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Deal Of The Dallas Presenter to Win OEM Equestrian Outfit Valued at $413 Hunter Jumper bridles come in a fancy stitch, or simple plain nose band styles.

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Hunter Jumper brands like Collegiate, Mickey, or da Vinci are available. Hunter Jumper bridles come in a fancy stitch, or simple plain nose band styles.

Posted on June 22, 2016August 3, 2017 by Amit Reimann PS Of Sweden is a new brand whose mission is to bring innovative bridles that will relieve pressure. The owner of PS of Sweden was inspired to create her own collection of bridgework.

The philosophy of PS of Sweden is to create as ideal riding environment for your horse. Often times, you observe that no matter how hard you try to train, the horse just does not give its 100%.

The result: a brand built on innovation and comfort for the horse in mind. The first thing that is different from traditional bridles is the extra wide headpiece.

Ear Cut Out is, yet another feature designed to provide pressure relief to the horse. Contouring the Cheek Bones alleviates and even end the pressure on the facial nerves.

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The elastic insert “cradle” in the cheek pieces allows the bit to stay suspended in the horse’s mouth. This double bridle features the signature “wide headpiece” design aimed to reduce the pressure in the top of the neck.

The nose band is padded but slim leaving space for the cheekbones and nerve endings. PS Of Sweden Bridles for Show Jumping The show jumping bridles from PS Of Sweden are designed with “out of the box” thinking.

Poorly fitted saddles result in lifelong problems for the horse (and often the rider). In that same vein, poorly fitted bridles can do damage that limits the full performance and potential for your horse.

The High Jump Bridle by PS of Sweden is designed to reduce and eliminate pressure on the teeth from the outside. The bows are flexible to allow a perfect and custom fit for any horse.

This allows the bit to stay suspended in the mouth, creating a softer connection. Their message is simple: Make your horse as comfortable as possible, the results will follow.

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Most riders are surprised to notice the positive effects of these bridles so quickly. In fact, they state that the horse shows reluctance to reverting to their conventional bridle.

Today I’ll be discussing two popular brands PS of Sweden and Schockemöhle. It also has a deep cut for the ears, so they can move freely without pinching or discomfort.

A unique feature that the PS bridle has is Bit Cradles in the cheek pieces. It is a small piece of elastic that holds the bit suspended to give it a softer feel in the horse’s mouth.

Karin’s ideas didn’t end there she went a step further and created a new brow band. Flying Change Dressage Bridle by PS Of Sweden in Black PS of Sweden offers a variety of anatomic bridles for both show jumping and dressage.

This nose band has a deep contour along the cheek bones to avoid putting extensive pressure on the sensitive facial nerves. It also features a nose band and flash farther away from each other avoiding unneeded pressure on the upper jaw molar teeth.

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The bow (the pad that replaces the actual nose band) is adjustable to give each horse a uniquely perfect fit. PS also offers multiple other options for both show jumping and dressage double and snaffles.

This has helped them create a design works with the biological makeup of the horse. The cave son also connects at a lower point allowing the circulation to run freely through the face.

Instead of having a wider headpiece with a deep ear cut they made it out of a softer more flexible leather with an anatomical shape. It also features cheek pieces attached to the nose band allowing for a more stable connection and small stimulation on the nose band enhancing the connection with the horse and rider.

It’s hard to turn down the modern bridle especially when there are so many options and styles. So, next time you’re in the market for a bridle and want something that will improve your horses performance think anatomic.

These innovative nose bands from Silver Crown are leading the way in high performance show jumping tack. Many of today’s top professional riders are reaping the benefits of these nose bands.

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When it comes to BASE bridles we get three questions, which are all related, pretty regularly: When the hook and pile Velcro on your bridle are mated together they are ensuring that there’s slack between your top pin and the point where your bridle exits your closed container.

If this section of bridle is pulled too tight, a hesitation (or even a PC in tow) may result in some sub-optimal deployment scenarios. This Velcro (when properly mated) ensures slack, and therefore eliminates these hesitations.

This slack reduces the risk of hesitations in sub-optimal deployment positions. Not surprisingly, this takes more force than pulling one pin at a time.

In general, Apex BASE prefers routing the bridle between the pins (and grommets) when closing your container. If you’re jumping a Summit, TL, or Rook always route your bridle out of the container between the pins/grommets.

If you’re jumping an older DP container, or even an older TL with a DP-style Pin Protector Flap (PDF) there is an argument to be made for the top routing. On low airspeed jumps, use the top bridle routing and ensure the Velcro is properly mated.

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On high airspeed jumps, choose whichever method you are most comfortable with, but Apex BASE still recommends the top routing as there is plenty of bridle protection above your top pin. The photo above is an Apex Summit, with the bridle routed from the center of the pins/grommets.

I ride my mare in a d snaffle right now, and she does pretty good in it, but I was kind of curious on how she would be if I tried her witless. Just want to say I love witless riding.

I use a basal, even with an English saddle, but maybe someone else will have a better suggestion for an English style witless bridle. Edit: a good place to start is a rope halter. I recently bought an EZ Harmony witless converter.

And I think it's a great bit of kit Th inline EZ Harmony Witless Nose band Bridle Converter Fertile....not so keen on witless, might try again during the winter! The Basal was also not a hit, both worked well indoors, but outside I could not keep her attention.

I ride my mare in a d snaffle right now, and she does pretty good in it, but I was kind of curious on how she would be if I tried her witless. Regular halters don't give as much control and seem to encourage the horse to push against it. If you plan to show however, would look into what is legal before buying anything else.

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My horses transitioned to a rope halter and an s-hack from a double-jointed snaffle without any adjustment at all. However, my hotter RMA prefers the security of a bit off property.

I have reins with clips that I will use with halters instead of knotting bulky ropes on their face. I do not like rope halters for a horse who is used to direct reining. For showing, you'd need a proper witless set up.

I recommend the fleece blackamoor, because, first, it works with most headstalls, so you probably don't need to buy a new one, and the sycamores are only around $30.

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