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• Wednesday, 25 November, 2020
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Breeding High Quality PRE Andalusian's for Competitive Dressage & Sport Our competitive PRE Andalusian's and their rich heritage are the passion behind Glen Aryan Farm.

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The PRE Andalusian's at Glen Aryan have congenial temperaments, great minds, athleticism, and impressive pedigrees. Glen Aryan also breeds an athletic, competitive Sport Horse, a PRE Andalusian /Thoroughbred cross.

This cross produces some best do it all horses, from Dome Vaquero, and Western Dressage, to Working Equitation and Competitive Driving. These prices of these horses are reduced for quick sale to make room for our next years foals.

For the past years the horses of Royal Horse Farms, have not only achieved the top rankings in the arena but for most years earning more than the next 5 other breeders combined. 2020 Used Half Andalusian Grand National Champion: RHF Lead, R. RHF Regal 2020 Used Breeder of the Year: Royal Horse Farms 2020 Used Driving Horse of the Year: Fugal Roy 2020 Used Half Andalusian Halter Horse of the Year: RHF Lead 2020 Used Half Andalusian Specialty Horse of the Year: RHF Lead 2020 Used Half Andalusian Sport Horse of the Year: RHF Lead, R. RHF Regal, 3rd.

Breeding ~ Stallions at Stud ~ Foals Available Inter ~ Trained Horses for Sale ~ All Ages Available An outstanding selection of Andalusian's and Lusitania from our friends and horse family.

Foals may be purchased on a payment plan with a deposit. We offer a $2500 discount off the price of the foal if purchased before due date.

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We celebrate this ancient, rare and noble breed, for centuries a proud war horse and the bearer of kings. Each year, we produce a few foals which are hand raised with loving care, given lots of attention to mold them into people loving equine partners.

Color Champagne Both parents are Andalusia Dad colored blacktop colored champagne The horse is not Papered5000 or better offer.

Apollo del Solis is the result of our 30 plus years experience in breeding purebred Andalusian's. He is the ultimate blending of our beloved Bravo bloodlines (refer to Breeding Stallions page) along with some very best imported Pace Martin lines.

We now enjoy afternoon ocean breezes and moderate year round temperatures. Summer Ranch boasts a selection of our own premiere Andalusian stock available for purchase in an array of rare and highly sought after colors including PEARL, Cello, Buckskin, Palomino, Smokey Black as well as the classic Iberian colors of Gray, Black and Bay.

And we offer an excellent selection of breeding stallions available to mare owners in both the United States and Canada. We are located halfway between the Ontario and San Diego International Airports; just an easy hour drive either north or south.

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Visitors are welcomed, but appointments are required because we are a private residence and not a commercial facility. First and foremost our horses are bred for temperament with a strong emphasis on conformation and movement.

Color alone would not have us going strong after more than two decades of breeding and sales of our beloved Iberian horses. Summer Ranch was the home to the legendary copper bay PRE stallion, Bravo.

Bravo earned incredible honors during his career as our showing, breeding and exhibition stallion. It's been a long wait, but we finally have our homozygous pearl stud colt to carry on the Bravo dynasty.

We also stand Orlando VG, one of the first approved Smokey Black PRE stallions imported into the United States from Spain. But despite his unique color genes, we offer up this stallion for breeding based on his overall type, quality and movement.

Bay to Buckskin or Palomino should NOT have produced a double dilute looking horse!? Unfortunately the technology of the time was not ready for our unusual little foals and it took almost a decade before we could even think about getting any answers to our many questions.

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During that time period, an unrelated chestnut Andalusian mare surfaced that could also produce foals that looked double dilute. This drew the interest of several very affluent individuals in the 'color world' and we were finally able to work in conjunction with a Geneticist and UC Davis.

Although there is no set standard and variations can be observed, through my personal experience with homozygous creams, homozygous pearls and cream/pearl combinations in our Iberian horses, I have observed that the double creams tend to be much lighter with little to no color change between their bodies and their manes & tails. That horse, like our Bravo, would have to be DNA tested in order to determine if he/she carries the PEARL gene.

Just as we believe that PATINA was the first Buckskin Pearl PRE filly bred and born in the United States....also in 2011. Credits include the Adam Sandler film, Spanglish (Columbia Pictures); the hit television series “The Bachelor” starring Bachelor “Bob” who rode Cordero on our Southern California seashore while his date rode another white Andalusian, Amado; and a prime-time television commercial for the ABC hit series, “The Bachelorette”.

Jessica Gay tan on Cordero filming a commercial for ABC's hit television show, THE BACHELORETTE. Summer Ranch was not only invited to participate in the equine sector focusing on the Pure Spanish Horse, but the organization also paid for 100% of our travel expenses.

To create your very own dream horse, see our Stallion page for more details on breeding to Bandoleer Clxvi We are conveniently located in the I5 corridor and only a 40-minute drive from Rogue Valley International Airport (MFR).

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18 years ago, my husband and I bought an 8 acre property in Santa Rosa, CA to start our breeding operation of Andalusian Horses, also referred to as PRE (Pure Gaza Espinoza) which means Pure Spanish horses. Therefore, the Andalusian or Iberian Horse (named after the Iberian Peninsula, Spain and Portugal) has a huge genetic impact on our modern breeds in the United States today. These horses were cherished for hundreds of years in the Royal Courts of Europe, given as the most precious gifts to kings and queens and were used not only for Equestrian performances to entertain the Royalty, but also in battle, because of their amazing agility and train ability, not to forget their bravery.

There were only about 3000 of these fantastic horses registered in the US and Canada at that time, and they were very expensive and hard to come by. I bought my first 3 months old Colt “Calico H”, from famous PRE breeder Terri Meadow, at “Herrera Andalusian's” in Dentin Texas and had him shipped to CA. I also acquired an Andalusian filly “Luna De Oro”, both babies with the best bloodlines I could possibly find.

I raised and trained them to become the foundation of our breeding program, which is based entirely on Quality NOT Quantity and named the farm “Heavenly Andalusian's”. I had bred very nice horses and had made the right decision in choosing my foundation mare and stallion.

In 2006, we purchased a 36 acre farm and moved “Heavenly Andalusian's” to Southern Oregon, our current location. The only goal in those days was to get our existing herd through the rough years with the hope, to start up our breeding program again when the economy would turn around. We made it through the hard times and now it is time to take our Business to the next level. In recent years the economy and with it the horse market has turned around and more and more dressage enthusiasts have moved from CA, WA and other parts of the country to our area.

We have now several Breeders and owners of Iberian horses in Southern OR and a local Dressage Society with growing numbers. My dream of promoting and showcasing the Iberian Horse is now more alive than ever and for that reason I just founded “The Academy of Portuguese Equestrian Art LLC”. And this is the point, my long time trainer Rodrigo Mates comes into the picture and is going to be the Key-Figure for the “Academy's” success. I met Rodrigo 16 years at my friends Dianne and Josef Berth's farm and then decided to travel to Portugal to ride with Rodrigo at “Morgan Luciano” near Lisbon.

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Exactly the type of dressage riding I had been looking for and wanted to pass on to my horses. People often say “The Best, The Greatest”, but it only means something, when someone truly understands what they are talking about. I was coached for 7 years daily by a trainer, that was reserve champion of Germany, Heinrich Keener.

I competed on a local level successfully against Jo Lineman, who later became the coach for the Dutch Olympic team and is a very famous figure in the International dressage world. I went with my dad to all the big Competitions to learn from Icons, like Dr. Racer Glimpse, multiple times Olympic gold medalist and one of the most successful riders in modern history.

There is nobody in this country with his experience in teaching and training the principals of classical dressage. I could not let this biggest opportunity of my life pass me by and I offered him a position at the newly formed”Academy of Portuguese Equestrian Art LLC” Please see Rodrigo's preliminary itinerary and click “Academy of Portuguese Equestrian Art, LLC”.

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