Andalusian Amontillado Sherry

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Amontillado (Spanish pronunciation: ) is a variety of sherry wine characterized by being darker than fine but lighter than colors. An Amontillado sherry begins as a fine, it fortified to approximately 13.5% alcohol with a cap of forest limiting its exposure to the air.

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A cask of fine is considered to be amontillado if the layer of for fails to develop adequately, is intentionally killed by additional fortification, or is allowed to die off through non-replenishment. After the additional fortification, Amontillado oxidizes slowly, exposed to oxygen through the slightly porous American or Canadian oak casks, and gains a darker color and richer flavor than fine.

Amontillado is characterized by nutty aromas, tobacco, aromatic herbs and often ethereal, polished notes of oak. The fusion of two different aging processes makes Amontillado wines extraordinarily complex and intriguing.

Naturally dry, they are sometimes sold lightly to medium sweetened but these can no longer be labelled as amontillado. Due to its oxidative aging and preparation, amontillado is more stable than fine and may be stored for a few years before opening.

Spain- This Medium Amontillado styled sherry is amber with a full body and rich, medium-dry palate displaying nutty characteristics (like hazelnut). Serve as an apéritif or pair with mushroom dishes, ham, salted nuts or mild, dry cheeses.

| Curbside Pickup offered in the majority of stores “It's also great as an after dinner drink or and apéritif... I'm not a Sherry aficionado but this is definitely the best I have had... It does have a good dose of acidity, giving it a certain liveliness in the mouth, but the focus and intensity of flavor I found to be lacking... The taste was of almond paste, orange zest, with milk chocolate on the finish” Wine Enthusiast -Spain- “A spectacularly sweet and rich bruiser, and one that delivers the essence of raisins, toffee and chocolate.

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Spain- Pale straw in color, light bodied and bone dry with an almond bouquet and refreshing taste, Fine sherry is the lightest and driest of Sherries carrying a delicate, fresh, yeasty flavor with hints of apple. Serve chilled with fish, seafood, cheese plates and tapas.

| Curbside Pickup offered in the majority of stores “This is my favorite fine... Great sherry @ great price... I've drunk it on a warm sunny day in Spain and a cool day in Connecticut... I thoroughly enjoyed this fine classic Spanish sherry “ Bright, pale straw in color, Manzanillo is a dry, delicate type of Fine sherry made from Palomino grapes grown in cooler vineyards nearer the Spanish seacoast.

Serve as an apéritif or chilled with olives, almonds, boiled or grilled shrimp. Wine Spectator-Jerez, Spain- “Woody, resinous aromas give way to caramel, fig and roasted walnut flavors.

It has character, settling into a long, walnut and molasses aftertaste.” Osborne Cream (Sweet Colors) Sherry Dessert & Fortified Wine | 750ml | Jerez | Barrel Score 87+ Points Ship wine today.

| Same-Day Delivery Available | Curbside Pickup offered in the majority of stores “I LOVE this wine... A great sweet sherry ... I am very glad I did... I enjoy sipping on it, looking at its deep, reddish color in the right light, and smelling its spicy scent in a wine glass” Spain- Amber in color, shows caramel and butterscotch aromas and flavors that turn to walnuts on the long finish.

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Harvey's Bristol Cream Sherry Dessert & Fortified Wine | 1. Christian Brothers Dry Sherry Dessert & Fortified Wine | 1.

Amontillado oxidizes in a slow and controlled way, exposed to oxygen through the slightly porous oak, and gains a darker color and richer flavor than Fine. While still having hints of for, it will be less fresh and citrus than a Fine but with more elegance and structure.

It is characterized by nutty aromas, tobacco, aromatic herbs and often ethereal, polished notes of oak. The fusion of two different aging processes makes Amontillado wines extraordinarily complex and intriguing.

Made fully dry but often sweetened for export, Amontillado is also bottled slightly higher in alcohol: between 16º and 22º (the older it is, the higher the natural alcohol volume will be due to concentration and evaporation). As of 2012, the rules applicable to the Consent Regulator say that Amontillado should be naturally dry and can no longer be sweetened.

Old Amontillado can get a Los / Vows classification to indicate a certified high age. It should be served at a higher temperature than biologically aged sherries (around 12 °C, even warmer when it’s an old Amontillado) and it goes particularly well with white meat, a beef consommé, chorizo, medium-heavy cheese or a Pate.

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I am too young to remember Cheers in detail but at least I enjoyed Fraser because my husband is a fan. Fraser Crane and his brother Nile's, who will become the funniest character, are two snobs with high cultural interests and very fine tastes.

From that episode on, Nile's and Fraser drink sherry many times in all the seasons. This article on the blog Henry Jeffrey's, they say Fraser drinks Harvey’s Bristol Cream because it is possible to recognize the typical blue bottle of this wine in season 6, episode 9.

I was very surprised that on some more forums on internet people were even trying to discover the brand of the sherry Fraser drinks, but it seems that there are no recognizable bottles apart from Harvey’s Bristol Cream. In this case, they are supposed to be drinking an Andalusian amontillado ”, but the color of the wine is pale, more similar to a fine or a Manzanillo.

The Palomino grapes that went into this Amontillado or medium dry Sherry come from sustainably farmed vineyards between 10 and 60 years old. After years of struggle he was finally able to grow his business some and establish himself as a leading Almacenista (stockholder of sherry sol eras).

Since El Maestro Sierra was never a large scale producer and historically didn’t sell a lot of volume, their sol era stocks are amongst the oldest and finest in Jerez Sherry comes in a huge array of styles, ranging from bone-dry fine to lusciously sweet Pedro Jimenez (also known as PX), covering everything in between.

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Type of wine Sherry Producer All Armadillo Emilio Gustav Fernando de Castilla Gonzalez Bass Gutierrez Colonia Harvey's Gustav Rotate Valentino Williams & Hubert Eco Price Range All Up to ££3030 to ££5050 to £100 Country Spain Style Amontillado Age All No Age Statement 15-Year-Old 30-Year-Old Size All Small Bottles Standard Bottles Some types are allowed to oxidize, and that exposure to air creates gorgeous nutty or dried fruit characteristics.

Most sherry fans cite the astonishing variety of flavors, from the briny, delicate acidity of fine and Manzanillo, to the sweet, raisin-like richness of PX, which bartenders often sub for simple syrup or other sweeteners. For example, at Donostia in New York, look for the refreshing La Gallery, which mixes fine sherry with grapefruit, lemon, sweet vermouth, honey syrup and black pepper.

Finally, since the alcohol levels are close to wine, sherry plays well with food, so chefs enjoy using it for food pairings, too (head to DC's Mockingbird Hill, for example, to sip sherries alongside fresh-cut ham or plump, buttery Castelvetrano olives). Manzanillo and fine resemble white wines and are refreshing served slightly chilled as a summer sipper, especially if paired with nuts, cheeses or charcuterie like Spanish Jason.

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