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• Monday, 28 December, 2020
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Located west of Calgary, Alberta in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Highland Stables provides training, instruction, and breeding… We at Cadence Stables pride ourselves in quality care for our Equine friends.

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After 30+ Years of breeding light horses we are having a partial dispersal, so we can change our focus to drafts, Frisians and mules!! These prices of these horses are reduced for quick sale to make room for our next years foals.

For the past years the horses of Royal Horse Farms, have not only achieved the top rankings in the arena but for most years earning more than the next 5 other breeders combined. 2020 Used Half Andalusian Grand National Champion: RHF Lead, R. RHF Regal 2020 Used Breeder of the Year: Royal Horse Farms 2020 Used Driving Horse of the Year: Fugal Roy 2020 Used Half Andalusian Halter Horse of the Year: RHF Lead 2020 Used Half Andalusian Specialty Horse of the Year: RHF Lead 2020 Used Half Andalusian Sport Horse of the Year: RHF Lead, R. RHF Regal, 3rd.

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We celebrate this ancient, rare and noble breed, for centuries a proud war horse and the bearer of kings. Each year, we produce a few foals which are hand raised with loving care, given lots of attention to mold them into people loving equine partners.

CONGRATULATIONS TO Britt OF MIAMI BEACH FLORIDA 2016 Canadian Nationals Results: Amado outdid himself in 2019 after not only winning Champion Western Pleasure Open but also the Supreme Champion Western Pleasure Open at the Andalusian World Cup in Las Vegas.

Amado was also the 2019 (2017 and 2015) Canadian National Champion Sr Stallion and Gold Medal Movement winner. San Paulo was also the Canadian National Supreme Halter Champion which is a repeat performance from 2013 when Amado’s son, VA Also was the Supreme Halter Champion.

Amado was shown in 2010 and was pronounced US National Reserve Champion Colt, 2 years and under, when he was only six months old. On Amado’s topside, his sire is Canadian National Champion Senior Stallion, Mystique’s Manometer.

His Great Grand Sires were Moliere IV and Navarre GF, both multi-national titleholders. On Amado’s bottom side, his dam is US and Canadian National Champion Stamp MA.

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He also has Levi ton, Hos co and Genie III in his long list of champion forefathers. His 2013 son, VA Also, was shown at 3 months of age at the Canadian National Andalusian show with Judge Sue Burman of Santa Barbara, California presiding.

She pronounced Also to be the Supreme Halter Champion of the entire show. In 2015, Amado’s son VA San Paulo was pronounced the Supreme Halter Champion under Hall of Fame inductee judge Mr. Richard Petty.

Valencia completely outdid herself in 2013, which coincidentally was the first time she had ever stepped into a show arena. Her daughter, VA Arena was Reserve Champion in the Best Movement class reinforcing the fact that this is a great line of movers and shakers.

Her 3-month-old colt that was at her side, VA Also (sold), was pronounced the Canadian National Supreme Halter Champion for the whole show. In 2013, we bred Valencia back to Also’s sire (our black stallion Amado) and got a gorgeous gray colt with huge movement, VA Titanic (sold).

In 2017 Valencia and Amado gave us a second black colt VA Acer Afro-American (sold) and he was shown at the Canadian Nationals at 4 months and was the National Champion Colt, 1 yr and under and the Gold Medal Movement Winner. Acer was also showed in Las Vegas at the Andalusian World cup and was the unanimous Champion AN CCE Colt, 1 year and under.

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Pairing is now an exhibition horse and Gem, who broke her hip as a yearling, has always been happy to be a brood mare. Joy’s pedigree speaks for itself going back to greats like Camille, Otiose, Levi ton, Genie III, Sandoval and Mystique’s Manometer.

Like his half sister VA Noble, has excellent conformation and stunning movement. Amado is well known for producing Supreme Halter Champions and Best Movement winners and Video is no different from his siblings.

He has Otiose, Camille and Sandoval in his pedigree and Video will shine just as brightly. We had great plans to show Gem at the 2010 Nationals as a yearling for she really was a sight to behold.

About 2 weeks before the show, I walked out into the field to bring her in for her halter lesson and there she was unable to move her right rear leg. Fortunately for Gem, it was broken in such a way that the specialist thought that, with time, she might heal well enough to be a broodmare.

Today, Gem gallops around the field with all the other girls with such elegance and elevation that even the Revision Vet commented about her beautiful movement. Gem has been SOLD with her 2019 PRE Filly VA Paid Precious.

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This gorgeous gray 2016 PRE Andalusian filly is out of our lovely mare IMF Gem Precious and by National Champion stallion Mystique’s Pairing.

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