Andalusian Appetizer Crossword

Ava Flores
• Monday, 14 December, 2020
• 13 min read

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The theme totally eluded me during the solve today. After finishing, I finally realized what it was referring to, but I still couldn't find all the hidden Capitals (I did get Rome and Lima, however).

No major problems during the solve, but a few minor stumbles. I had SLOGS instead of PLODS at 11D and simply couldn't think of anything that would work at 9A.

I am not keen on Anagrams and had to stare at the last words of the theme answers before the light bulb went on. Crawled, perhaps = SWAM was a great way to start this puzzle.

Hole Starter and Beast of Burden in the same puzzle? Three digit Odd and even numbers also denote whether an exit off the interstate is a spur or a loop.

tapas spanish fruit sangria spain mind recipes
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I-210 is a loop in Lake Charles, that lets a vehicle avoid driving through the city. For Mars Pair I first thought of M and M because I was thinking of the candy company.

God: I have never known anyone worth a damn who wasn’t irascible. The only MLS I knew was a style sheet I was required to buy back in the day.

Oh, and London wasn't included because a) it has too many letters (the theme answers have 4 or 5) and b) it has no common anagram. Oh, and the 3-digit Interstates are “loops” (i.e.: I-610 around Houston and I-410 around San Antonio, whereas I-10 goes straight through).

I remembered quite a bit about Stella Monastery on NCIS-NY -- but not her real name. I am glad a person can enjoy solving a puzzle without 'getting' the theme.

Thanks for explaining the theme, Martin, but I still don't understand what LETTERS have to do with it. It starts in Billings, MT and goes to the Great Lakes region where it connects to one in Ontario, Canada.

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The LETTERS that make up the names of CAPITAL cities are rearranged. It's OK to categorize white, conservative, working, Christian, sports loving men.

Solving the puzzle was easily done; catching the theme- it was never caught. I filled Bicycle and knew it had to be correct but was clueless to what it was.

MELINA and NASCAR DAD were the only unknowns that I had to fill. I only know of BEA Arthur as 'Maude', Archie Bunker's cousin.

My brother was on Terry's 6th & 7th grade baseball teams with him and played college football with him at La. He had 20" biceps in high school and threw bullets when other Lbs were arcing passes.

When my brother got to college, he told me about other football players who kept shotguns in the trunks of their cars, and that they went hunting instead of going to class. One of these hunting players was none other than PHIL ROBERTSON (Duck Dynasty) who was the first string QB while Bradshaw sat the bench for two years.

If he was already rich before the idiotic TV show, there's no telling how much his family is worth now. As usual never even thought about the theme until Martin explained it.

COP out was initial entry and CASHIERED, OWLET, & PLODS came next. I liked the puzzle, but thought it was a bit easy for Thursday.

But what the heck, I thought yesterdays was a toughie, unlike many of you. Happy the Giants won, but KC has nothing to be ashamed about.

Can't remember if I mentioned this previously, but Bum garner was assigned to Norwich in 2009, the Giants Double A team. He was in Triple A next season and the Norwich franchise was in Richmond, Va.

The mile markers ascend from south to north, and from west to east in each state. I managed to stumble onto everything except the NE corner.

I spent very little time looking for the anagrams and waited for Martin's blog.MELINA and MLS were all perks. Bicycles, a new word for me, needed a few perks and a lot of wags. I am on my third Nissan Sentra.

Because our condo doesn't have a basement or an attic I have the walls of my garage full of shelves, leaving room for only a small car. I have read many Civil War novels which described the foul air of Washington, DC a MIASMA. We often call I 80, just the Interstate so no quibble about I'm standing for RTE. Here are the rules for numbering interstates and allied routes. Hahtoolah- Taking the I-210 loop through Lake Charles is a waste of time and gasoline.

COP OUT is both a noun phrase and a phrasal verb. (N)Some of my friends don't realize that the exit numbers on an Interstate correspond to the mile markers.

I just read recently that APPLES were unknown in the Middle East in Old Testament times, and the traditional temptation was most likely a pomegranate. In a close game, the manager's decisions can win or lose.

The old astronomers really had a tough time trying to figure the apparent retrograde motion of the planets. Ultimately science trumped stubbornness and the heliocentric model came to light :-).

I must have missed the blog that day. The federal government is pressing to have all the Interstate and adjunct highways numbered by mileage. The transition is being accomplished through a systematic upgrading of existing signing and there is no specific date by which the change must be implemented.

Today more than usual, Martin, I'm grateful for your analysis. I didn't even try the theme and some unknowns stymied me though I filled them, MLS and never heard of NASCAR DAD.

Although E. A. POE wrote “The Black Cat” there is also a novel by Martha Grimes with that name. The learning moment for me was that a puzzle could give me miasma.

This was a bit of a Thursday toughie for me--yep, I started with OPT too. Kept rearranging those words to see which one would work with CAPITAL LETTERS without ever seeing the city names.

Lots of clever pairs in this puzzle, BLACK CAT and CAT, DADS and PAS, EMILY BRONTE and EDGAR ALLEN POE (odd pair, I'd say). My dumbest moment: got LAB REA but couldn't figure it out because I didn't separate it into LA Area.

Musings-The Royals did KC proud but you’d think they could’a got one hit off Bum garner when they needed it.-Challenging and enjoyable! -I agree on beast of burden and _ _ _ hole in same puzzle ;-)-WORK IN PAIRS = A does it, B copies-Betty White said BEA did not like her at all- World’s most famous SNEER -The long jump used to be called “The Hop, SKIP and JUMP”-The “space” is not a legal character in a URL.

So we get crossword corner and spell check goes nuts- Husker looking out his Parole. Believe it or not, the refs missed this call.-I first thought of this fall BLIND -Many college FB coaches will get Cashiered this yr-Subbing today I am teaching completing perfect trinomial squares to solve equations, and we are rounding square roots TO TWO decimal places-Phobos is so small, you would weigh 2 oz there.

Kinda got SLOSHED watching the World Series last night ... Sooooooo, since I needed an extra hour of sleep ... all the clocks at Villa Incognito have done the “fall-Back.” DNF / FIW since I had DAD as both the NASCAR kind ... and the June honoree.

Cheers to the SF Giants (and KC Royals) for an enjoyable series! Had never heard of miasma, but perks fixed it, and cashiered looked odd.

I did know cashiered was a military term for being dismissed with shame. Hahtoolah's God prompted me to look up “irascible” and I unfortunately learned another adjective for myself on some days.

I'm glad Ezra thinks that makes me “worth a damn”. The older I get the more things I see and hear with potential to make me angry.

Hey, I managed to stay awake during the last two World Series games. And most soccer games I have been to usually end up ONE ZIP, but then, what in the devil is a KIA.

But didn't need it with Perks coming to the rescue along with a couple of Swags. I toyed with the last letters of the long answers to try to fit the theme: L, E, S, S, but that was a dead end.

Thank you, Jerry, for a fun puzzle and thank you, Martin, for an entertaining expo. Thank you, YR, for showing me the error of my ways and for teaching me to be a little less inflexible in my thinking (not that it will last).

Scratched my head over the reveal and then finally saw the capital anagrams in the last words. I thought I'd gotten my limericks posted before my 'Peter crashed this morning, but guess I didn't.

“Her temper's ferocious manner's atrocious, But we both like the same kind of pizza!” There once was a fellow from Punish had a very big... Oops, wrong poem.

There was an old prelate from Somewhere head was as shiny as chrome”I admit that I Stephen kids jeer at my pate, But it saves so much time when I comb!” There once was a lady from Parish felt she was greatly embarrassed.

“I've had Brazilian wagon my boobs and my back;I've no choice, because that's where the hair is!” The fill today had plenty of bright spots and learning moments.

Had never heard cashiered used in that context and was glad to learn it. After filling the grid correctly and rereading the reveal, it was apparent that it was an anagram ruse, so I didn't even bother to decode them.

In Spanish LIMA is pronounced with a long i, lemma, so the rhyme is valid. I'm afraid “Lima” doesn't rhyme with “hyena” or “pizza” no matter how it's pronounced.

Short e is pronounced “eh” as in pet, met, wet, let, set, etc. Suture, we observe “Pa's Day” every year. I do like that word MIASMA.

CASHIERED, too. In my line of work, calculating to three decimal places is the norm. Didn't get the theme until reading all about it here. I, too, looked up 'irascible' from Hahtoolah's quote, (6:56 am) but I still don't understand it.

Probably explains why there are so many petulant, ill-tempered people in this world. Everyone has a big ego and thinks they can appear important if they display a mean streak.

I thought Jimmy Carter's word was malaise. I saw MAIL and LETTERS as some sort of relation, but nothing else made sense.

Eldest had “open mic” night with theater class this eve. She belted out Bohemian Rhapsody which made everyone SIT UP and take notice.

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