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• Monday, 14 December, 2020
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Breeding ~ Stallions at Stud ~ Foals Available Inter ~ Trained Horses for Sale ~ All Ages Available An outstanding selection of Andalusian's and Lusitania from our friends and horse family.

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Foals may be purchased on a payment plan with a deposit. We offer a $2500 discount off the price of the foal if purchased before due date.

We celebrate this ancient, rare and noble breed, for centuries a proud war horse and the bearer of kings. Each year, we produce a few foals which are hand raised with loving care, given lots of attention to mold them into people loving equine partners.

This will enable you to acquire a high quality foal from exceptional champion bloodlines He served in battle as the unfaltering brave and sound warhorse, was exalted by Kings as their chosen mount.

He has faced the fighting bulls with gallantry, speed and prowess; has born royals in their grand carriages and carried the Vaquero over vast cattle ranches on a dusty days work. He was selected for his unique talents in virtually every classical school in Europe, executing airs above the ground in Alta Estela, the fore-bearer of modern dressage.

He proudly steps through Spanish villages in festivals and parades, carrying family and children. He boldly executes dressage musical freestyle exhibitions in lightness with uncanny ease.

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He excels working equitation, bullfighting and in performing virtually every equestrian discipline known to man. Our breeding program is about honoring those traditions to preserve and sustain the ancient baroque qualities recognized from many centuries before.

The baroque attributes of this ancient breed are its natural collection, elasticity, flexibility, stamina, lithe, catlike movement, intelligence and bravery. We are deeply committed to preserving the classical breed type which portrays the qualities of roundness and collection.

The baroque attributes of this ancient breed are natural collection, flexibility, lithe catlike movement, intelligence, bravery. With precise planning and intense research, we breed, raise, train and passionately live with the unparalleled Spanish horse.

Our aspiration is to continue the meticulous quest of centuries of Spanish breeders by producing the functionality and strength of the original high school performance athlete, while capturing the essence of their quintessential beauty. With this purpose in mind, we cast our gaze back to the past to explore the wisdom of the breeders from the last century.

The research fueled the quest, leading to the acquisition of our initial six mares, five grays and one bay from the closed Caetano/Avocado lines with 93-99.9% purity. We sought a baroque type, true to breed fidelity, to focus on preserving the classical horse, not a specific color or discipline.

(Source: www.andalusiansdemythos.com)

Conquistador is a rare black revised PRE sired by the imported international champion, Indian XVIII. Indian was exported from Spain with an illustrious show career, as a 6-time undefeated champion in morphology (conformation), movement & functionality.

Conquistador's sire and dam are both gray carrying a hidden black gene which was not known at the time of his birth. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page.

See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. Breeders of PRE Pure Spanish (Pure Gaza Espinoza) Andalusian & Luciano horses.

We celebrate this ancient, rare and noble breed, for centuries a proud war horse and the bearer of kings. Experience the CLASSICAL, BAROQUE HORSE that has influenced countless breeds over many continents... has provided devotion, heart and spirit to generations of riders, and proven his worth on the world stage in a multitude of disciplines.

We stand two breeding stallions, Conquistador XII and Templar M to approved outside mares. Our herd was chosen based on our research from the purest lineage guarded by the Cartesian (Caetano) Monks for hundreds of years without influx of other breeds.

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Always eager to learn from Spanish breeders and visiting judges, their input has been an invaluable tool in this selection process. It has been a hallmark of this program to study and select for intrinsic qualities that reflect structural soundness and balanced proportions as well as selecting for the articulate breed traits that make them unmistakably Spanish.

This will enable you to acquire a high quality foal from exceptional champion bloodlines We breed, raise, train and exhibit Andalusian's & Lusitania.

The careful selection of quality mares and stallions resulting from years of study and planning has rewarded us with beautiful, intelligent athletes. We produce small numbers and hand raise our foals to become loving companions.

Our foals may be purchased on a payment plan with a deposit and terms prior to birth. Colors planned for 2020: black, bay, buckskin, and gray.

Contact us to discuss the upcoming breeding planned for Spring 2020. Andalusian's mythos is dedicated to preserving the ratified antiquity of the Caetano horse.

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Our mares descend from the foundation Caetano (Avocado) horses revered for baroque type and extravagant movement, combining form, function & flair with an endearing nature. They pass on magnificent round outlines, powerful impulsion and fabulous minds.

Our precious foals are hand-raised with the greatest care, produced in small numbers in order to provide generous human contact, ensuring their desire for bonding and companionship. They are suited for multiple disciplines, becoming stellar athletes for sport... your ultimate partner for life.

Algeria is sired by Lutheran VII, the ELITE PRE Stallion who is the sire of Fuel de Cardenas from the Spanish Olympic Team. Her dam is sired by Doctor XVI, half brother to Hermitage III, ELITE stallion.

Her grand dam is by Jubilee VII (Miguel Angel Cardenas) The foal is sired by Conquistador XII, by Indian XIII out of a Genial daughter.

Passion is sired by COMANCHE II, Qualified PRE Stallion imported from Spain,100% Lover bloodline. Passion has Lover lineage from Lava, #1 top mare in the Limper rating system.

andalusians mythos
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Through her dam she hails from the Avocado lines of Lover, Romero Benitez, Urquijo, Terry & Osborne. Passionate has the coveted Lover Bloodlines... extremely RARE to find in the USA.

The detail in this piece is immaculate, everything from the weathered base to the battle damaged armor is amazingly realistic. I can't deny that this is one of the best statues' sideshow has ever released.

If you are a serious Bob Feet fan this statue is a must! The level of detail is amazing this is the best representation of Bob Feet ever done by any company.

I started collecting the Star Wars Mythos Series with Darth Maul and I seem to get blown away every time I expand on this particular collection. What kills me is how awesome the battle-damage detail is on Bob Feet's armor.

I was caught off-guard by the fact that his helmet antennae is potable. This is the coolest Bob feet statue by far that I have ever come across anywhere.

mythos foals andalusians
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As sideshow always does it be flawless and far awesomely better than you thought it was before you put it in your room I honestly do not think that SSC could have done any better with this one and sure hope there are more OT statues on the way.

The detail and the size of this statue is unthinkable. Sideshow really has out done themselves with this new line of Star Wars characters.

Just bought the Darth Vader statue also can't wait to receive him. I just assembled my Bob Feet mythos and I was more than impressed.

This piece is so much more than what the pictures can show us. The paint job is top-notch and I really like the magnetic used throughout the pace to give a solid set up.

The force is strong with SS. I have all the Mythos figures to date and definitely the best one yet, Perfectly modeled and painted, After a less than perfect obi wan which was replaced with a better finished model this puts my faith back in sideshow and can't wait for radar to join my collection.

mythos foals andalusians animal
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Bob Feet Mythos has finally arrived in all of his mind-blowing detail & glory. A huge fan of all Sideshows fantastic collectibles, but the Mythos line takes detail & depth of character to new levels in this impressively scaled piece.

More original trilogy Mythos please! Feet is decked out with every piece of weaponry available and looks as menacing as ever.

Yes today I got Bob and it is awesome very heavy base and I like the big gun .the pose is very cool .must have for Bob fans! Feet oozes cool and this is one of the coolest statues I own.

I got mine on Tuesday and it was everything I expected and more. Took about 5 minutes to assemble with the magnetic connections.

I just got this piece in the mail yesterday and was immediately blown away by the level of detail! The battle scarring on Feet looks particularly amazing up close, and I especially like the Clint Eastwood style poncho he's sporting.

(Source: purespanishhorse.blogspot.com)

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