Andalusian Guitars For Sale

Danielle Fletcher
• Tuesday, 29 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Each of our brass and woodwind instruments are assembled by expert craftsmen to ensure maximum integrity, accuracy and tolerance. Having firstly mastered the traditional standards of stalwarts like Francisco Implicit, Marcelo Barber and Santos Hernández, their Luther team is skillful in the attempt to re-define a different style of flamenco guitars with unprecedented features in sound, design and raw materials, therefore innovating beyond the Torres canons.

flamenco negra andalusian barbero marcelo lr baggs guitars guitar
(Source: www.vintageandrare.com)


This guitar had a Piero installed so there is a hole at the bottom and some Velcro tape inside. Click on the image to go to a detail page of the selected guitar.

$ $7,495.00 $6,495.00 $9,995.00 6,495.00 Sale ! This is an exceptionally fine sounding and playing guitar, very loud and focused.

Recent professional neck set and re-fret with period correct wire. Original tuners, top nut, inlay, pick guard and bridge plate.

Possible refit but definitely over sprayed at some point well over 50 years ago. 1939 Martin D-18SOLD For sale in the shop is a very fine late 1939 D-18.

Adirondack's top, scalloped braced prewar/wartime instrument. This was a two owner local guitar that has not been traded around or abused in any way.

andalusian guitars guitarras navarro paco escuela clases reparacion contacto inicio
(Source: escuelapaconavarro.com)

Very loud and responsive instrument with incredibly smooth action.UNAVAILABLE The top has been professionally refinished at some point with one slight hairline crack that was repaired before the refit.

Sheppard “Ave Maria Grand Auditorium” ~ sn-9592 Handmade by Gerald Sheppard of Kingsport TN. Beautiful AAA straight grain Brazilian Rosewood back & sides.

Excellent Condition, Killer Volume with very easy action. Fernando “2006 Concert Jumbo” ~ sn-0182-29-9C Beautiful Goa back and sides.

Pea Molina has received *2 Australian Dance Awards nominations for Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance & Outstanding Performance by a Female Dancer “Bush Badlands” Company Pea Molina Bush Badlands was also awarded “Most interesting Australian Group or Artist 2016” by Dance Australia ‘s Geraldine Higgins on.

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