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Maria Garcia
• Thursday, 24 December, 2020
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There is a minimum height restriction for breeding stock, which is divided into “qualified” and “elite”. Breeders who sell an Andalusian of the elite type have very strict standards of height and quality.

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Andalusian's are powerful horses, with mighty chests and strong hindquarters. There is a minimum height restriction for breeding stock, which is divided into “qualified” and “elite”.

Breeders who sell an Andalusian of the elite type have very strict standards of height and quality. Iron Age tribes, medieval monks, and the ruling houses of Europe have all had a part to play in the development of the breed.

It was originally thought that Andalusian's were the descendants of wild horses that had been in the Iberian Peninsula for thousands of years, though the latest DNA research suggests this is not the case. Carthage, the powerful Phoenician state in North Africa, had horses of high quality and traded with the Namibian Berber population who were some of the most formidable cavalries in the ancient world.

These are probably the origin of the genetic links between the North African Barb horse and the Andalusian. Andalusia has always been a diverse region, showing the influence of many people, from Vandals and Visigoths to Arabs and Greeks, all with their own outstanding equestrian traditions.

By medieval times, horse breeding was one of the great successes of Cartesian monasteries of Spain. Beautiful, powerful and intelligent, Andalusian's are equally accomplished as working horses or media stars.

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In Spain, they have traditionally been used to draw carriages, to work with bulls, and to take part in equestrian spectacles and displays of skill such as the Garcia (lance-work) of the Spanish vaqueros. The famous Lipizzaner of the Spanish Riding School are the descendants of Andalusian horses, and both are Baroque breeds.

Sort please select sort byrelevanceoldest first lowest price highest pricelatestnear me We have for sale a grain colt that can be gelded (at buyers cost) before leaving us.

CASPER 15hh 8yr old AndalusianGelding 3 super balanced and flashy paces, really picks his ... Broken to drive and attended series and cameras, she has seen lot already, now starting her ridden ...

As we are faced with another National lockdown, we just wanted to send you all our best wishes, and hope you and your horses are keeping healthy and safe. We can remain thankful that we can, to some extent, still enjoy a life with horses throughout this difficult time.

Beautiful PRE gelding, duel registered with the UK and Spain. This gelding is bound to be something special for the future and will be ready to begin his training next year.

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An affectionate boy, handled since a yearling, good with the farrier, lives in or out Her hind leg is active, she over tracks with swing in her walk and has a huge but balanced canter.

They are a joy to train and renowned for sensible sensitivity with wonderful work ethic. She has a full set of rays from last year along with a clean 5 stage vetting certificates.

Due to COVID-19 he hasn't had chance to get a competition record but has been to one show gaining 69% in good company. Sensitive and highly intelligent he is an incredible learner and a pleasure in all ways.

Sensitive and highly intelligent he is an incredible learner and a pleasure in all ways. Delgado is a stunning and genuine young horse, athletic with a good movement.

With a good grounding in the basics and showing plenty of potential, Delgado now seeks an experienced home to produce him further. Since arriving in the UK a few months ago as a lightly started 5-year-old, Delgado has been with professional natural horsemanship trainer Mia Rodney for foundation training.

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In the school Delgado can be mounting from the ground on both sides or will line up to a block or the fence. Delgado also has a superb liberty connection and has started Spanish walk.

At home, he is great with other horses including stallions, comes to a whistle to catch, is super to load and travel and has no stable vices. This horse will flourish with an owner prepared to take the time to build a trusting partnership with him.

Desk is a stunning 12 yr old Luciano gelding with a fabulous temperament. He has full Luciano breed papers, his sire is Vices the Broad and his dam is Patina by Idol.

Desk has been ridden by a variety of riders of different levels whilst with us and has proven to be an exceptional schoolmaster for learning the more advanced movements with. Sad sale through no fault of his own, Desk is a superb schoolmaster available for the next lucky person to benefit from his experience and training.

He has established changes (can even achieve tempo changes with his owners Portuguese Trainer), piaffe, passage, canter pirouettes, Spanish walk. As we are a showjumping yard we have also popped a small course with him, and he shows a lovely jumping technique.

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He is a fabulous schoolmaster with a wonderful temperament, don’t miss this opportunity as they are rarely available! We are based in Devon, approximately 30 minutes from the M5 at Peter and have excellent indoor trial facilities.

Simba is a fabulous 4-year-old PRE gelding with a wonderful temperament. He is hacking out in company and being lightly ridden in the school at Prelim level and is quick to learn.

Simba has been mainly hacking out in company and lightly ridden in the school, a top-quality PRE who would also be a fantastic dressage and show horse. Travels and loads without a problem, good with farrier and currently barefoot, no vices.

Vern ARANOROPEL Vegas IVJABONERA XVIIGITANA Boulton Iberia SBMUFLONA Poorer XXVIIKISQUILLOSOPROMESAS Catalina VESTUDIANTE XIMELOSITA A fabulous opportunity to purchase a well-produced 4-year-old 16hh black PRE stallion who has successfully competed at Novice level.

ZAC has exceptional train ability being very quick to learn, he has 3 super uphill paces showing expression, natural rhythm and balance and is a real head turner with his stunning looks and wow factor. He has superb conformation and passed his basic grading easily as a 3-year-old.

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Extremely well-bred by one of the top studs in Spain with mainly Zscaler lines. We feel ZAC has huge potential to make an advanced dressage horse and is an exciting prospect and ready for someone to take over the reins and produce him to the highest level.


This absolutely stunning boy has it all, he is incredibly beautiful and talented but also sweet, charismatic and a fun and trustworthy ride. He is by Luminous PM, whose grandsire is the famous Olympic Bizarre XIII.

He has been carefully brought on, only broken early this year and already showing an eagerness to learn more advanced movements. He has a huge heart and will make one lucky person extremely happy.

For all round; drag hunt, side-saddle, showing (no blemishes) breed society, riding club events, fancy dress, concourse, fun and charity rides and events, small jumps. In livery with top class facilities, solarium, 20 × 60 school with mirrors and floodlights, hot indoor horse shower, large monarch stable waiting.

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Our budget probably won't stretch to a backed, well-bred warm blood, so probably looking for an unbroken 3/4-year-old. We can provide a private home with arena, stables and grazing plus a 16-year-old broodmare companion.

We can provide a kind, loving home with positive reinforcement, treats and cuddles. Mare or gelding with sensible, trainable attitude to be trained using Natural Horsemanship methods.

We appreciate customers keeping us up to date on any suspicious contact, and we can report it to Action Fraud Increasing numbers of internet advertisers are receiving emails from bogus buyers, attempting to scam sellers.

September 2019 – We have been informed of a “Frank Thomas” frankthomas2930@gmail.com and a “Steven Rocker” stevenrocker1986@gmail.com who have been emailing advertisers asking for their best price, they reply to say they are happy with the price and can you mark the advert as sold, and they will send a bank check. We've been informed of an email scam commonly coming from a “Martha Golf” marthagough011@gmail.com and “Mary Susan” with an Outlook email address, asking a list of questions & offering to transfer a deposit and an over payment for shipping.

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