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Press and hold START button for 8 seconds to force turn off the controller first, then press START again to turn it back on. However, it can be mapped as: LEFT + Select : set Dead as left analogue stick Up + Select : reset Dead Right + Select : set Dead as right analogue stick *Press and hold any of the key combinations above for 5 seconds to set the mapping.

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It does auto reconnect to all the systems mentioned above with the press of START once they have been successfully paired. The controller uses 180mAh rechargeable battery with 1 – 2 hour charging time.

Go to your iOS device Bluetooth setting, choose ‘ 8BitDo Zero 2 to pair. C. Go to your painting App and set the controller as ‘keyboard’ before using.

I recently shut down my iPhone device off and then turned it back on. It gets detected as a Dual Shock controller (and even asks for a pin), but it won't actually connect.

Hey guys, I just got my regular SN30 Bluetooth controller from 8bitdo working on my iPhone. I don't know how many of you are using GBA4IOS but if you are, and have a non-MFI controller (Apple's BS proprietary wireless protocol) you can now use that control with your IOS device.

Now you can play games like Metal Slug with proper responsive controls and not the crappy touch screen. It works with app store games too.

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The 8BitDoZero2 ($20) is a tiny no-frills controller that is perfect for playing retro-style games on the go, though limited compatibility outside the Switch keep it from being an absolute must-have accessory. The shell is made of a hard plastic that feels durable in-hand, and the two I received were colored to match the Nintendo Switch Lite’s blue and yellow variants.

I also received wrist straps to make it more difficult to lose them, though I imagine some players will put the Zero2 directly on keychains for easier access. The directional pad is outstanding, with just the right about of ‘click,’ and the face buttons are large enough to avoid making mistakes.

The shoulder buttons are a bit too difficult to push compared to the rest of controller, though I eventually learned to adapt. Because it has no analog sticks, the chance of your thumbs accidentally bumping into each other during normal gameplay is, well, zero.

The Zero2’s small size also means it doesn’t include the share or home buttons found on the standard Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers. For the latter, there is a workaround by pressing down on the directional pad and hitting the Select button, but you won’t be able to capture gameplay while using the Zero2.

That should be plenty of time to game in between charging sessions, however, and the included micro-USB cable lets you do so right from the Switch’s dock. Genevieve Poland/Digital Trends can’t say the same for Steam, where I encountered several compatibility issues when attempting to connect the Zero2 to a Mac.

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Steam registers the controller without issue, as well as all button functions, but the games I tried didn’t always play nice. Still, when Mac is listed as a supported system in the user manual, it would be nice for the controller to just work.

With terrific buttons and a durable feel, it lets you have controller ready at a moment’s notice. However, PC and Mac players have access to better controllers with more functionality if they aren’t worried about portability.

The battery lasts about 8 hours on one charge, and its durable design doesn’t feel like it will break. (Older versions of the SN30 firmware (3.0 and earlier) used “made” to trick the device into thinking it was a keyboard.

Both controllers work great out of the box with Delta Emulator and several Apple Arcade games I tried. The controller is recognized by iOS and will connect for a split second before disconnecting.

In today’s article, we’ve got lots of cool news to check out. Yes, this piece-meal way of selling them results in a rudely more expensive price for Switch owners compared to other platform owners, but on the plus side, it means we can just buy the first and third games and pretend the second one doesn’t exist.

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A physical version of the trilogy will be sold in Japan, but it will only include the first game on the cart along with download codes for the other two, so phooey to that. In the upcoming free Mixtape Update for Just Shapes and Beats, special remixed versions of some music from Shovel Knight will be added to the game.

Four tracks for each of the four potential protagonists will be available, and you can unlock them through various means including, but not limited to, scanning the respective Shovel Knight Amino. It’s about the company’s latest design, which seems aimed directly at those who picked up a Switch Lite.

Dubbed the Zero2 Bluetooth Game pad, this is a keychain-sized controller that appears to be designed for retro games and simpler 2D titles. You probably won’t be using this for Breath of the Wild, but if you want to play some SNES classics or a bit of Freedom Planet, it will do you just fine.

Anyway, the idea here is basically an open world action-adventure game in the vein of things like Fable or The Legend of Zelda. There’s apparently a functioning ecosystem at play where all kind of things are connected and will work with or without your input.

This game got pretty terrible reviews on other platforms, and this Switch version isn’t going to change anyone’s mind on it. Lousy physics, terrible AI opponents, and technical issues plagued other versions of the game, and all of that is just as bad if not worse here.

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I suppose if you love monster trucks enough and are very, very forgiving, you’ll at least find a good amount of content in the game, but I can’t in any sort of good conscience recommend picking up the Switch port even if you’re willing to go that far. My first memory of this game comes from when it was a budget $20 release on the Nintendo DS.

It was a bit of a shaky proposition at that price, as it’s a pretty average puzzle game without a lot of depth to it. This Switch version looks like it’s mostly similar to that previous release, but I suppose at a quarter of the price it’s a better deal.

I’d still personally pass on it, but I suppose if you want something quirky there are worse ways to blow a fiver. But this is probably the only day in recent memory where I can say there isn’t a single bad game on the list.

That first Telltale Batman title is a bit uneven, but I certainly wouldn’t call it bad. There are some decent games in there, and even a few great ones, but I suspect we’ll see all of it on sale again before we put up our new calendars.

Everything Old Is New Again!8Bitdo SFC30 Wireless Bluetooth Pro Game Controller, with classic D-Pad and button layout, reminds you of retro 8-bit game consoles from the 80s and 90s. The 8Bitdo SFC30 Wireless Bluetooth Pro Game Controller works with your iPad and iPhone to play apps using a game controller with real tactile input.

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