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In order to help you plan your stay, I have prepared this list of the 20 best places to visit in Andalusia, with all must-see attractions and points of interest. In addition to this list of the best things to do, I will also give you all my best tips as well as detailed itineraries to visit Andalusia in 3 to 16 days.

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Whether you’re traveling with friends in the mood to party or looking for a romantic gateway, Seville is the perfect destination to have a good time and enjoy the sun. Inside you’ll find the tomb of Christopher Columbus, 45 panels representing the life of Christ and an impressive collection of art pieces.

The Maria Luisa park: located right next to the Plaza de España, it’s the ideal spot to walk around and get some fresh air. In the past, this place has been the residence of catholic kings, the Inquisition headquarter and even a prison.

Go for a walk in the Jewish quarter: don’t miss “la called DE leis Flores” (flowers’ street), the synagogue and San Bartolomé chapel. This stunning palace and fortress complex is one of the most emblematic monuments of Islamic architecture.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the most visited monument in Spain. San Nicolas mirror and San Miguel Alto mirror, for their stunning scenic view The Albania neighborhood to attend a street flamenco performance Granada cathedral and the Catholic Kings Museum The Sacramento neighborhood and its famous troglodyte houses, the “Cuevas”.

Ronda Arena Mon dragon Palace the bandit museum La Casa del Rey Moro (“House of the Moorish King” in English). The most famous road of Andalusia will take you to the most beautiful villages and countryside spots.

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If all the houses are white, it’s for a good reason: it helps to keep their inside relatively cool during the hot Andalusian summers. Azalea: for its 3 mirrors and their scenic view over the village and the Sierra de Grazalema Sahara de la Sierra: it’s one of the most typical and most beautiful White Villages, with remains of a castle and a breathtaking view over the turquoise lake below Stencil DE leis Bodegas: A very special Andalusian White village, most of the houses are troglodytes.

Sierra de Grazalema natural park is a great place for hiking. It’s located in Cadiz and Malaga provinces, close to Marcos and Sahara villages.

Depending on your fitness level, your interest and also the time of the year (some hiking paths are closed in the summer because of fire hazard). For more information, there are 3 visitor centers located in El Bosque, Sahara de la Sierra and Unique.

Located in El Churro gorge, it was once used to transport equipment for the 2 neighboring hydroelectric power stations. It was made of simple wooden pontoons directly fixed on the cliffs with no guardrail.

Nowadays, it’s totally safe to hike on this path located 100 meters above the ground, but it’s still very impressive. I actually loved this less touristic city, where you don’t have to wait forever under the sun to get inside the monuments.

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Cadiz cathedral go to the top of the bell tower to enjoy a scenic view over the city San Sebastián castle and Santa Catalina castle, both located next to the sea La Cal eta beach to take a dip. San Sebastián Castle, in Cadiz Donna national park is the perfect destination to take a break from historical monuments visits and enjoy a bit of nature.

Located in Huelva province, the park is about 1 hour driving from Seville and 50 min from Cadiz. It’s definitely a great place to observe wildlife: if you’re lucky, you can see flamingos, deer, birds and maybe even an Iberian lynx, an endangered species.

During summer, celebrities from all over the world stop by Marbella to enjoy the beaches and nightlife. If you’re not interested in all this glitz and glamour, there is also a lovely historic center with flowery houses in Marbella.

The beach is protected from the wind and has shallow and crystal clear water. Marbella, home of luxury and glitz If you’ve been to all major cities in the region and are looking for another place to visit in Andalusia, head to Jerez de la Frontera.

More than 20 wineries and cellars are located in the city, and some of them offer guided tours with wine tastings. The most famous tourist attraction is Jerez is the show of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art.

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It’s never too hot in this mountainous region (even in the summer) and above all, you will discover a wilder and less touristic side of Andalusia. You’ve guessed it, the Sierra Nevada is an amazing place to hike in the mountain.

Sierra Nevada, Spain Gibraltar is located south of Andalusia. The Rock of Gibraltar Cab ode Data Natural Park is the largest coast and land protected area of all the Mediterranean region.

Hiking on one of the many marked paths Scuba diving Go on a boat tour Take a dip at one of the world-famous beaches of Cab ode Data, such as Las Salinas or Los Puerto Birdwatching (mainly flamingos) in the salt pans Explore the small fishermen villages of Las Negros or San José Cab ode Data natural park Located North of Almeria, Taverns desert is the largest arid desert in Europe.

It’s a famous place in Andalusia because much Spaghetti Western movies had been filmed there, such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly or “A fistful of dollars”. In Taverns, you should visit Fort Bravo (also called Texas Hollywood).

This art was born here during the 17th century, and is still today a very important part of Andalusia ’s culture and history. Coming from the gypsy culture, Flamenco is a mix of 3 arts: singing, dancing and guitar.

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The show at the Muse del Bailey Flamenco is also very good and pretty affordable! In Granada, the best Flamenco shows are taking places in the Cuevas” of the traditional Sacramento neighborhood.

In Córdoba as well, you can see an excellent show in a beautiful building at the Flamenco Cardinal” tabla. Today, Flamenco is considered one of the main tourist attractions in Andalusia.

From classic recipes to more unique ones, tapas are a real staple of Andalusian cuisine. Some classic tapas are the Russian salad (potatoes, tuna and corn), croquet as and tortillas.

The north and the south strongly differ from each other and every “autonomous community” has its very particular background, culture, and identity. After living roughly 5 years in Spain, I still can’t decide which part of the Iberian Peninsula is my favorite.

No other part of Spain has this intriguing mix of cross-cultural heritage, art, nature, and passion. If you buy via them, I’ll earn a small commission which helps me to keep this blog running.

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Due to its geographic location between the north of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Andalusia boasts several microclimates and a wide range of activities and leisure options based on the sea. Set on the emblematic Guadalquivir river, Seville boasts one of the most impressive Morris and cultural heritage in entire Andalusia.

It also used to be one of the richest towns in Spain, as its port was a commercial hub for all the boats arriving from leis Americas. For me, the best part of Seville is getting lost in its narrow streets and admire the rich heritage of almost every building that you come across in the old city center.

Civilians are very proud of their town and will not be afraid to say that Seville BS RNA Maryville, Seville is marvelous. Several schools are offering introductory courses or restaurants have specialized on flamenco shows joined by a traditional Andalusian meal.

Located on the famous Costa del Sol, Malaga is the southernmost large city in Europe. The town boasts of one of the best climates in Europe all year round and is the birthplace of the legendary Pablo Picasso and actor Antonio Band eras.

If you’d like me to describe the vibe of Malaga in comparison to Seville, I think that Seville is all about pride of the Andalusian identity and culture, whereas Malaga has been more “open” to foreign influences due to the long history of its port. Even though Malaga and its adjacent Costa del Sol are internationally known for its top-quality golf courses and sandy beaches, the port town boasts an impressive cultural heritage such as the Moorish fortress, the Roman theater and many prestigious museums (Thomsen, Picasso Museum, Center Pompadour and many more…).

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Granada, also known as the Moorish pearl, is an absolute must-go place to visit in Andalusia. Hardly any other Andalusian town has such a rich and varied cultural heritage as the former capital of the Moorish Landaus empire.

Indeed, Granada combines the cultural heritage of the Arab legacy, Jewish influence with Renaissance architectural gems. This is probably due to the fact that Granada was the last town to be conquered by the Spanish Catholic Kings.

The most beautiful part of the Alhambra, the Madrid Royal Palaces, has limited access, so you need to make sure to book your tickets days in advance to visit this gem. The Albania neighborhood, together with the Generalize gardens and Alhambra, holds the UNESCO heritage label and spreads out on yet another hill of Granada.

It was founded 3000 years ago and Cadiz’ role in Spanish history was vital. Besides flamenco, delicious regional tapas, the province of Cadiz is particularly coveted among nature lovers.

Is there anything better than touring the Natural Park of Donna or enjoying a kite surf lesson in Tariff with the views on the African continent? When Córdoba was capital of the Umayyad Caliphate, it attracted many intellectuals and cultivated science and knowledge.

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That’s how emblematic figures like Seneca, Maimonides and Averroes arose in Córdoba. The almost 1000 pillars inside the mosque, built on a Visigoth cathedral, create the famous Forest of Columns ”.

But Córdoba is not only famous for its Moorish heritage, but also for the Jewish quarter with its narrow streets and white-washed house fronts. Each year the famous Patio Festival is held, during which neighbors decorate them with the most colorful flowers.

You shouldn’t miss the film studios of the Tabernas Desert and the vibe of Almería capital, with its lively terraces, market, and museums. It has become a very popular destination for campers and travelers looking for the “unspoiled” things to see and do in Andalusia.

On the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, also known as Costa de la Luz (Coast of Light), you’ll explore traditional fishermen villages, endless virgin beaches, and typical Mediterranean landscapes. In case you’d like to visit the sites of Columbus’ epic exploration, make sure to visit Palms de la Frontera from where Columbus departed to discover the Americas.

The famous Iberian Bakugo ham comes from the province of Huelva and might be a very interesting day trip to do or to the most important religious site in Andalusia : El Rocco. During summer, the town and the entire province can become incredibly hot, that’s why travelers often opt for the beaches of Costa del Sol.

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Jaén is famous for being the home of the coveted Spanish virgin olive oil. Once you enter the province of Jaén, you’ll be surrounded only by olive groves for many kilometers.

The cultural attraction of the province are its capital Jaén with a gorgeous cathedral, the World Heritage site towns of Used and Baez and several castles. Jaén is also a coveted destination for hiking and outdoor lovers as the province boasts 4 natural reserves and a mountain area with a rich fauna with some great things to do in Andalusia, Spain.

Besides the Arabs, Andalusia ’s culture and history has been influenced by the Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Vandals, Hews and North Iberian's that settled in the area after the Reconquista. Compared to the rest of Spain, Andalusia is a traditionally agricultural region relying strongly on the tourism sector.

The strong identity and the regional pride on Andalusia ’s rich culture including flamenco, Moorish architecture, to some extent, bullfighting, wine production and gastronomy make Andalusia a vibrant destination to visit. Many of the mentioned cultural phenomenons are often perceived as typically Spanish, their origins, however, are entirely Andalusian.

The best time to visit Andalusia, in my humble opinion, is probably in spring and autumn. If you plan to visit in the summer months (June, July, September), I recommend staying along the coast as the Andalusian back-country is one of the hottest regions in Europe.

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