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(tr)to kill (a person or animal) painlessly, esp to relieve suffering from an incurable illness To subject to euthanasia : to euthanize injured animals.

“Affect” vs. “Effect”: Use The Correct Word Every Time Jump to other results euthanize somebody/something to kill a sick or injured animal or person by giving them drugs so that they die without pain synonym put down, put to sleep They decided to euthanize those whales that were too ill to return to the sea.

Local laws, someone’s physical and mental health, and their personal beliefs and wishes all play a role. What’s chosen depends on a variety of factors, including someone’s outlook and level of consciousness.

In many cases, doctors will provide people with a drug they can take to end their lives. With euthanasia, a doctor is allowed to end the person’s life by painless means.

Purposely giving someone a lethal dose of a sedative is considered active euthanasia. Passive euthanasia is sometimes described as withholding or limiting life-sustaining treatments so that a person passes more quickly.

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Palliative care focuses on keeping people as comfortable as possible at the end of their life. For example, a palliative care doctor might allow someone approaching death to stop taking a medication that causes unpleasant side effects.

If someone makes a conscious decision to seek help with ending their lives, it’s considered voluntary euthanasia. The person must give their full consent and demonstrate that they fully understand what will happen.

It usually involves passive euthanasia, such as withdrawing life support from someone who’s showing no signs of brain activity. In addition, many states currently have PAS measures on legislative ballots, so this list may grow.

A 2013 poll in the New England Journal of Medicine found that 65 percent of people in 74 countries were against PAS. By 2017, a Gallup poll found a large shift in attitudes in the United States.

Interestingly, a study in the United Kingdom found that the majority of doctors weren’t in favor of voluntary euthanasia and PAS. In countries where it’s legal, a 2016 review found euthanasia accounts for 0.3 to 4.6 percent of deaths.

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The review also found that in Washington and Oregon, doctors write less than 1 percent of prescriptions for assisted suicide. In addition, many churches, religious groups, and faith organizations argue against euthanasia for similar reasons.

One study found that doctors aren’t always capable of recognizing when someone is fit to make the decision. Some argue that the Hippocratic oath supports PAS since it ends suffering and brings no more harm.

“Death with dignity” is a movement that encourages legislatures to allow people to decide how they want to die. Some people simply don’t want to go through a long dying process, often out of concern of the burden it puts on their loved ones.

Making decisions about PAS for yourself or a loved one is extremely difficult, even if everyone’s in complete agreement. The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization offers many free resources on their website through their Cringing program.

This program is designed to help people navigate complicated end-of-life issues, from state laws to finding spiritual support. They provide important questions to ask and tips for talking to doctors and other medical professionals about end-of-life care.

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Causing death is unacceptable, but there is no requirement to go to desperate lengths to prolong life during the dying process. (Exodus 20:13; 1 John 3:15) Additionally, the Bible indicates that we should take reasonable precautions to protect our own life and the lives of others.

(Romans 5:12; 1 Corinthians 15:26) While not to be longed for, death need not be feared, because God promises to resurrect those who die. (John 6:39, 40) A person who shows respect for life would seek the best medical care available.

Yet, doing so does not require choosing medical procedures that simply prolong a dying process that is nearly complete. Even though taking one’s own life is a serious sin, God fully understands factors such as mental illness, extreme stress, or even genetic traits that may lead to suicidal urges.

While God gives humans the hope of living forever, this is not the case for animals. Sodium Phenobarbital, the drug used to euthanize pets, is not reduced, damaged, or deteriorated in any way during the rendering process and goes right into the food.

Animal Euthanasia: Bibliography, January 1990-November 1997 edited by Michael D. Kroger (1999)”From this study it was concluded that the presence of the muscle relaxant does not pose an ethical problem for the use of T61 as an euthanizing agent, ...” Assisted Suicide edited by Michael Bilirubin (1998)”... has resulted in one year in more than 1000 cases of involuntary euthanasia and the euthanizing of the mentally ill and severely handicapped newborns.

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West Nile Virus Outbreak: Lessons for Public Health Preparedness by Janet Heinrich (2000)”... were handling sick or dead At one point before the virus was identified, a veterinarian who was euthanizing ad; flamingo stuck himself with a needle. Eastern Standard Tribe by Cory Doctorow (2005)”... hot August wind ruffling his hair and blowing up the legs of his boxers, pencil in his nose, euthanizing his story preparatory to dissecting it.

Euthanasia is a way of painlessly terminating the lives of those who are either suffering from an incurable disease or are in immense pain. This form of assisted suicide is done with the ‘humane’ motive of easing one’s pain and suffering.

Sometimes people mention in their wills, that if they ever get into such a situation where it seems hopeless or too much to bear, that the family should allow him/her to die. An individual should have the liberty to choose induced death if he is suffering from an incurable disease where even the best treatment doesn’t improve his quality of life.

A doctor is expected to help treat the sick by prescribing medicines that will relieve the patient’s suffering (at any cost) even if the medications potentially give rise to serious side effects. Euthanasia follows the same theory of dealing with torment in a way that it helps one die peacefully out of possible peril.

Euthanasia should be a natural extension of patient’s rights allowing him to decide the value of life and death. Maintaining life support system against the patient’s wish is considered unethical by law as well as medical philosophy.

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Disrespect and overuse of (passive) euthanasia has always existed and will always be practiced by surrogates with false motives. Palliative care and rehabilitation centers are better alternatives to help disabled or patients approaching death live a pain-free and better life.

Family members would take undue disadvantage if euthanasia was legalized by influencing the patient’s decision into it for personal gains. Even doctors cannot firmly predict about the period of death and whether there is a possibility of remission with advanced treatment.

Legalizing euthanasia would be like empowering law abusers and increasing distrust of patients towards doctors. Mercy killing would lead to the ‘slippery slope effect’, which is when those who are unable to voice their desires, are put to death like the senile, or a baby or someone in a coma and so on.

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