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Christina Perez
• Tuesday, 10 November, 2020
• 10 min read

Mates4Mates provides a way forward for current and ex-serving members of the Australian Defense Force impacted by service, and their families. Genuine sale of a stunning Stud quality jet black Andalusian x WB Arabian colt.

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Magnum are manufacturers and suppliers of quality • Horse Walkers • Aqua Walk... At Aquila PRE, we believe in breeding beautiful true to type Pure Spanish horses (PRE's) with fantastic temperaments and exceptional talent for dressage.

Sire: PDC Ernesto Ahab/PRE Auto register multi champion Dam: Tequila Sunrise, Australian Andalusian Ahab registered proven brood mare producing magnificent stock of Show quality being used in all disciplines. DOB: 20.01.17 Canada has been trained in Natural Horsemanship groundwork and Nun Oliver techniques to commence (backing).

Rare find and very sad sale as is the end of two amazing bloodlines for our disbanding stud. Super movement: big over track at walk, lots of elevation in the trot and very balanced Andy canter.

So much attention to detail has been put into upbringing; from her diet inter until today, consistent handling by myself to produce a happy, confident, friendly young athlete. SOLD! Sire: Amanda Park Cholera Rhythm Dam: San Miranda Teresa Sanchez DOB: 11.11.

2006 (13 yrs old) Height: 15.1 HH Color: Black Esperanza is available for purchase following weaning of her colt. She is a beautiful, true to type, Spanish Andalusian mare carrying some of the nicest lines available in WA.

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She is a lovely nature mare who adores nothing more than getting cuddles, scratches, having a bath or being groomed. She would make a fabulous project mare in addition to a broodmare if you were interested in furthering her education.

Does require lock up/restricted grazing when the spring grass comes through, happy to discuss further with potential buyers. Unique opportunity to purchase a stunning colt from an exceptional bloodline imported from Spain.

She has produced some outstanding black and bay foals that are true to type with wonderful movement. Braless is going kindly under saddle and has stunning elevated, cadenced, rhythmical movement with lift and reach.

Recently competing at the Ahab Queensland State Show at Maryborough and won Queensland State Champion Australian Gelding & Junior Champion Australian Gelding. He is very easy to catch, handle, float, worm and trim hooves. Sire: El Tiger Dam: Australia x Extravaganza (Roberto)DOB 10.03.06 Height: 15.3 proven broodmare.

Dam: Omar Copra 15.3hhSire: Picard pm (Majestic Spanish Horses) imported from Spain DOB: 02/10/2017 Microchipped, halter broken, easily caught, self loads onto float, used to having feet handled by farrier.

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Commenced under saddle going nicely with beautiful movements. Price: $9,500 neg Good home paramount. Contact: Annette Luck by phoning 0488587066inserted: 12/11/19 Sire: BHM By Design (ID51) Dam: Midnight Susie (AO182)Date of birth: 1/10/17 Color: Blacktops stunning young gelding already displays lovely straight, elevated movement and a kind, attentive nature.

Unfortunately however, I am not in a position to continue with the training that was started by my late mother and do not want to see his potential go to waste. Sired by our sensational imported PRE Auto stallions Picard PM (per lino) and Amarillo SG(buckskin).

Hugo 14.1hh at stud 1st October $400 has bred 3 fantastic foals 1 buckskin 2 palominos first cycling pregnancies for all mares. Hi my name is Luke I’ve had 25 years experience with horses breeding training and calming.

Invited to present stallions before a Tai delegation for the Royal family, approached by the Indian military to supply breeding stock & accepting the first inquiry from Singapore. Be aware, the current lesson is to recognize that a horse is not more Pure or more Spanish; Nor is it guaranteed to have correct conformation, if the stud / breeder / owner / vendor has purchased a registration booklet from Spain.

Integrity, is paramount at Massey Farms and this is affirmed by the number of return buyers & high-profile people, that take comfort in the additional support we offer. It is rewarding to have the feedback & know that we have been able to give a rider the opportunity to find their special ‘dream horse’ and make that magical connection.

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Deck X clear;Deco) Frederick town, Ohio 43019 USA 2002 Grey Andalusian Stallion World famous Andalusian stallion. Deck X clear;Deco) Frederick town, Ohio 43019 USA 2002 Grey Andalusian Stallion World famous Andalusian stallion.

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