Ac Rogue How Long To Beat

Danielle Fletcher
• Friday, 14 May, 2021
• 7 min read

In-game time shows 9h. PlayStation 314h 07 m NR JernauGurgeh PlayStation 314h 10 m 70%Completed with 49% sync: 88% main, 3% secondary, 15% collectibles & 17% activities. Got 100% modern story stuff PlushWraith PC14h 18 m NR53% total completion. PrivateXbox 36014h 23 m NR castle PC14h 30 m NR mikasaessukasa PlayStation 314h 37 m 100%PrivatePC14h 40 m 70% ACE_V PC15h 60% CookiesAndCake PC15h NR Coffee PC15h NR Cthulhu PlayStation 315h NR Delusion PC15h 70% G4rgamel PC15h NR Indians PlayStation 315h 80% Monstrous PC15h NR Owen PC15h 60% YMCA PC15h 80%100% story sync, 0% collectibles compas1010 PC15h NR d2gher PC15h 60% EFA PC15h 60% engnir1 PlayStation 315h 90% Filip_312 PlayStation 315h 80% motatnema PlayStation 315h NR pie_masters PC15h 70% Nicolas PlayStation 315h 20 m 50%62,3% IEEE PC15h 21 m 90% BladesArisen Xbox 36015h 24 m 80% another PC15h 25 m NR Bohemian PC15h 45 m 70%PrivatePC15h 48 m NR53% Synchronization Son_of_a_Pitch PlayStation 315h 52 m 70%Mostly focused on main story, but I did do some side activities.PC15h 53 m NR LordoOfCorote PlayStation 415h 56 m Brother game of the Ken way saga, the game's HUD is very similar to the Black Flag, but the story is totally different. PrivatePC15h 59 m NR PlayStation 316h NR Erin PC16h 80% TFA20 PC16h NR n00berer Xbox 36016h 80%PlayStation 316h 05 m NRPrivatePlayStation 316h 42 m 70%Story and some side stuff.

rogue 8tracks
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Popkiller PC23h 27 m 90% Overland PC23h 54 m NR72% Completion with optionalsPlayStation 423h 55 m NRPC24h NR Jammy115 Xbox One24h NR RoseTheFlower PC24h 80%Reached the credits, a lot of things collected on the way. 91% main and 61% secondary sequence, plus 17% collectible and 65% activities completion.

Aureliussr PC24h 60% life crisis PC24h NR sakujou87 PlayStation 324h 70%PlayStation 324h 30 m NR rise PC24h 30 m NRPrivatePC24h 37 m NR Aang905 Nintendo Switch25h NR DCowell12 Xbox 36025h 70% GilJaysmith PC25h 80% Peduncle Xbox 36025h 50% Turtle Xbox 36025h 90% SpongeBob PlayStation 325h NR Switch PC25h NR71% kurosagi7000 Xbox 36025h NRPC25h 14 m NR BNF89 PC25h 17 m 90%Main story + all side quests Sylvester PC25h 33 m NRAll quests, some of the collectibles NoirXephon PlayStation 325h 36 m 70%PrivateXbox 36025h 55 m NRPC26h NRG From PlayStation 326h 90%I collected everything and played every side mission. A MUCH better game than Unity.PC29h 15 m NR50% completion total canny Emulated29h 16 m Mini-game timer Minoan Xbox 36029h 30 m 80% Tillers PC29h 30 m 70%Xbox 36029h 31 m NRPrivatePlayStation 329h 42 m 70%95.38% Heart scar PlayStation 430h NR J0ch3n PC30h 60%PrivatePC30h NRPrivatePC30h NR90% Sync. PrivatePC30h 60% Mattia Xbox 36030h 80% SirMobi11 PlayStation 430h 06 m NR Doc_Ezra Xbox 36030h 07 m NRAll missions, all side questsXbox 36030h 15 m NRPrivatePlayStation 330h 42 m NRPC31h NR Dyson PC31h 90%PrivatePC31h NR TheBeardedE PC31h 10 m NR torus PC31h 14 m 80% Judaic PC31h 15 m Not quite 100% completed, although very close.

Naval campaign and a couple of achievements not quite finishedPrivatePC40h NR Aisha PlayStation 340h 80%40 is? Now in game clock... and even so, it was paused a lot for those stupid fleet missions.

UserPlatformTimeRatedNotesOptionsXbox 36016h 38 m NR Stroke PC18h NR Saarinen PlayStation 420h NRPrivatePC21h 40 m 70% Airbases PC22h 32 m 70% Ragsterinja PC22h 38 m 90%did everything except digging up treasures, and didn't 100% sync all missions. 97% Martinez PlayStation 324h 80% Whiteout PlayStation 324h 26 m 80% Go PC24h 30 m 80% Lab PC24h 58 m 50%PC25h NR Michael313 Xbox 36025h 80%PC26h Everything including all naval battles, Stereo Challenges, Achievements, Play Challenges etc.

Adamaru PC31h 90% espey35 PlayStation 431h 80%Platinum Trophy sgt_awesomo PC31h Xbox One31h 24 m NR TeenJackBauer Xbox 36031h 46 m NR1000G kit wot PC31h 53 m NRAll Challenges and Achievements, as well as 100%. PrivatePC32h Not all side objectives replayed WordierFool Xbox 36032h NR Sharks PC32h 15 m NR PlayStation 332h 30 m NR PlayStation 332h 32 m NR Dario PlayStation 332h 47 m 100%PrivateXbox 36032h 50 m NR Obama PC33h 02 m NR Steaksaucepie Xbox 36033h 17 m NRF or all Achievements Neon PC33h 49 m 70% luizp21 Xbox One33h 59 m 80% HendriksRicardo01 PC34h NR SlayingGuilty PC34h 80% Rich PlayStation 334h 05 m NRPrivateXbox 36034h 12 m 60% chariot Xbox 36034h 13 m 90% bickers PC34h 22 m 100% tourist PC34h 26 m NR Barbapapou PC35h 50%PrivatePC35h 80%PrivatePC35h 80% Serve PC35h 80%100% Sync + All Stereo's Collectible + All Morgan Upgrade claudio137 PC35h NR medley oz PC35h NR preacher09 Xbox 36035h 80% Spartan PlayStation 335h NRPrivateXbox 36035h 13 m 70% Shareware PC35h 21 m NRAll achievements and challengesPrivatePlayStation 335h 43 m NR Dissident Xbox 36035h 45 m NR100% 1000/1000 GS Aphelia Xbox 36035h 45 m NR100% total sync, 100% Mórrígan upgrades, 100% Shay upgrades, 100% crafting; “total time played” according to the game. A lot of this time was spent collecting stuff.

(Source: 8tracks.com)

Audio is also good, but it lacks some character, but on the other hand, shanties when you are on the sea are very nice. Frame rate is mostly stable 30fps but can sometimes (mostly when raiding other ships) drop a bit, but it's overall very good port made for Switch.# Story: 7/10This AC game has great story (apart from modern word segments in Stereo) about Shay, assassin turning into Templar as he discovers that assassins are not really that better than Templar and both factions just want to reach different goals.

Really solid story in this one, one nitpick would be lack of gradation in final missions.# Gameplay: 7.5/10Gameplay is more refined AC 4, you have your ground and ship segments and both are enjoyable, but can get a little boring and repetitive over a long period of time. There are plenty of activities to do (hunting, ship battles, collectibles) and one very big improvement compared to AC 4 is lack of “follow mission” on main campaign, it is great they got rid of those.

The voice acting is good and the soundtrack is fantastic.+ Good story, Shay's laughable defection and enemies giving away their plan notwithstanding.+/- Modern day plot is here too, but it's just like Black Flag's and that's just meh.+ Tailing missions have mercifully been removed.- Far too many collectibles.- Annoying optional objectives are still in the game.+ Great auks are adorable.+ New weapons *are* fun but are of limited usefulness.+ Ship combat feels better because of the buckle gun and other minor improvements, but is otherwise the same as Black Flag, which was good anyway.- Same issue as black flag where making money is far too easy and getting resources for ships and rebuilding structures is too tedious.+ Sea shanties are still great. Instead of open seas it's like narrow alleys.+ The North Atlantic is way better to sail in.- Land based traversal sucks, especially when searching for Native pillars.+ The tension when you hear an assassin nearby is awesome.- Microtransactions.- Glitchy.

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