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A mix of cultures and traditions, grand cities and quaint towns, impressive architecture and dreamlike coasts: this, and much more, is what Andalusia is. In this post, you will find several tips about the local events, the weather and the activities you can do each month in Andalusia, for you to plan the best trip to the south of Spain.

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Granada is characterized by cold temperatures at night and pleasant during the day: in March, you can make the most of its wonders, without the great masses of tourists. Keep strolling in the streets, get lost in the narrow passages of the quaint Moorish districts of Albania and Sacramento, and end your visit with a stop by the Mirror de San Nicolás, from whose viewpoint you will enjoy magnificent vistas of the city.

Warm temperatures, sunny days, events and celebrations make the city the perfect destination for your April getaway. Before anything else, we suggest you visit the city and its impressive monuments: the Cathedral of Santa María de la See, the Giraldo and Real Alcázar that are located in the same area of the Old Town.

Likewise, discover the María Luisa Park and admire the splendid colors of the sunset in Seville’s most beautiful square, the Plaza de España. Depending on the dates you choose to travel, you can also enjoy the processions of the Demand Santa or, at the end of the month, the April Fair.

The temperatures are perfect for enjoying the celebrations; the flowers are the absolute protagonist during the whole month, filling the city with colors and perfumes. And if you long for more, the end of the month welcomes the Beria de Córdoba (Córdoba Fair), during which locals and tourist sake the streets by storm with dances and chants.

You will spend an unforgettable holiday on the coast of Huelva, thanks to the mild temperature and the quietness that characterize its 120 km worth of seashore. While here, don’t miss out on the natural area of Maris mas del Rio Piers and the beaches of El Romped, Junta Umbra and Madagascans in Almost.

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And, of course, don’t miss out on a day trip to Cadiz, a city whose 4,000year-old history makes it one of the oldest settlements in Europe. During this month, Andalusia welcomes the highest number of tourists and offer all kinds of activities, both by night and during the day.

During this month, the capital city of the Costa del Sol gets filled with people visiting museums, enjoying the beaches and the delicious cuisine of the chiringuitos. Besides, if you choose this month to visit Malaga, you may find yourself in the middle of the year’s most awaited event, the Beria de Málaga.

Music, dances, Flamenco shows, typical food and parties for everyone, both tourists and locals; the fair is a mandatory appointment of August in Malaga. The Andalusian autumn is characterized by pleasant temperatures, scarce rains and many sunny days that allow you to keep visiting the region.

Mandatory activities include hiking in the Natural parks of Andalusia and exploring the quaint towns of the provinces. In October, the temperatures are pleasant, with rare rainy days, thanks to which you can plan spectacular routes in the natural parks.

If you’re in the province of Malaga, a getaway to the Montes de Málaga natural park is only 5 km from the capital city of the Costa del Sol. The white towns in the province of Malaga feature narrow streets, whitewashed houses and colorful flower pots decorating the windows.

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You can make the most of the Christmas atmosphere that characterizes the big cities and small towns, skiing in the Sierra Nevada and try the delicious local cuisine. The Old Towns of the Andalusian villages offer a spectacular lighting show, Christmas markets where to buy the last presents, and several events related to the most joyful time of the year.

In the middle of winter, and at the beginning of the month, you can still enjoy the Christmas atmosphere, thanks to the Yamagata de Los Reyes Lagos, whose parades characterize this period in the whole country. Spain’s biggest national park is also Europe’s most southern protected area, where you can enjoy the splendid snowy landscapes by skiing and snowboarding.

Besides, if you stay in the province of Granada, you can reach the Park easily, thanks to the several transport companies that offer this service in January. The monumental squares, Renaissance palaces, façades of churches, impressive chapels, perfectly maintained gardens and patios are the touch of art that will color your February in Andalusia.

On the other side, if you’re in Cadiz in February, don’t miss out on the famous Carnival, an event that is celebrated in the city and has been declared Fiesta de Interés Touristic International. Having lived on the Costa del Sol, Andalusia, for a little more than a year, I have experienced all four seasons in the deep south of Spain.

Yes, the climate allows for four seasons in Spain, including Andalusia, even though they are much less distinct than in other parts of Europe. The following article will give you all the positives and negatives per season so that you can decide if the south of Spain is a suitable destination for when you are planning to travel.

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I want to go beyond the facts and figures of weather services and give you insights and true experiences to help you with your planning process! The weather can be wet and quite dull one day, and then the next it will be pleasant and lovely and all you want to do is sit in one of the many outdoor cafés sipping Latte Marciano.

A word of warning though: March tends to be the wettest month in Andalusia, and the rain has a very different quality to what you would experience in the British Isles, for example. The country which is normally so dry is not well-prepared for wet weather, and we have seen water puddles the size of the Indian Ocean in the middle of the road.

Having said that, spring is generally the best season to visit Andalusia’s many beautiful cities such as Granada, Córdoba, and Seville. The cooler, wetter winter months now add some color and greenery to the otherwise rather dry and barren countryside which is lovely to see.

If you love to swim, then spring is not your preferred season in Andalusia, unless your hotel offers a heated outdoor pool. Otherwise, water temperatures will be chilly, and it takes many weeks for the sea to heat up before it is really enjoyable to get back in there.

This is due to the fact that all other European countries will enjoy their school holidays, but also that you have a 99% weather guarantee. The climate in Andalusia is basically that of long, dry and hot summers and mild winters.

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But head inland and you experience scorching heat with temperatures easily reaching 40 degrees and more. Autumn is a great time for a road trip to explore the beautiful white villages of Andalusia.

For example, the average temperature in October is still a pleasant 20 degrees with plenty of blue skies and sunshine. Andalusia in autumn offers the best of both worlds: it is pleasant enough to relax in the sun, yet you can also explore the countryside and the white villages and the ancient cities and not suffer from heat exhaustion.

In Granada, check out the views of the Alhambra with the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada in the background. Many people will not consider winter a good season to travel to Andalusia which I find is a big mistake. There is a wide range of outdoor activities that you can pursue in Andalusia, and now is the best time for it: hiking and cycling, golfing and horse riding, and much, much more.

Of course, city trips are also a great way to learn more about the culture of Andalusia, minus the usual queues at attractions like the Alhambra and the Alcázar in Seville. No matter the season, most restaurants, attractions and sights are open all year round in Andalusia, even in the depths of winter.

However, if you love the heat and the sunshine, and the craziness that unfolds when many people go on vacation together, then summer will be your best choice. The months of June through August offer the warmest weather (50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit) in this chilly state and are therefore the best and most popular times to cruise.

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In addition, May is the driest month of the Alaska cruise season, so you're less likely to be rained out of your flight seeing tour, glacier walk or other shore excursions. For a pricing advantage, northbound glacier routes tend to be cheaper than southbound. Because the summer months of June and July (low season) bring the most rain and oppressive heat and humidity in Asia, the best time to cruise in terms of weather is November through March (high season).

Winter in North America is summer in Australia, so expect near-perfect conditions in major ports of call like Sydney, Adelaide and Perth on the western side and a subtropical climate in the northeast Queensland region. It's also typhoon season, however, which may affect some ports of call (such as Brisbane and Cairns) and lead to some rough sailing waters.

Bermuda's big weather caveat: Hurricane season traditionally affects the island at least once a year between late August and October. However, if you prefer more crisp weather (temperatures in the 50s) or you're interested in fall foliage viewing, you'll need to go from late September to mid-October.

Meanwhile, the summer months are ideal for exploring some of Canada's most intriguing cities in milder temperatures (usually in the 70s). Caribbean: December Through Mid-April Not only is the warm Caribbean climate a welcome respite from bad weather, but December through April are the driest months in the islands as well. The cheapest times to cruise are typically in the late summer and fall because of hurricane season, but you can often find patches of bargain sailings, especially during the early weeks of December and in the spring.

The Western Mediterranean cruise season runs from April through November, with a few European lines staying the course through the winter. September is a popular time to cruise the Western Mediterranean because you can avoid the school kids and still enjoy warm temperatures.

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Europe's main river cruise season runs April through October, but peak sailings are May through September. High season in Hawaii is late December through April, but with Norwegian's Pride of America based there, you can explore the islands year-round.

Hurricanes rarely affect the islands, but they come closest in September, bringing hot, humid weather, despite it being the dry season. They can also kick up storms that lead to rough seas and less-than-ideal excursion conditions. Good deals are often available in the less-traveled window between Thanksgiving and Christmas vacation.

The high season (November through March) occurs during South America's summer, but be prepared for varied climates that can change rapidly wherever you go. Although you can expect crowds of South Americans on vacation, you can find high-season bargains in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. High season is pretty much year-round in the Galápagos Islands, where the warm and tropical climate is relatively unchanging.

The region's dry season dovetails nicely with wedding season and school summer holidays, making cruises popular with honeymooners and European and American families on extended vacations. The South Pacific's summer (November through April) is the wettest time of year, when rain, temperatures and humidity increase. Expect higher prices and plenty of kids onboard if you cruise this region during Australian school holidays.

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