A Veterinary Doctor Meaning In Hindi

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Adjective before noun Veterinary is used to describe the work of a person whose job is to treat sick or injured animals, or to describe the medical treatment of animals. ...a veterinary surgeon who specializes in the treatment of cage birds.

It was decided that our veterinary screening of horses at events should be continued. British English: veterinary ADJECTIVE Veterinary is used to describe the work of a person whose job is to treat sick or injured animals, or to describe the medical treatment of animals.

In many countries, the local nomenclature for a vet is a regulated and protected term, meaning that members of the public without the prerequisite qualifications and/or registration are not able to use the title. In many cases, the activities that may be undertaken by a veterinarian are restricted only to those professionals who are registered as vet.

For instance, in the United Kingdom, as in other jurisdictions, animal treatment may only be performed by registered vets, and it is illegal for any person who is not registered to call themselves a vet or perform any treatment. Most vets work in clinical settings, treating animals directly.

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources will be investigating the circumstances, including airline procedures, that led to the dog arriving in Australia, dogs imported to Australia must be accompanied by a valid import permit, and have undergone relevant testing and health checks signed off by a government veterinarian from the exporting country. He betrayed a veterinarian's pledge to prevent animal suffering when he used his surgical skills in a cruel scheme to smuggle heroin in the abdomens of puppies.

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We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe. If by any chance you spot an inappropriate image within your search results please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. En Drugs exist to cure Agana, but some governments permit their use only under a veterinarian’s supervision.

En While not universally acclaimed, the animal chiropractors say they have got results where traditional veterinarians have failed. Tl Bogeyman Hindi pansansinukob Na kinikilala, Sinai NG MGA kiropraktiko NG hay op Na silk a Saskatoon NG MGA Tampa King San Nabisco ang traditional Na MGA veterinary.

Tl Granite ang report NG Agency France-Presse: “Ang matatag-ang-loob Na MGA naninirahan SA kabuki ran, ang lasing Hindi basta-basta cumulus, a making humihikbi habang pinanonood nil ang isinasalansan NG MGA veterinary NG governor SA naglalagablab Na sign ang MGA Kazan NG aka Na bong bu hay nil ang inalagaan.” en Elliot Jacobson, the veterinarian who performed the operation, hoped that the snake would recover fully to be returned to the wild. Tl Si Elliot Jacobson, ang beterenaryong nagsagawa NG operas yon, a mass Na ang aha say abusing gaga ling at Ibaraki SA Kawabata.

Tl Malaria laming Martha NG MGA mangingisda ang gamut SA Panamanian NG sang veterinary, at ang Minamoto Na ISDA a kinakuwarantina pang Mariyah Na ang la hat NG ISDA a waling gamut ago Ito ipagbili. Tl Makapagmumungkahi ang anyone veterinary NG sang tagasanay.

Tl Pahlavi KO, gusto Kong making sang paleontologist o veterinary. En Thus, the mother of a three-year-old boy who wanted to have a guinea pig was told by a veterinarian that the child was too young to have such a helpless animal.

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En James Kirkwood, chief veterinarian of the London Zoo, is concerned that certain species may be wiped out in some areas. Tl Ikinababahala NI James Kirkwood, languishing veterinary NG London Zoo, nab aka Marisol ang slang URI NG iron SA slang Lugar.

En “The other day a cow and a calf were attacked by a jaguar,” says veterinarian Ronnie Brandenburg. En He continues to use his skills as a veterinarian, however, working with such groups as the Philippine Animal Welfare Society and the Dog Scouts of the Philippines to promote animal welfare, and giving occasional advice as he goes about during his NGO work.

En Since poachers want only the horn, a veterinarian and a team of rangers is tranquilizing rhino and dehorning them. En However, a recent study by a group of veterinarians at the Institute of Comparative Animal Immunology, in Maisons-Alfort, France, shows that fungi and parasites carried by France’s 8.4 million cats and 7.9 million dogs are responsible for various diseases in pet owners.

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