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La For Dominican is a well-rounded cigar featuring a mild to medium-bodied strength and cool, easy draw. Composed using a creamy blend of Dominican tobaccos and finished with either a Natural or Maduro wrapper, these are easy-going breakfast cigars.

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The Dominican long-fillers create a flavor-core of cool, creamy smoke upon which the wrappers add a crispy flavor of cedar and nuts with the slightest sweetness. La For Dominant 1994 commemorates 20 years of continued success for Litton Gomez.

The Mexican San Andres wrapper surrounds hand-picked, aged Dominican binders and fillers to provide a black cherry and spicy kick and finishes with a satisfying clout. Litton Gomez continues to roll out cigars that reside in the realm of the strong and spicy.

La For Dominican Air Bender earns its hard-hitting name by bringing a medium to full-bodied, spicy smoke to the table. A Habano-seed Ecuadorian wrapper adds a rich, earthy spiciness to the mix, while the Dominican filler blend ushers in a leathery flavor-core and a medley of spices of its own.

A heavy aroma of sweet tobacco lingers around the lit end of Litton’s productions and enhances the overall flavor of this cigar extremely well. La For Dominican has amassed a loyal following of true cigar connoisseurs with a sound offering of complex blends.

Created by Litton Gomez in the Dominican Republic, Air Bender Maduro is handcrafted from a rich Ecuador Havana Maduro wrapper and a medium to full-bodied pairing of Dominican binder and filler tobaccos. Deep notes of cocoa and smooth spices entice with a touch of earthy sweetness.

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Litton Gomez pays tribute to his Spanish roots with his recent release, La For Dominican Andalusian Bull. Exceptional flavors of caramel, pepper and leather meld with approachable balance.

Rich transitions of flavor with a pleasant room note lead to a resplendent finish. Add the small-batch La For Dominican Andalusian Bull to your cigar collection today.

La For Dominican Capital II (which means 'chapter 2') is expertly blended by the masterful, Litton Gomez, in his state-of-the-art Dominican cigar palace. A bold, reddish Nicaraguan wrapper pleasantly enrobes an Ecuador binder and a Dominican filler to present a raisin-like sweetness accented with notes of leather, earth and spices.

Capital II furnishes a strong conclusion with hints of toast and nuts throughout generous plumes of smoky flavor. La For Dominican Chapter 1 is handmade in the Dominican Republic by Litton Gomez.

Chapter 1 is only available in a Chisel shape and utilizes a Connecticut Broad leaf binder and well-aged Dominican filler that are enveloped in dark-brown Brazilian wrappers. When you first fire up one of these bombshells your palate is immediately flooded with an abundance of flavors including earth, spices and assorted peppers.

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This cigar remains strong all the way down to the nub, yet retains remarkable balance throughout. La For Dominican Coronado is blended by the talented, Litton Gomez, in the Dominican Republic.

Oily, sun-grown Nicaraguan wrappers enclose a medium to full-bodied blend of Dominican binder and filler tobaccos. Rich flavors of leather and caramel reveal complex spices and robust notes of cedar throughout the finish.

Coronado features seamless construction and is a phenomenal cigar for fans of La For Dominican and full-flavored profiles from the Dominican Republic. La For Dominican cigars are created by boutique blending master, Litton Gomez.

Known for a robust and spicy profile, Double Libero cigars have become phenomenally popular among fans of La For Dominican. A decadent double-dose of Libero tobaccos rests under a sultry sun grown Ecuador wrapper loaded with rich flavors of earth and cedar.

A hearty Brazilian wrapper encloses a full-bodied blend comprised of binder tobaccos from San Andrés and Dominican long-fillers. A rich profile of earthy flavors offers smooth spices with a leathery finish and a cool burn.

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La NOX is packaged in an artfully designed, circular box adorned with a logo inspired by the paintings of Vincent van Gogh. An oily San Andrés wrapper embraces complex core of long-filler tobaccos from Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

Notes of peppers, espresso beans, molasses, leather, and earth boast a rich and savory finish with exquisite balance. La For Dominican Libero is a well-rounded lineup of strong, spicy cigars.

A beige-hued Ecuador Sumatra wrapper highlights a spice-laced Dominican and Nicaraguan filler blend and contributes an earthy character to the predominantly peppery flavor-core. These incredibly-dark Occur wrappers add a very nice, sweet aftertaste to these cigars and also kick the strength up a notch or two.

Celebrated artisanal cigar -maker Litton Gomez blends La For Dominican Reserve Especial with an elegantly balanced profile of earthy spices and a toasted creaminess. A peppery Ecuador Connecticut wrapper cradles a medium-bodied combination of Dominican binder and filler tobaccos.

Reserve Especial is characterized by the brand’s hallmark construction and razor sharp burn in every format. Suave is a supremely creamy and elegant combination of Dominican binder and filler tobaccos beneath a light and satisfying Ecuador Connecticut wrapper.

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Suave bears faint hints of signature La For spice with a milder, more approachable profile. Suave is perfect for fans of La For Dominican looking for a nice mild to medium-bodied blend for earlier in the day.

La For Dominican cigars are patiently created by blending extraordinaire, Litton Gomez, in the Dominican Republic. Years ago, Litton invented a highly specialized shape, the Chisel, which burns perfectly with a unique draw and a concentrated complexity.

Now, you can order the 5- cigar Chisel Sampler and experience all of Litton’s most popular blends in this phenomenal format. Balanced notes of cocoa, cedar, black pepper, spices and earth create a superb array of flavor profiles.

Order the Chisel Sampler today and taste La For’s finest medium to full-bodied blends in a completely original shape! Add 5 distinctive blends to your collection with the La For Dominican Los Tubes Sampler.

Tasting notes of hickory, leather, coffee beans, and cocoa accompany plenty of peppery nuances in an impressive sampler. La For Dominican is a highly respected boutique brand owned and operated by husband-and-wife team Litton and Ines Gomez.

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Frequently clad in a striking white Panama hat, Litton’s likeness is synonymous with La For Dominican. The couple entered the cigar industry in the mid-1990s with a brand called Los Liberators.

Litton’s path into the premium cigar world is unconventional to say the least, and it arose from a jarring event that could easily have turned tragic. His father lost an arm in an industrial accident in a paper mill, but his resolve to overcome his circumstance set an inspirational example that resonated with Gomez.

In 1973, Litton immigrated with his brother, Jose, to Toronto, Canada in search of opportunity. Initially denied an American visa, Gomez made the most of his experience in Canada, working as a dishwasher, waiter, and in other service-industry roles.

The bitter winter climate eventually prompted the brothers to make their way to Florida after five years in Canada. There, they endeavored to operate a pair of liquor stores and later opened a pawn shop.

Gomez’s driven nature encouraged his expertise in the jewelry end of the business. He soon transformed the pawn shop into a jewelry store on Miami’s North Beach.

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A pair of well-groomed gentlemen entered his jewelry store as he was preparing to close for the day. Believing he may have a decent sale on his hands, Litton was instead presented with a gun to his head.

The men bound and gagged Gomez and his jeweler with duct tape and plastic ties in a back room. Gomez and his jeweler endured an hour’s wait for rescue, as they painstakingly slid across the floor to get near a window.

With the encouragement of Ines, Litton partnered with an investor to introduce the Los Liberators cigar brand. His first cigars reflected his early taste for a milder profile and also the challenge of getting his hands on enough quality tobacco to maintain a consistent production schedule.

Litton and Ines introduced La For Dominican in 1996, following a dispute with their investor in the Los Liberators brand. In his travels to a host of tobacco-growing regions, Gomez learned all he could from the master cigar -makers and tobacco farmers he encountered.

In many ways, his lack of tradition has inspired an innovative approach that infuses his cigar -making process to this day. He is unafraid to do things differently or present cigars with unusual and inventive qualities.

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Today, the La For Dominican portfolio is home to some of the most potent Dominican cigars on the market. From the beginning, Litton and Ines harbored quality control as their chief priority.

However, the couple prefers to offer La For Dominican exclusively in premium shops that are well-run and properly maintained, where their cigars are represented in the best light possible. Litton has adamantly refused to compromise the integrity of his cigars simply to sell a greater number.

He has long preferred to follow a trajectory of growth that permits his detailed oversight to remain intact at every stage of production and is well-known for creating a number of artisanal, small-batch releases. Their 120-acre La Canola farm in the Dominican Republic is a picturesque and impressive landscape to all who visit.

Equally, remarkable is the brand’s pristine Dominican factory where Litton’s distinctive blends come to life. Although early La For Dominican releases were milder cigars, the brand’s current portfolio is regarded for a number of medium to full-bodied profiles with a focus on Libero tobaccos.

It matures more slowly than the lower leaves on the plant, but is preferred in the production of spicy, full-bodied cigars. Libero is routinely utilized in La For Dominican cigars and is even referenced in a number of the brand’s product line names.

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La For Dominican Double Libero enjoys a hearty reputation among fans of stronger cigars. The blend received a 92-point rating in the Chisel format, a unique 6 × 54 shape pioneered by Litton that has gained in popularity.

The Chisel is crafted with a wedge-shaped head that delivers a surprisingly easy draw and manages to concentrate an already strong blend with a more intense display of leather and black pepper notes. A Cuban-seed wrapper from Ecuador encompasses a medium to full-bodied core of Dominican tobaccos that furnish meaty notes of coffee beans, wood, and whiskey with plenty of spices.

Inventive cigar shapes are a hallmark of Litton’s willingness to break with tradition. In 1997, he began experimenting with unconventional formats when he released the El Jock Perfect No.

1, a small perfect with a rounded, but tapering, head and an exaggerated, fattened foot. The cigar is drafted from an Ecuador Corona wrapper over a medium to full-bodied interior of select Dominican tobaccos.

The elegant Perfect is based on an old cigar mold Litton discovered in Belgium. AndalusianBull is an homage to Litton’s birth country of Spain, hence the bullfighter’s silhouette on the band.

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If you’re a milder cigar fan who’s just getting introduced to La For Dominican, Suave is fine place to start due to its mild, more approachable profile. An Ecuador Connecticut wrapper leaf delivers notes of nuts and leather over a core of Dominican long-fillers.

La For Dominican Reserve Especial is a slightly more medium-bodied incarnation and features a similar recipe, though its Ecuador Connecticut wrapper is a shade darker. La For Dominican Cameroon Cabinet and La For Dominican Coronado are cigars the brand had re-released in recent years with updated bands and boxes and to reflect the company’s shift towards more full-bodied profiles.

La For Dominican Coronado is handcrafted from an oily Nicaraguan sun-grown wrapper over Litton’s signature Dominican binder and filler tobaccos. La For Dominican also releases a handful of limited editions, small-batch cigars on an annual basis, like Factory Press, a sharply box-pressed cigar that typically delivers a sweet and spicy flavor with a loose draw.

La For Dominican Chapter 1 and Capital II featured exaggerated, box-pressed renditions of the Chisel format. Exact dimensions on many of Litton’s limited editions tend to vary, as does availability.

The brand’s primary retailers usually receive allocated boxes from his limited edition portfolio. La For Dominican 1994 celebrated Litton’s 20th year as a cigar -maker with a San Andrés wrapper leaf over a zesty profile dried fruit, spices and espresso beans, courtesy of potent Dominican binder and filler tobaccos.

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A limited run of Good-sized cigars was packaged in romantically detailed beer steins that are considered collectible by fans of the brand. Whether you dive into à la For Dominican Double Libero, or you decide to play it safe with a Suave, the brand serves as a remarkable introduction to Dominican cigars that display a wide range of intensities.

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