maybe one can't hurt.

I'll probably pick up the Game Boy Zero2 one for shits and giggles, but those things aren't super practical unless you have toddler hands TBH. I don't know why I like their controllers so much, as build quality can be kind of hit or miss honestly, but man they nail that nostalgia and function angle really nicely. I am struggling with thumb sticks precision on the FC30 Pro (origins game pad sized).

Too small to control fine movements with medium-size hands.- The built-it rechargeable battery is shot after 1 year owning it, drains fast. I might grab another Zero controller if they're still cheap. They resize to the width of the page, but they still add lots on unnecessary scrolling IMHO.

They resize to the width of the page, but they still add lots on unnecessary scrolling IMHO. Unquoted means they resize nicely. I just thought I'd repost them for those on mobile is all.

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The new controllers certainly look a lot less similar to their retro counterparts than previous iterations. Tim Getty's from Kinda Funny said that this is the one to settle D-pad according to him is much better than the one on the Switch Pro Controller, it is relatively small so easy to carry with you, and it has motion controls, vibration, 4 shoulder buttons.

If Virtual Console were a thing, I would've gladly bought a couple of these for my Switch. I want the Game Boy one so bad :0 But I'd use it on PC, and the ABBY buttons being different will probably be annoying.

I had an N30 Pro (the gold AMISOM colored one) and wasn't a fan of the buttons, sticks, or d-pads on it. The Logitech ones have issues with pressure sensitive face buttons.

Darn it I love my current SF30 pad, but those grips are looking fine. Tim Getty's from Kinda Funny said that this is the one to settle D-pad according to him is much better than the one on the Switch Pro Controller, it is relatively small so easy to carry with you, and it has motion controls, vibration, 4 shoulder buttons.

Fairly certain there's no gyro in these, but my SN30 Pro is otherwise my favorite Switch controller. I use the left stick in Lupines using the Pro controller (after the update).

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Such a small thing that I never realized how useful it would be (I'm just a lazy bum, don't want to get up and walk to reset my console all the time. Hoping the new NEW classic one will be good.

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