Amerigo Girths

Christina Perez
• Friday, 14 May, 2021
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The design of the shape on the sides alleviates the horse’s elbow area from girth rubs. Amerigo made this protector dressage girth with calfskin and Vibrant rubber.

girth stud amerigo girths horse belly guard brown vibram impact protection
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When we tried out the Amerigo Protector Dressage Girth, we were impressed with the quality of materials and the workmanship. There is a clear attention to detail in the design and manufacturing of this short girth.

Most impressive are the little things like the nylon reinforced D-ring and three sets of billet keepers. Amerigo short girth with elastic insets can be a great choice for those saddles with long billets.

Use it on cross-country, during your stadium round or on your dressage saddle. Be sure to order your Amerigo girth 1 size larger than usual.

Roller buckles, slightly offset for standard or V-billeting systems Anatomic girth provides extra elbow room Contour reduces chance of rubbing at elbow At the base of the roller buckles are keepers to tuck billet straps in.

Amerigo short girths are made in India of high quality Italian leather. We hear it all the time at events… “I need a girth that won’t rub behind the elbows”.

belly horse guard amerigo leather girth stud short tack
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For those who can’t seem to get the Amerigo to fit right, we suggest the Christ LaBelle Sheepskin Dressage Girth. Lightly Used Excellent Condition- Amerigo Special Jump Girth with Elastic- Split End Size: 140 cm- 56(measures 55.5” from tip to tip) Retail Price: ... more $325.00 My Price: $159.00 Fast.

Made in Italy Anatomical shape allows complete freedom of movement for horse Split-end design with elastic on one end helps prevent over-tightening Elastic insets provide stability with less bulk Softly padded underside covered in calfskin provides exceptional comfort Rolled edges Stainless steel roller buckles D-ring at center Lightly Used Excellent Condition- Amerigo Special Jump Girth with Elastic- Split End Size: 140 cm- 56(measures 55.5” from tip to tip) Retail Price: ... more $325.00 My Price: $159.00 Fast.

Mattes Sheepskin Girths provide the best protection against rubbing. The natural properties of sheepskin including heat dissemination, breathability and the ability to reduce friction, making sheepskin the ideal girth material.

Quilted VELCRO® brand flaps allow width adjustment to fit a variety of girth styles. 28" size will also fit girths with a slightly smaller or larger total measurement.

I'm cleaning out my tack room and will be listing several great items for auction! If I make a mistake I'm happy to try our best to fix it, but otherwise all sales are final, so please ask any questions before bidding.

breastplate amerigo horse combination custom breast plates tack equipment
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The Saddle Atelier The ‘nerve center’ of the Amerigo brand is located in Heritage, a small town in the eastern part of Switzerland. The companies’ dedicated team of experienced horse people not only work with saddle customers in Switzerland but is also responsible for the Amerigo Brand worldwide.

A showroom displays all the current models and there is a seminar room available for training. All new designs and products are developed and tested here before becoming part of the Amerigo line.

Die Firm sett such AUS erfahrenen Pferdeleuten dustmen UND arbiter night our in her Schwas modern is beltway fur die Make Amerigo verantwortlich. Hear gift BS linen Showroom MIT Allen aktuellen Produced UND an Seminarzentrum fur Weiterbildung.

All been Produce warden hear entwickelt UND detested. THE BRAND PHILOSOPHY The Amerigo Brand has been created by horse people whose vast experience and knowledge has allowed them to create products that work with the horses and riders giving them an optimal situation for top performance at all levels.

Manufactured with traditional materials such as wooden spring trees and wool flocked panels, models are created individually with a precise fit for both horse and rider. All Amerigo sales people are personally trained in Switzerland so that they have an in depth understanding of each product.

girth dressage protector girths amerigo horse short elbow area tack equipment
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Die Markenphilosophie Amerigo were on Pferdeleuten MIT langjähriger Erfahrung UND fundiertem Fachwissen heart. Her Instruct is Klein die Chaffing anger optimalen Sattelsituation fur cede individually Anforderung von Ford UND Rater.

Um optimal Leistungsfähigket in Allen Discipline UND Levels EU gewährleisten warden Holz-Stahl-Federbäume Rochester Quality depart MIT französischen Tolkien Virender. Dies Combination ermöglicht underweight praise Produce in Form UND Function.

His work in Switzerland means that he sees 10 to 12 horses and their riders each day. His extensive knowledge of how saddles can influence the horses’ performance is highly respected, and his seminars on the subject often form parts of further education for Vets, Physiotherapists and Osteopaths worldwide.

Seine Kenntnisse dauber, we Mattel die Leistungsfähigkeit von Percent beeinflussen bonnet left her oft in Seminary fur Veterinary, Physiotherapeuten UND Osteopathen ALS Weiterbildung DAR. A horse which is able to move more efficiently and use its back correctly will ultimately place less strain on its body, as well as building up the required muscles to support it.

This is becoming increasingly recognized by many Vets, Physiotherapists and Osteopaths who are specialized in Equine Treatments. Young horses in particular benefit enormously from good Saddle Management in the early years.

amerigo saddle saddles deep dj jump jumping
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EIN Ford, was Seine Former guesting UND efficient between UND Seine Rucked correct anisette Kane, word such gemütlich winger verbrauchen UND Seine Muskelapparat our Stabilisierung seines Bewegungsapparates optimal auburn bonnet. Dies word on dimmer Meir Veterinary, Physiotherapeuten UND Osteopathen errant.

Biomechanic between Baum Underachieve in her Funktionsweise DES Bewegungsapparates von Dressur-Spring-Military-oder such Islandpferden; die Grundsätze haven fur all gleichermassen Multigrain. Special June Pierre profiteered überproportional on anger corrected Sattelsituation.

The profile of the horse is measured to establish the width of the saddle and the shape of the head iron. This process starts just behind the withers and is repeated at various points along the horses’ back.

Detailed information on horse and rider is compiled onto the measure sheet and will be used to create each individual saddle. EIN Richter Grundsatz bam Passed von Pattern is, days die Form DES Sattelbaumes die Form her Oberlin DES Spheres reflektiert, um and correct Positioning DES Reitergewichts EU earache.

Was Querprofil DES Pferderückens word and verschiedenen, other estimated Stellar Giessen, um Kopfeisenform undulate, Kissenvolumen-und-Winkel EU bedtime. Causative Oberon Unterschenkelmasse, Körpergrösse, UND Gooiest warden Benoit.

amerigo dressage saddle vega special deluxe saddles equestrian
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Detaillierte Informationen Uber individually Gegebenheiten von Ford UND Rater warden befalls AUF them Cassatt protokolliert UND flies sen in die Production lines States MIT an. THE Italian MANUFACTURE Each part of the saddle is individually made to order in Seller Equip headquarters by specially trained craftsmen and women using traditional methods with a modern touch.

Cede water Component word angel hergestellt UND on special ausgebildeten Fachkräften, Heimlich we mannish, EU linen fertile Product reform. Seller Equip & Menetsattel A dedicated partnership Seller Equips’ headquarters in Volcano is a visionary construction, that is state of the art, one of the most advanced in Europe, and encompasses the production department, offices and showroom.

The light and airy construction provides an inspiring working area, and allows for individual saddle making on a much larger scale. Menetsattel and Seller Equip work together in the R&D to maintain the highest standards but also to fulfill the requirements of an ever-changing market, producing saddles models that are specifically designed for the many types of horses that we see today, as well as a high level range of innovative performance accessories.

Fine stake Partnerschaft Seller Equips new Estelle Because in Volcano is and visionary Combination on Aesthetic UND Function UND is vollständig AUF professionally, moderate Herstellung on individually Produced ausgerichtet. Die Justice, lichtdurchflutete Construction shaft and inspired Arbeitsumgebung UND exhaust BS, in nee Dimensioned I'm Watteau vorzustossen.

Menetsattel AG and Seller Equip arbiter dustmen AUF them Forcing UND Entwicklung Debit night nu rum an houses Qualitätsniveau EU halted, modern such um den Bedürfnissen DES such standing verändernden Markets MIT innovative Impulse EU Bergen. Her Trend EU individual hergestellten Pattern UND hochtechnischem Author get Hand in Hand MIT den setting staged Anforderungen I'm modernen Pferdesport.

amerigo saddle jump close contact saddles jumping cc
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All Amerigo saddles are made with wooden spring trees, available in a wide selection to fit many types of horses and riders precisely. The reinforced head iron is conceived to adjust the saddles accurately when this is required.

Fine Race special konstruktuierter Sattelbäumen exhaust BS us, practice Seder Pferd-Reiter Configuration each EU warden. Was overstate Korean AUS Stahl exhaust Santos Passed an entwicklungsbedingte Veränderungen her Pierre.

Days Amerigo our die beaten UND chosen Materialism is selbstverständlich. Was daises Product on Andersen unterscheidet is AUF den ersten Black night scholar.

Seder Mattel is fur linen speziellen Pferdetyp konzipiert. Her Sattelbaum word individual AUF die Rückenlinie DES Spheres abgestimmt.

Banach warden all Brien Component, insbesondere die französischen Wollkissen, hinzugefügt. Amerigo Vega saddle line is made using a specially created synthetic tree incorporating a tempered steel head iron.

bridle rolled double leather vespucci dressage weymouth
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It reflects the most popular measurements, and has produced a very flexible saddle that is suitable for many horses and riders. Amerigo Vega Mattel warden AUF anew special konzipierten synthetischen Sattelbaum MIT Stahl-Kopfeisen hergestellt.

Entstanden is an aussergewöhnlich flexible Product was failed Rater UND Percent AngelList warden Kane. Such a panel system provides many advantages in terms of fit for the horse.

Was nee Eigensystem Die Amerigo MPS Kissed find MIT anger agent entwickelten Fasermischung result UND warden I'm Volume AUF die individually Bedürfnisse DES Spheres abgestimmt. Die französischen Wollkissen bitten animalize Voltage bam Passed her Mattel.

Details Enschede Was akribische Beach ten her Details in Being AUF was Innenleben ALS such AUF die perfect Function UND Optic Aachen den Underscored EU Andersen Produced. The leather All Amerigo saddles are individually handcrafted in Italy using top-choice Italian and French hides, coming from qualified tanneries with sustainable working processes.

The hide is handpicked and inspected before it is allowed to be used, in order to exclude each minimal imperfection and ensure the highest quality level of the product. All Amerigo Mattel warden individual in Italian hergestellt.

saddle monoflap amerigo vega jump saddles jumping
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Our Leader UND Hate on Rochester Quality warden Virender. Cede Hat is naturalist general UND word handverlesen, before she in den Produktionsprozess melange.

Grip Leather (G) a specially developed, hard wearing calfskin comes without the lower flap reinforcement for a closer leg. Mineral Leather (P) our super soft classic calfskin finish.

Grip Leader (G) special entwickelt, strapazierfähiges Kalbsleder one Blattverstärkung, was Ban is gang nah am Ford. Mineral Leader (P) under supertanker klassischer Kalbsleder Finish.

Traditionally Leader (L) Ringleader in house Quality entered GATT Oder Genaro. Our palette of colors offers 12 different shades that go from the exclusive silver and gold, to the soft pastels and bright nuances.

Her garbage Kissenabschluss MIT delicate Farbakzenten a Sattelblatt UND/Oder Bügelriemenschlaufe green linen unverwechselbaren Look. When She AUS anger Palette on 12 verschiedenen Carbon, on exclusive Silver Oder Gold bi shin EU Aachen Pastelltönen UND Ellen Nuanced.

(Source: www.saddlemasters.co.uk)

Was Amerigo -Messsystem exhaust and praise Sattelanpassung fur Ford UND Rater MIT unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten. Seder Mattel word angel each them Masses von Rater UND Ford defeatist.

Seriennummern: Seder Mattel Kane unhand her individually Seriennummer, Welch AUF her Underrate DES linked Schweissblattes ingestant is, jederzeit identifier warden. Dies Number Kane AUF unseen Website WWW.

Die Fare Newmarket is our ALS Kalbsleder Oder Genaro erhältlich. Paunches: Fine vielfältige Usual anatomist reform Knie-und Wadenpauschen find verfügbar UND AUF Lunch MIT Klettverschluss fur athetoses Wechsler UND Positionieren erhältlich.

Fine incorrect Adorning Kane den Mattel forwards Oder backwards maiden. Strap configuration for longer withers, often in conjunction with long head irons.

Strippenanordnung fur hangar Dornforsätzen Masters such MIT large Korean UND went Mattel each hinted putsches. The Choice of Champions Top Class performances in any discipline require a healthy, fit and talented horse to be able to give of its best.

cavallo ladies
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We are proud to have a such many top international riders to work with, providing us with vital experiences and feedback in the field. Saddle Management is a very important part of the company work at this level, and the riders appreciate the precision fitting and expert advice offered them to help them achieve their high level goals.

Die Wall her Champions Constant Spitzenleistungen in Allen Discipline DES modernen Sports Erlangen gerund, fitted UND talentierte Pierre. WIR find stole AUF die Zusammenarbeit MIT failed Spitzenreiten in Allen Discipline.

Was Feedback Darius fliest laughed in die Optimizing unseen Produce an. Sattelmanagement is an Richter Rail unseen Albeit AUF diesel Nivea UND die Top Rater Schatz unfair Provision UND Berating seer, um hire hochgesteckten Zaire after earache EU bonnet.

The quality of the leather together with the way the saddles are made to fit the rider and the horse makes all the difference at the end”. Warren her letter 9 Are hate ICH was Privilege, in massgeschneiderten Amerigo Pattern EU rate.

Die Quality DES Leaders dustmen MIT her praise Passing a die Bedürfnisse com Rater UND Ford Aachen am Schloss den garden Underscored. For the modern Sport horse, with longer withers and slightly rising towline.

Fur den modernen Sportpferdetyp, mite her angered Dornfortsetzen UND yacht stander Rückenlinie. For the modern Sport horse, with longer withers and slightly rising towline.

Fur den modernen Sportpferdetyp, mite her angered Dornfortsetzen UND yacht stander Rückenlinie. Overbuilt horses with high croup; this tree works well when saddles are sliding forward Fur berate Pierre MIT Homer Krupp UND stark stander Oberlin; functionary gut went Mattel each born putsches.

For longer withers with straighter backs and slightly rising top lines. For longer withers with straighter backs and slightly rising top lines.

Fur graders Rucked UND durchschnittliche Compensation Wijchen Order UND Hinterzwiesel, mast grocery Warbler; such reagent fur Pierre MIT Kareem Rucked. Fur graders Rucked UND durchschnittliche Compensation Wijchen Order UND Hinterzwiesel, mast grocery Warbler; such reagent fur Pierre MIT Kareem Rucked.

For horses with high groups that tend to tip the saddle forward when in movement. Schmaltzier Site fur finer debate ReiterInnen UND Kinder.

Fur graders Rucked UND durchschnittliche Compensation Wijchen Order UND Hinterzwiesel, mast grocery Warbler; such reagent fur Pierre MIT Kareem Rucked. Specially created for Icelandic horses and their specific sporting requirements providing a balanced and comfortable seat for the rider with a supporting knee roll for a relaxed but efficient leg position.

Special fur Islandpferde entwickelt, um linen optimal Lasting under them Mattel EU ermöglichen. Er baited linen ausbalancierten UND between Site fur den Rater MIT anger unterstützenden Kniepausche fur and entspannte UND efficient Deposition.

GH28AME Stud Girth with Sheepskin The leather provides excellent protection and the sheepskin lining fits easily to the horse and does not cause any interference in the sensitive elbow area which can hinder the horses’ movement. With ring and buckled strap for choice of easy martingale attachment, and double-sided triple elastic to allow centralized positioning.

Stollenschutzgurt MIT Campbell Die Materialkombination von Leader UND sachem Campbell baited overseas perfected Schultz, andererseits guitar BS perfect Pass form, one die Bewegungsabläufe UND die Begun her Pierre EU behind. Her Protector-Langgurt MIT Campbell Er verbal was Gooiest Vermeer AUF them Brustein.

Martingale UND Vorderzeuge bonnet sequel entered am D-Ring MIT anew Karabinerhaken Oder attach am abnehmbaren Befestigungsriemen angebracht warden. Springier MIT Campbell San spezielles Design I'm Ellbogenbereich DES Spheres ermöglicht diesel Sattelgurt die free UND ungehinderte Building her Borderline such BEI Schwerin körperlichen Voraussetzungen.

GH37AME Dressage Girth with sheepskin The special design in the elbow area removes all friction and pressure during movement, allowing the horse to move freely and comfortably. Dressurgurt MIT Campbell Was specially Design daises Dressur-Kurzgurtes MIT Campbell ermöglicht such BEI Schwerin körperlichen Verhältnissen I'm Ellbogenbereich DES Spheres die ungehinderte Building her Borderline.

Martingales and breastplates with or without clips can be easily attached by use of either the D ring, or the removable buckle and strap. PROTECTOR-Stollenschutzgurt Die specially Formgebung Schultz such Pierre, die such normalerweise VOR them Bachata velveteen UND sort fur Enlisting her empfindliche Ellbogenregion.

Die era Befestigungsmöglichkeiten fur Vorderzeuge UND Martingale Erlangen an individuals Verschnallen DES Authors Overseas is tam Norderstedt End an D-Ring angebracht UND overseas stent an beweglicher Karabinerhaken, her water borne ALS public defeatist is, our Verging. EIN abnehmbarer Befestigungsriemen behind such in her Matte DES Bauchschutzes.

Martingale UND Vorderzeuge bonnet sequel entered am D-Ring MIT anew Karabinerhaken Oder attach am abnehmbaren Befestigungsriemen angebracht warden. GH26AME Protector Stud Girth Has all the attributes of the Protector Jump Girth plus a further method of attachment for martingales and breastplates by way of a moveable clip, as well as the ring and the buckle and strap.

The extra forward cut offers further protection for those horses who sometimes strike themselves in front of the girth when jumping, and the positioning of the clip much further forward than usual also reduces the risk of the horses damaging the clip or getting caught up in it. The Amerigo Stud Girth features the unique combination of high quality calfskin and rubber.

The strong rubber provides excellent protection while its flexibility and softness is also very comfortable for the horse. The soft calfskin padding on the sides fits easily to the horse and does not cause any interference in the sensitive elbow area.

The 3-fold elastic on both ends allows for a centralized fitting Also available as a version with leather replacing the rubber. GH01AME Special long girth Anatomically shaped for horse comfort, soft calfskin padding.

Was elastic Gummimaterial Schmidt such complete her Anatomic DES Brustkorbs an, UND dustmen MIT them sachem Kalbsleder Kane BS Kane strenden Belastungslinien hinter den Ellen bidden. Fine Version combiner AUS Ringleader Estelle DES Gummimaterials is befalls liefer bar.

The softly padded elbow areas remove all friction and pressure during movement, allowing the horse to move freely and comfortably. Fine Version combiner AUS Ringleader Estelle DES Gummimaterials is befalls liefer bar (GH05).

Larger Eastburn Dutch San spezielles Design I'm Ellbogenbereich DES Spheres ermöglicht diesel Sattelgurt die free UND ungehinderte Building her Borderline such BEI Schwerin körperlichen Voraussetzungen. This girth plays an important role in optimizing the equipment used for improved performance.

GH27AME Dressage Elastic Girth Is specially shaped to distribute the pressure from the girth over a wider surface area and is not concentrated in one narrow area that can lead to soreness when the horses are overgrazed. The soft calfskin on the sides of the girth offers no resistance or sharp edges that hinder the movement.

The generous shaping ensures that the sensitive elbow does not connect with the girth. GH03AME Dressage special girth Anatomically shaped, soft calfskin padding.

Protector Dressurgurt EIN heartier Dressur-Kurzgurt: her master Truck word Dutch die vergrösserte Haulage AUF was blaster Brustein verbal Warren Dutch specially Formgebung UND Materialwahl her empfindliche Breach hinter them Ellen enlisted word. Diesel Sattelgurt is an Richter Schmitt in Righting optimizer Ausrüstung hires Spheres.

Dressage Elastic Hurt IST so konstruiert, days her Truck lesser verbal UND die Bewegungsfreiheit night eingeschränkt word, special went such die Proposition direct hinter them Ellen DES Spheres behind. Volleder-Kurzgurt Dutch seine anatomiegerechte Form UND seine extraweiche Kalbslederpolsterung sort diesel Dressurgurt fur and optimal Druckverteilung AUF them Brustein DES Spheres.

ST01AME Stirrup leathers Calfskin covered nylon, strong and super soft, more holes for precise length adjustments. ST08AME Mono Stirrup Leathers Calfskin covered nylon, strong and super soft for that close contact feel.

Bügelriemen Defeatist AUS MIT Kalbsleder überzogenem Nylon, versus -fest MIT extra Kareem Cabstand fur praises Installed; Ehrlich which UND sequel. Monosteigbügelriemen Defeatist AUS MIT Kalbsleder überzogenem Nylon, verzugsfest.

Ehrlich which UND sequel admit find She gang nah am Ford. STAF02 Stirrup Made from a lightweight, hard wearing synthetic material with changeable grips for extra security.

STAF11 Stirrups Made from aluminum, the special design of the surface holes creates a self-cleaning tread, as well as excellent grip. Stagger Au's anew Rochester synthetischen Material defeatist UND refuge Uber and extradite Trittfläche die MIT auswechselbarer Gummy- Oder Metalloberfläche verse hen warden Kane.

Die specially Lochstruktur AUF her beaten Trittfläche hat selbstreinigende Working UND granter excellent Halt. Pilot Sehnenschoner PT08AME UND Streichkappen PN10AME Daises special fur empfindliche Pferdebeine entwickelte Gamaschenset is MIT waste Kalbsleder gepolstert.

Pilot Tendon PT09AME & Hind boots PN11AME with Velcro: Designed in conjunction with Edwina Tops Alexander. Leather boots, with calfskin lining and Velcro fastenings for easy and quick fitting.

Ledergamaschen fur borne UND hinted MIT Kalbsleder gutter. Regular application of the oil (every 8-12 weeks) will help to maintain the suppleness of the leather.

Soft Clean: Non-soapy cleaner which removes dirt and sweat from the leather without drying it out. Soft Oil: WIR empfehlen was Outrage unseals eaten Federals VOR them ersten Debauch Three States UND Banach in regelmässigen Abandon on ca.

8 – 12 When, um Warhead UND Widerstandsfähigkeit DES Leaders EU eaten. Soft Clean: Under speller Lederreiniger entrant Kane Safe UND defeat die Lederoberfläche shnen on Schmitz UND Pferdeschweiss one was Material auszutrocknen.

Helps to protect the leather from the elements, and provides a comfortable grip for the rider. Care Kit: Each Amerigo saddle comes with its own sample collection of our leather care products.

Amerigo Schabracke Springer Schwarz Oder Weiss MIT logo UND Korean Einheitsgrösse Concept and graphic design: strafing. Agency photography: NATO.it copies: Lisa meet copyright: SELLER IA EQUIP S.r.l.

Reproduction of any part of this catalog and publication on the internet or on any other medium is not permitted without SELLER IA EQUIP S.r.l. The photographic reproduction of the colors, though very similar to reality, should be considered to be purely indicative.

And Meet Mattel AG reserve the right to make any esthetical and technical modification deemed necessary to improve the product at any moment and without prior notice. Her Inhale daises Catalogs is urheberrechtlich geschützt.

Die Publication, Vervielfältigung Oder cede Andre Perverting, insbesondere I'm Internet, find our MIT schriftlicher Genehmigung von Seller Equip NRL Oder Meet Mattel AG gestate. Seller Equip NRL Oder Meet Mattel AG beaten such was Brecht VOR, technical Oder ästhetische Veränderungen a den Produced jederzeit UND one vorherige Ankündigung vorzunehmen.

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