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Many of these I've actually seen and tried in my travels through Southeast Asia, but some of these goodies from Africa or South American I had never heard of until now. And if you like weird stuff, you'll really like these 30 fruits & veggies with unique colors like black garlic, purple broccoli, and red bananas!.

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I've also got a big list of heirloom vegetables worth mentioning for all you veggie lovers out there. They can however, be shredded or diced included in salads or other veggie mixes for to add a bit of bite.

They are great for adding color to dishes, and are cooked the same was as other varieties of sweet potato. The taste of the tubers is similar to other types of artichoke, although they do also have a little of a nutty sweetness as well.

Farmer markets tend to be a good place to find this vegetable, although every, so often stores like Whole Foods will also stock them. Although it looks like red cabbage, pulse is actually a type of seaweed that is attached to rocks as it grows.

Pulse is used either fried or fresh in a range of foods, such as chowders and soups, and has a salty taste that complements many dishes. The white flesh of the vegetable has a mild flavor and can be eaten raw or cooked.

When using jicama, the skin can be peeled with a simple vegetable peeler and the flesh will not become soggy or brown once it has been cut. Kohlrabi is not the most attractive vegetable out there, but it can be a good addition to a meal with a little of work.

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Like cauliflower, the vegetable can be eaten raw, although it will also hold its texture and flavor if cooked lightly. The most unusual part of this vegetable is its fractal-like visual appearance, which is certainly a talking point for those who haven’t seen it before.

Falsify is a root vegetable that has the unfortunate luck of looking just like a brown stick. Sapphire has started to become a popular and trendy garnish in restaurants and in home cooking, although it makes a good ingredient to dishes too.

Commonly the plant is picked, and when cooked it tends to have a fishy and salty taste. They can be eaten both raw and cooked, and one common approach is to slice up the vegetable thinly and use it in salads.

While they can be eaten raw, tomatillos are more common in recipes, like salsa, or roasted, which mellows the flavor of the fruit. Although it is largely unheard of in the United States, celeriac does have a long history in Europe and is frequently used in salads as well as in cooked dishes.

The vegetable is a fantastic alternative for potatoes in meals and can be prepared in similar ways. It is used in a wide number of ways, including steamed, stir-fried and boiled, and can also be eaten raw.

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Ideally, the youngest parts of the plant are chosen, as these tend to be the most tender and the sweetest. Specifically, the name refers to cacti from the genus Until, although this encompasses many different species.

Nepal is common in Mexican food, in recipes such as stews, soups and salads, although it is also frequently eaten raw (with the spines removed). Also known as yucca and cassava, manioc is a common tuber in many parts of the world, acting as a solid carbohydrate base for meals.

Like potatoes, it also has a mild flavor, which makes it easy to pair with a wide range of seasonings. Additionally, many consumers prefer the beams when they are around 10-12 inches long, which is typically before the beans have fully matured.

These deep purple carrots are an unusual addition to the garden and to the plate, but they are growing in popularity. This makes them a lovely addition to salads or platters, and they have the advantage of really standing out on the plate, although they can also be cooked like regular carrots.

The physical appearance of the herb also makes it popular as an ornamental plant, especially as it has a nice smell and is easy to grow. As that name suggests, the Chinese flowering leek has a similar taste to a chive, but tends to be more garlicky (although not as much as actual garlic).

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The name specifically refers to varieties of squash that are harvested once they are fully matured. Despite appearances, winter melon is considered a vegetable and the flesh of the fruit is savory, not sweet.

The melons are also large, growing to weight more than 30 pounds when they are fully matured, and are often sold by the slice because of this. Many people have either never heard of Chinese water spinach or overlook it entirely, but the vegetable is a good ingredient in cooking and also tastes great raw.

The stems of the vegetable are hollow and are easy to chew and digest raw without issue. Boiling, braising, stir-frying and even deep-frying are all viable options for lotus root, although stir-frying is by far the most common approach.

Instead, the immature silk squash are used, and they are commonly steamed, deep-fried or stir-fried depending on the specific recipe. Most people probably know that bamboo shoots exist, but the idea of them being used as food is less common.

The shoots are rich in nutrients, particularly protein and a number of important amino acids. At the same time, they are relatively low in both fat and sugar, making the shoots a wonderful choice for healthy eating.

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The term salt wort refers to many different plants that grow well in salty environments, such as along the seashore and in salt marshes. While the species are often not related, they tend to have a number of similarities and many are wonderful choices for the dinner table.

If grown in the garden, salt wort tends not to be salty and instead has its own subtle and unique taste that can be quite appealing. Regardless of whether this is accurate or not, Diego radish is a good addition to a number of meals, and can be eaten raw or cooked, depending on your preference.

Typically, the smaller radishes are best for raw eating, while the larger ones should be cooked, as the taste can change with size. This use is common across a number of different cultures, including in Chinese cuisine, in Pakistan and in Vietnam.

Steve Halloumi, marketing director at Birds Eye, said: “Our Green Cuisine range has performed really well in the short period since its launch and has taken Birds Eye into a new product category. We wanted to embrace that change with a different creative approach to how we communicate the range.

Depicting a Gothic scene that plays host to a vampire convention, the guests find themselves accidentally eating meat-free burgers from the Green Cuisine range, much to their shock. Upon making this realization, they each declare that they are each in fact a ‘little veggie,’ having enjoyed the burgers so much.

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The campaign plays off the fact that, despite the exceptional growth of people opting for vegan diets, 92% of plant-based meals are eaten by non-vegans. Birds Eye’s Green Cuisine range capitalizes on the popularity of flexitarian diets and people’s desire to eat more meat-free products by offering a tasty, healthy alternative from a brand they know and trust.

Dan Cole and Andy Garrett, creative directors at Grey London, commented: “Introducing a meat-free range into a very crowded market was always going to be a challenge. Written by Molly Watson Root vegetables are the starchy tubers and taproots of plants.

Sbrogan/Getty Images Root vegetables aren't the first thing most people think to grill, but they can be delicious when cooked over an open flame. They develop a crusty exterior, and their starches get a bit sweet and nicely tender inside.

Brush them liberally with vegetable or olive oil, sprinkle with salt, and cook on a medium-hot grill until grill-marked and tender, about 10 minutes per side. Peel root vegetables and cut into large, even chunks.

Put vegetables through a ricer or mash with a large fork or masher. Add cream, butter, milk, and/or buttermilk and salt and pepper to taste.

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Roasting brings out the essential sweetness in root vegetables and creates a crispy brown exterior that's always welcomed. Put vegetables in a roasting or baking pan, sprinkle with salt.

Sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper, chopped herbs, or spices (such as cayenne) to taste. Frank Cross/Getty Images Root vegetables become tender and deeply flavored when cooked slowly in a bit of liquid.

Scrub or peel root vegetables and cut into large bite-size pieces if necessary. Add oil and root vegetables, sprinkle with salt, and pour in 1/2 to 1 cup broth.

Cover, reduce heat to maintain a simmer and cook until vegetables are tender and starting to brown about 20 minutes. Peel vegetables and cut them into french fry sticks that are as even as possible.

Soak cut vegetables in cold water for half an hour. Diana Miller/Getty Images Root vegetables lend themselves perfectly to being thinly sliced, layered, and baked until tender.

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Gratins can be elegant side dishes or casual weeknight suppers. Westend61/Getty Images Root vegetables are delicious when shredded and cooked until browned and crispy.

Make big slabs of root vegetable hash browns or more delicate patties, as you like. Peel root vegetables and shred on the large hole of a grater.

Soak or rinse in cold water, drain, and pat dry. Add the shredded vegetables in one large cake or individual patties and sprinkle with salt.

Westend61/Getty Images Root vegetables make great additions to salads. Roasted or boiled until tender, toss them with dressings when they are still warm, so they absorb the flavors.

Westend61/Getty Images Root vegetables add flavor, nutrition, and bulk to soups and stews. Root vegetables also make great bases for smooth soups.

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