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Paul Gonzalez
• Monday, 21 December, 2020
• 9 min read

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Breeding High Quality PRE Andalusian's for Competitive Dressage & Sport Our competitive PRE Andalusian's and their rich heritage are the passion behind Glen Aryan Farm.

The PRE Andalusian's at Glen Aryan have congenial temperaments, great minds, athleticism, and impressive pedigrees. Glen Aryan also breeds an athletic, competitive Sport Horse, a PRE Andalusian /Thoroughbred cross.

Here at Western Giles Ranch, we spent many days, weeks and months selecting great Andalusian broodmares with the best morphological and character qualities to produce our foals. By carefully matching mares and stallions, we strive to obtain an excellent genetic foundation to go with a quality character predisposition in our offspring.

Our ranch is 222 acres set in the foothills of Central Virginia ’s beautiful Blue Ridge mountains. Freedom to run and graze to achieve optimum physical development, resulting in healthy balanced horses of excellent character.

The remarkable features of the Andalusian horse have not been lost on the cinematic world either, as it is a frequently chosen breed in movies, such as Gladiator, Brave heart and Lord of the Rings, to name a few. Andalusian horses are an excellent choice for dressage enthusiasts not just because of their physique and their comfortable gait but because of their personality too.

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All of our colts and fillies have excellent stable manners and would make a fine dressage horse given the proper training. While this is certainly an option, buyers need to be aware of the stringent regulations and paperwork involved in importing an Andalusian horse from Europe.

Our herd was built on a foundation of horses imported from the infamous Spanish Degrades: Pace Martin, El Disciple, Piqué Ángel and Ballerinas. It was King Phillip II who is credited with laying the foundation for the Pure Gaza Espinoza, which is the technical terms that should be used, as PRE is not the only breed of Andalusian horses.

The Spanish General Gonzalo de Córdoba (on a white horse) receiving the defeated French after battle in 1503. The Andalusian became the most coveted war horse, present in the royal courts of major European countries, where it also gave rise to academies for disciplines such as dressage and high school riding.

These prices of these horses are reduced for quick sale to make room for our next years foals. For the past years the horses of Royal Horse Farms, have not only achieved the top rankings in the arena but for most years earning more than the next 5 other breeders combined.

Fend clear;Fendi) Ocala, Florida 34482 USA 2018 Black Pure Gaza Espinoza Filly Exceptional and Rare Black Andalusian PRE Filly … Deck X clear;Deco) Frederick town, Ohio 43019 USA 2002 Grey Andalusian Stallion World famous Andalusian stallion.

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