A Bit Of Madness Is Key Meaning

Christina Perez
• Monday, 11 January, 2021
• 7 min read

How close it seems once we’ve projected the idealized versions of ourselves in the cinema of our subconscious. I suppose the real question is what makes us want to chase our dreams when the world tells us otherwise.

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It could be so easy to judge them, but in the sprawl of LA, a city full of people desperate for their big break, Mia and Sebastian are just like everybody else. At an audition, Mia is giving her all, lost in the subjectivity of an emotional beat when an assistant barges in.

Mia, no longer in the scene, is once more a struggling actress performing in a cramped room to a casting agent. No one wants to hear jazz, but people love listening to the same Christmas music and are casually delighted by 80s-style cover bands.

There are times when he can’t help himself and risks losing a gig if it means letting himself shine through for a moment. The film allows both Mia and Sebastian to get caught up in literal spotlights, distinctly exhibiting their passion, but also highlighting the loneliness of their pursuits.

When they get to know each other during a stroll across the Warner Bros. backlog, they have the space to do just that, their romance unfolding like a scene in a film. “That’s where Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman looked out of in Casablanca.” To Mia that detail is everything.

She stops and stares at every film shoot happening at every corner, always in awe, always on the outside looking in. At a screening of Rebel Without a Cause, Mia heads to the front of the theater in search of Sebastian.

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Sebastian looks up, momentarily spellbound by Mia’s face illuminated by the film projecting on screen. As their love blossoms, the vibrancy of LA begins to fade, the stark reality coming into focus.

He needs money, as does Mia when she makes a liberating decision to put on a one-woman show. Sebastian joins a progressive musical ensemble and inadvertently surrenders to their vision.

Whether he enjoys the music is irrelevant because every night he performs in front of rabid fans who show up in droves. The film may get swept away with Sebastian’s exposition and performance (the only time we see Sebastian perform is when Mia is in attendance), but the film subjects us to Mia’s repeated rejection and heartache.

The dismissal doesn’t come bluntly, but more acutely with false formalities (“I think we’re good”). The most devastating blow happens at the end of her coveted one-woman play, where, upon bowing, we see the few in attendance, Sebastian nowhere to be seen.

In the dressing room, she overhears a passerby saying, “Don’t quit your day job.” True heartbreak lies not in a spat between two lovers, but within Mia who tells herself that she’s not good enough.

Alone in her room filled with hand-drawn theater posters, the full breadth of her ambition and its devastation is clear. At an audition extended personally by a casting director, Mia is given a single instruction: tell a story.

They do not fit in each other’s lives anymore, evident in the gradual parting of their ways (she would not accompany him on tour, he didn’t show up at her play). In the final, heartbreaking twist, the film forwards ahead five years when Mia and Sebastian cross paths once again.

The film ends on a quiet note, Mia and SEB not quite running off together as we would hope. It’s transporting, the emotion overriding the laws of human nature and causing everyone to inexplicably burst into song.

Rare Breed: Why a Bit of Madness is Key with Dodge on Apple PodcastsPLAY Get ready to dive in deep with Dodge (@doddleoddle), a 24-year-old UK singer-songwriter, author, and YouTuber known for her emotionally complex lyrics.

Her latest EP, Human, has amassed over 28.2 M streams on Spotify. Authors Sunny Donnell (@sunnybonnell) and Ashleigh Feinberger (Ashleigh_Feinberger) interview Dodge on Rare Breed (@thisisrarebreed) to talk about the virtue “Obsessed”, one of seven unconventional traits explored in their new book Rare Breed: A Guide to Success for the Defiant, Dangerous, and Different.

In this intimate, powerful interview, Dodge explains her struggles, pain, and obsessive tendencies, and how she’s learned to give it all meaning. She’s given obsession a higher purpose in order to create work that is absolutely brilliant and gut-wrenching honest.

Dodge uses her platform to spread positivity and inclusivity while tackling issues relating to sexuality, mental health (anxiety, depression, depersonalization, etc), relationships, and life. Whatever rises up in you when you hear the word “obsessed”, you owe it to yourself to watch this exclusive interview.

BFFs featuring Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy The director also wrote another version of the ending for this somewhat sad love story to create a contrast.

Through a rapid broadcasting of the story, they met and encouraged each other, succeeded in dreams and became family. It seems like he left without a trace, in fact had dealt a great impact and rippling in your life.

At least they finally fulfilled their dreams and did not violate the original intention of their mutual attraction. Let go the love that once belonged to both and say goodbye to each other with the blessing. The defective part of this work is the couple arguing with each other’s scene. Because the man exchanged his original style of music with a steady life.

Not only cast asides each other about easily give up own dreams, but also demonstrates the sense of powerlessness if they were in the same situation. (Quote)With some kind of unknown crazy idea, although we might stumble, get hurt, frustrated or even mess up everything.

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Generally speaking, mental disorders are conditions that involve either loss of contact with reality or distress and impairment. This encourages health professionals to focus too closely on validating and treating an abstract diagnosis, and not enough on the person’s distress, its context, and its significance or meaning.

This biological seductiveness, along with the stigma that it attracts, shapes the person’s interpretation and experience of his distress or deviance, and, ultimately, his relation to himself, to others, and to the world. Moreover, to call out every difference and deviance as mental disorder is also to circumscribe normality and define sanity, not as tranquility or possibility, which are the products of the wisdom that is being denied, but as conformity, placidity, and a kind of mediocrity.

Taken together, this is leading to a pandemic of Western disease categories and treatments, while undermining the variety and richness of the human experience. Many critics question the scientific evidence underpinning such a robust biological approach and call for a radical rethink of mental disorders, not as detached disease processes that can be cut up into diagnostic labels, but as subjective and meaningful experiences grounded in personal and larger sociocultural narratives.

At the same time, mental disorders should not be romanticized or left unattended simply because they may or may not predispose to problem-solving, personal development, or creativity.

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