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Made from English leather finished to a high standard, the inside is soft padded calf skin your horse will love We aim to ship ‘in stock’ products same day or overnight.

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Where an item is not in stock we will contact you to advise expected delivery time. For such items the typical lead-time is 1 – 3 weeks depending on the product involved.

Orders up to NZD$100.00, Postage is a flat rate of $9.99 and will be sent Post Haste or NZ Couriers. Orders over NZD$100 Freight Free and will be sent Post Haste or NZ Couriers.

Crafted from premium grade leather this anatomic bridle has been engineered to contour around the horse’s ears, nose and cheekbones to achieve superior comfort and an ergonomic fit. Our anatomically shaped snaffle nose band dips down to avoid contact with the horse’s cheekbones, alleviating pressure and potentially heightening performance.

Premium quality stainless steel fastenings and elegant stitching onto astonishingly soft leather completes the stunning look. The innovative alignment features no traditional throat lash and a shaped, padded anatomical nose band prevents added pressure on the nasal bone and cranial nerves.

British Dressage & British Eventing legal Italian leather bridle Anatomically shaped soft padded poll piece Soft, padded and shaped brow band with a round raised design and PE branded brooch either side Cheek pieces and billet fastenings Innovative alignment with no throat lash Curved caves son avoids contact with the main facial nerve Anatomically shaped soft padded snaffle nose band aids unrestricted breathing Stainless steel buckles and billets Reins not included We have sourced the finest vegetable tanned Italian leather which is made in the heart of Italy, adopting environmentally friendly processes.

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As part of the tanning process natural ingredients and plant extracts are used to provide the leather with its exceptional finish. To maximize the life span of your bridle and to help prevent staining, we highly recommend a leather care routine after each use… Use lukewarm water on a damp cloth or soft sponge to gently remove dust, dirt and grease from the surface.

Be sure to concentrate on areas around buckles and key points of contact with your horse We recommend conditioning the leather using a soap/cream sparingly, taking great care to rub gently and in a circular motion until all the product has been absorbed Using a clean cloth, wipe away excess soap/cream from the surface Leave the leather to dry naturally in a well-ventilated area, away from direct heat sources In this article, we look at the factors to consider when finding and fitting a girth that will work for your horse.

The girth will always find its position at the narrowest point of the rib cage behind your horse’s elbow, and the unfortunate result is that the saddle either gets driven forward into your horse’s shoulders, or driven clear on top of his shoulders. The horse’s shoulder blade (scapula) consists of both bone and cartilage.

At worst, a saddle that constantly drives into your horse’s shoulders first will produce a buildup of scar tissue on his scapula. If the problem persists over the long-term, the three points of the saddle will begin to actually chip away the bone and cartilage.

Horses with this kind of irreversible damage often have telltale “holes”, particularly on the left shoulder blade. This is especially problematic when your mare is in season, since this excess pressure on her ovaries may cause her to show extreme discomfort or resistance when being saddled and ridden.

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Frequently, the problem is that either the width or angle of your saddle tree, or both, are not the correct size for your horse. One of the highest points of heat and friction occurs where the billets lie against the edge of the horse.

Less distance between the bottom of the flap and the top of the girth means less irritation. Ideally, it should have a wider surface area along the sternum of the horse, which is the strongest point of contact.

These “diamond” girths are anatomically accommodating, narrower at the ends where they sit under the elbow area, and widening to between 4” to 8” inches at the sternum to evenly displace the pressure. The more a girth is able to distribute weight and pressure over a larger surface area, the more comfortable the horse will be.

This girth is too short for this horse because the buckles are sitting at the edge of the pectoralis muscle. This means we have a solid leather band around the horse’s rib cage and around his lungs.

If the elastic is too weak or too long, the girth loses stability and stretches, allowing the saddle to move around on the horse’s back. This girth is too short for the horse; you can see that the buckle will irritate him at the leg and elbow during movement.

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A huge advantage is that the girth’s buckles don’t bother the rider at his thighs and allow the saddle to be fastened more securely. However, the girth buckles are located at a very sensitive area of the horse’s rib cage.

Cheese is the world-leading manufacturer of saddles designed for women, specializing in the unique anatomical requirements of female riders. Saddle fit 4 Life educational programs and certification courses are held throughout the world.

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