Andalusian Chicken For Sale

Elaine Sutton
• Thursday, 10 December, 2020
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Blue Andalusian's are attractive chickens that lay lots of eggs and enjoy foraging. Production: You can expect about 160 white eggs annually from a Blue Andalusian hen.

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Temperament: Blue Andalusian's do not do well in captivity because they prefer foraging. Unlike some other active breeds, Andalusian's are known to be quite gentle.

History: Blue Andalusian's originated in Spain, in Andalusia. We do know that they were first exhibited in Britain in 1853, and were imported into the United States around the same time.

)Due to the genetics of the blue plumage color, these BBS Andalusian's will hatch out with plumage of Blue, Black, or Splash (a white or pale color with “splashes” of darker gray or black feathers as seen in the photo). However, in our breeding pen we have lots of blue and splash breeders, so your plumage ratio will lean much more toward blue and splash, with fewer black.

Our minimums are based on your zip code, and how long the USPS tells us it will take for your order to arrive at your post office. Find out your minimum chick order * Any order of 15+ chicks ships via USPS Priority Mail service, and 3-14 chicks ship via USPS Express Mail.

I now specialize in both the everyday garden chicken for those of us that like our own fresh eggs and Rare Breed poultry for the more adventurous. Your website has wonderful photos of your lovely birds and is informative, easy to navigate and kept up to date.

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Light Sussex Hybrid Pullets hybrid very similar to the old native Light Sussex, suited to free-range and garden situations. They have high egg product... Hi we have 2 hens at point of lay and one Cockerel available must go together, now feeding on layers pellets.

Category : Poultry Advert Type : For Sale Age : yrs 4 months Gender : Female We are selling Lehmann & Jovan Brown Hens at point of lay.

I have an as eel stag for sale 8 months, ready to go Manage £150 no time wasters Contact : Make sure you read the fine print, some prices look attractive but require a minimum order of a larger quantity than some other companies.

Cackle Hatchery is located in Lebanon, Missouri, and offers more than 200 varieties of poultry, including egg layers, meat birds, bantams, turkeys, ducks, geese, game fowl, rare breeds, Standard Old English, guineas, peafowl, and more. Freedom Ranger Hatchery is a small, family-owned and operated hatchery in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country that supplies slow-growing broiler chickens, ducks, and geese to small farms and organic, free-range, and pastured poultry operations.

They began raising their specialty of French Guinea fowl meets in the 1980s and opened the hatchery in the late 1990s. They used to hatch all types of poultry, but they split off the chicken business to the Freedom Ranger Hatchery and the duck lines to the Fifth Day Farm.

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Started in 1985, Meyer Hatchery, located in Polk, Ohio, offers 160 breeds of poultry including chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, guineas, peafowl, and game birds, plus a full line of feed and supplies. They were pioneers in the poultry industry by being one of the first to offer a small minimum order of three chicks, a 48-hour, live-and-well guarantee, 100% gender accuracy guarantee, breed stamping of their hatching eggs, and leg banding for hard to identify rare breeds.

In the chicken business since 1917, Murray Murray has a wide selection of many types of poultry, supplies, and equipment. Their bird selection includes many varieties of chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, pheasant, quail, guineas, partridge, and peafowl.

My Pet Chicken specializes in small orders for the urban or suburban farmer or homesteader. They sell fertile hatching eggs, chicken supplies like coops (including the EGL), electric net fencing, and more.

Privet offers a wide variety of chicks as well as bantams, ducklings, goslings, Guinea meets, and turkey pouts. Stronger's offers more than 200 varieties of birds, including chicks, doves, pigeons, adult birds, brooders, ducks, geese, swans, pheasants, quail, turkey, guinea fowl, and peafowl.

They also sell birdhouses, building systems for coops, books, equipment, and supplies for breeding and rearing poultry. Located in Bancroft, Iowa, and established in 1929, the Well Hatchery sells egg layers, meat birds, rare breeds, bantams, turkeys, ducks, goslings, pheasants, guineas, and char partridges.

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Minimums ensure the birds stay warm and prevent them from shifting around throughout the shipping process. In business since 1937, Ideal Poultry is a family-owned hatchery located in Cameron, Texas, that ships 5 million chicks per year.

They sell rare white and brown egg layers and broilers, as well as bantams, ducks, geese, turkey, pheasant, and guineas. You may purchase heat packs or extra straw if you specify that you do not want to have males included in your order.

They are known to have a very distinct personality and are enjoyable to watch as they climb trees and search endlessly for bugs. Araucanía Though they have high mortality rates in the egg, the Araucanía breed is a good dual-purpose chicken with strong egg producing qualities and enough meat for a meal.

They serve as a good foundation stock for meat producers. A large bird, they are known to be calm and easy to handle, even considered shy by some.

Belgian Bearded d’Uncle Bantam The Belgian Bearded double Bantam functions as a decent layer and makes for a good meat bird, as well as being unique enough to be popular as a show bird. Booted Bantam Suited best as an ornamental breed, the Booted Bantam is easy to tame to the point of becoming a pet since they are calm and very friendly.

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This is one of the largest breeds in the world and is an ideal chicken for newcomers as they’re easy to manage. However, they aren’t fantastic layers and mature too slowly to be good meat birds.

Their finely packed feathers allow them to withstand cold climates well and are considered the most docile breed in the world. They are as close as possible to being wild, so they don’t make very good domestic birds.

They serve as great pets and show birds, but that’s it. Still, they live to be 13 and are helpful by eating weed seeds and insects in the yard.

Minor ca Though Minors used to have mythical-like egg laying abilities, the current breed has slowed down production just a bit, however not enough to make them anything less than one of the strongest laying breeds. Modern Game Modern Games are skinny and lengthy, so they aren’t good for eggs or meat, but they’re great for showing off.

Old English Game Old English Game are poor layers and poor meat producers, but they’re the number one most popular show breed. Just be ready to face tough competition since hundreds of these birds compete each year.

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They aren’t, however, very good at anything else and do require a lot of care to keep their tails undamaged. They also have a decent egg laying ability, though this isn’t as reliable as other breeds.

They’re prized for their 220 eggs a year production, but are hearty meat birds and popular in shows. Sicilian Buttercup The Sicilian Buttercup is classified as an egg laying breed despite having poor egg laying abilities.

They are most popular as show chickens, so if you want an egg layer with a better purpose, these are your bird. They are small, as the bantam name suggests, and do not work as anything but a show bird.

Sultan The Sultan breed is all about the shows due to their odd feather placement like a turban on their head and long tufts coming from their feet. They’re prized due to their many feathers, glorious tails, and uniquely colored faces.

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