Anatomical Girths For Horses

Elaine Sutton
• Thursday, 17 June, 2021
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It also features a round base for even pressure of the girth as well as how the saddle fits on the horse. With the extra protection of the round padded base, training aids such as back stretchers can be added without irritation.

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The straight shaped endings leave room for the horses elbows to move freely (usually dressage girth will have a design where the endings on each side is widening) The Super Soft features triple elastic, roller buckles, and a special Velcro leather covering> this holds in the billet saddle straps and protects from one coming out of the holder and touching the sensitive horse, as well as protecting your elastic from wear. Please see the review written by dressage trainer Molly Brennan in our News section on this girth….

Well, what if this could be a major factor in enhancing the performance of your horse; or even reducing discomfort? Depending on your horse’s shape, it can have a considerable impact on the way he/she travels.

A normal straight girth on these horses will tend to pull the saddle forward, as the girth naturally wants to lie in the groove directly below the horse’s withers. This can then lead to the three points digging into the horse’s shoulders, which will eventually make them sore (and reduce their range of motion).

It can also be effective on rounder horses with not much of a wither, helping to keep the saddle where it is supposed to sit. In summary, if you have a horse that is tight in the shoulders or perhaps reluctant to move forward, it may be worth trying an anatomical girth (as well as have your saddle assessed by a qualified fitter).

Full grain English leather, triple crossover elastic at both ends. The elastic was tough enough to prevent any over-tightening, and held the saddle firmly in place.

girth soft dressage super horses sensitive anatomic grand special
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“The leather was soft and easy to clean, and the cut-away style allowed for more movement. The buckles are easy to adjust one-handed and the ergonomic shape suited my horse.

I would prefer if it had side or center D-rings, but the quality of the materials make the price tag worth it.” The leather is soft and wide over the sternum, while the elasticated ends are strong.

The side D-rings are protected by elastic, which made them a bit fiddly to use, and I found the central clip wasn’t big enough for my martingale strap.” “The quality of the leather is lovely and the padding is soft, but this makes it quite heavy and thick, so my horse got hot.

However, he moved very freely, as it gave a lot of space behind the elbow, and was comfortable with the wide sternum pad.” “I liked the shape and the spring buckles made it very easy to adjust when mounted.

The outer leather is quite hard and tough, but the inner is very soft and didn’t cause any rubs or problems.” Soft, padded leather, shaped for a narrow girth groove.

girth anatomical
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“I liked the narrow style of this girth, which suited my mare and allowed her to move more freely through the shoulder. Elasticated with AIR cushion, stainless steel roller buckles and central D-ring.

Because it’s quite a thick pad it made the girth come up a bit small, so I’d recommend a size up. Soft leather and shock-absorbing gel pad with airflow to reduce sweat build up.

Hairs tended to get stuck in the stitching, but it cleaned up well and fairly easily. The lining worked well and stopped any slipping, but it wasn’t very breathable, so she sweated up.

I couldn’t use my looped martingale, as the girth is too wide and there’s only a ring for a clip.” “I liked the design of narrower sides and wider over the sternum, which fitted my large hunter-type well.

“The slim, contoured style of this girth suited my mare and allowed her good freedom of movement. “I loved the softness of the leather and padding, which didn’t cause any rubs on my sensitive horse.

girth accessories saddle anatomical
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The design allowed for freedom through the shoulder and I noticed an improvement in her work.” The leather isn’t as soft as other, more expensive alternatives, but it fitted well and was great for everyday use.

It wasn’t easy to keep clean, and it needed a lot of washing, but absorbed sweat very well, so I was surprised to find that it actually kept my horse cooler despite the thick lining. Soft, synthetic fibers in a broad style to distribute pressure and prevent rubs.

It stretched a little after lots of use, but after washing it went back to the original size.” The fit was a bit tighter than normal because of the added padding, but the spring-loaded buckles made it easy to adjust.

It was tricky to keep clean, as the hairs stuck to it, and it was quite hot, but no more than some other synthetic girths.” The ends tended to bunch up a bit underneath the elasticated straps, although this didn’t cause any rubs or problems.

“I liked the soft, contoured design and the elastic ends kept the pressure even. It was easy to clean, just requiring a rinse, so was great for muddy days.

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Why considering anatomical girth will help your saddle fit Belly Guard style offers greater coverage and protection from hooves and studs during jumping and features a buckle loop and three D-rings make for easy attachment of training aids.

T-Foam replacement liner reacts to body pressure and heat and conforms to provide a custom fit for every horse, with every use. T-Foam absorbs 97% of shock and vibration and the open cell structure is self ventilating to prevent overheating.

Ever since buying this girth my saddle has slipped ever since Hi Vanessa, Thanks for your mail and apologies for the issues with girth.

From your description, if there aren't sizing issues, then there must be a problem with the girth itself. We will happily exchange the product for a new one, or offer you a full refund.

I am sorry to hear of your experience with the girth, this would not be our expectation of the product. I have this girth in black and it's great, so am really surprised.

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