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Owned and operated by Dr. Anne Starr and Brian Reward, Valhalla Andalusian's’ home is a 45-acre farm situated at the southern end of the beautiful Slogan Valley near Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. Nestled in a broad curve of the Slogan River in the fertile valley bottom and surrounded by the lush wilderness of the rugged Valhalla and Airy Ranges of the Selkirk Mountains, we are truly in a heavenly place.

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They are fed the organic hay we grow on our farm, drink the fresh water that cascades down the mountain slopes above and run free in our green pastures from spring until fall. We’ve always believed that to produce top quality offspring you have to have both talented and beautiful mares and stallions.

He was revised in 2018 and the Spanish delegate suggested the thought he was such a superior stallion that he should go further and be Qualified. In 2017, he was the Canadian National Champion 2 yr old Colt and Gold Medal Movement Winner.

He was also shown at the Andalusian World Cup in Las Vegas and was Champion 2 yr old Colt there also. He was shown as a yearling and was the 2016 National Champion Colt, 1 year and under and Gold Medal Movement winner.

In addition to having these outstanding parents, Norteño has a full brother (Bros MA) that is the only horse in US history to win the Grand Slam. All of these horses (Camille, Sonata and Bros) were shown by the late, great Warren Mather (most decorated Andalusian Halter trainer/ Handler in the US).

“Norteño Rey” means “Northern King” which we felt was fitting for such a regal horse living up in Canada. In 2018 Tuques gave us a stunning gray colt by Norteño (VA Video) with movement to die for.

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These early horses were powerfully built, athletic and agile with a riveting presence, yet had a quiet and trainable temperament. The Andalusian is extremely versatile, being ridden and competed with great success in dressage, driving, cutting, western pleasure, cattle work and jumping across the Americas, Europe and Australia.

By infusing more Iberian blood back to the Warm bloods and Thoroughbreds, a more sensitive, more rideable horse with fluid uphill movement and a willingness to please be created. The beautiful Aztec had strong forward and lateral movement, exceptional cow sense, stamina, quickness, and acceleration, combined with an outstanding ability to learn and a calm stable mind.

Although they have a natural talent for ranch work, the Aztec is extremely versatile, excelling in jumping, dressage, driving, cutting, penning, and reining. In addition, the smooth uphill movement of the Andalusian and the hardworking ability of the American Quarter Horse make the Aztec the perfect trail partner.

Although not genetically the same, it is physically similar to the mighty Norman war horse of old, ridden by medieval knights and kings into victorious battle. The Spanish Norman is courageous and bold, highly trainable with the size and strength of the Percheron and the beauty, cadence, agility and smooth natural collection of the Andalusian.

The Spanish Normans are amazing all-round sport horses, doing extremely well in a variety of different disciplines including jumping, evening, dressage, driving and western. Originally bred as tough, athletic Calvary remounts and stock horses, the Hispano-Arabe has a brilliant floating action with power, cadence and elevation.

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Generally standing between 15 and 16 hands, the Hispano-Arabe has a long arched neck with a strong, well-muscled body, dense bone and sound, well-shaped hooves. With their stunning presence and charisma, the Hispano-Arabe is a popular pleasure, dressage, western and trail mount in the United States and Europe, and an ideal family horse.

Andalusian's are blessed with outstanding natural talent and trio (or spirit) combined with a docile and willing temperament. The joints of an Andalusian are extremely flexible, increasing his ability to come under his center of gravity and allowing for a smoother ride.

In addition, the Andalusian's well-defined withers in combination with his properly-sloped shoulder provide excellent leverage for the attached muscles of his neck and back. This makes it easier for the horse to collect by using his neck and back muscles to bring his hindquarters more underneath his body.

He is highly trainable, and in the words of Sanchez Barbuda (LIM PRE Book of Merits), “It is no exaggeration to say that the Spanish Pure Bred can be ridden with the only aid being the rider's imagination”. We strive to combine the best in bloodlines to produce foals that embody the classic Spanish traits, as well as athletic and versatile sport horses that are extremely trainable and willing.

We make every effort to provide mare owners with reliable, professional service from our new breeding facility to ensure that all their needs are being met each breeding season. Aragon Andalusian's is located just minutes from Kingston, Ontario, Canada and a short drive from Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and the U.S. border.

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Andalusian mare for sale she is Pregnant for my stallion for more details you can call 951-287-XXXX. These prices of these horses are reduced for quick sale to make room for our next years foals.

For the past years the horses of Royal Horse Farms, have not only achieved the top rankings in the arena but for most years earning more than the next 5 other breeders combined. 2020 Used Half Andalusian Grand National Champion: RHF Lead, R. RHF Regal 2020 Used Breeder of the Year: Royal Horse Farms 2020 Used Driving Horse of the Year: Fugal Roy 2020 Used Half Andalusian Halter Horse of the Year: RHF Lead 2020 Used Half Andalusian Specialty Horse of the Year: RHF Lead 2020 Used Half Andalusian Sport Horse of the Year: RHF Lead, R. RHF Regal, 3rd.

Thank you for visiting Andalusian's DE Mythos! We celebrate this ancient, rare and noble breed, for centuries a proud war horse and the bearer of kings.

Each year, we produce a few foals which are hand raised with loving care, given lots of attention to mold them into people loving equine partners. This year, we are offering three foals inter which means they can be purchased before foaling time at a greatly discounted price.

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