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Miss Giant Andalusia is a classical work for piano and alto voice, with exotic Spanish Gypsy flavors from Andalusia. The Spanish title means Andalusian Gypsy Mass.” The lyrics are the prayers of the Order of the Mass (Oreo Missal), sung in Latin and Greek.

The prayers paired with their flamenco pale are: Kylie with Sole, Gloria with Granting, Credo with Signorina, Sanctum with Tyrant, and Agnes DEI with Bulgaria. This concert performance musical mass is a contexture of genres: a juxtaposition of the old with the new, traditional with modern, sacred with secular, structured and formal with free, improvisational musical forms, and Western European classical with exotic Andalusian melodies, tones and rhythms.

For the first time, in 2015 Drew Croon’s classical-flamenco Gypsy Mass was performed on the stage by these three dynamic, young artists (see their full bios on their pages on this site): Mezzo-Soprano Kinda Shariah is classically-trained in voice and piano at the Eastman School of Music and the University of Michigan, where she earned her Master’s degree in vocal performance.

Kinda has received critical accolades for her performances of a wide range of roles on operatic and concert stages. Fanny has choreographed, and also improvises, a Spanish classical and flamenco-inspired dance interpretation of three Miss Giant Andalusia movements: Kylie, Credo, and Agnes DEI.

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Drew was a highly accomplished classical and flamenco guitarist, singer-songwriter, and composer, who dedicated his entire life to the study of music and the humanities. Each decision he made when composing Miss Giant Andalusia was based on his exhaustive knowledge of Western classical and flamenco music, and the history of Catholicism.

He completed all the coursework and his thesis was accepted for a PhD in comparative literature at the University of Poitier's in France before he became too ill to continue. He earned a Master’s in music and world history, his thesis was accepted for his PhD in comparative literature at the University of Poitier's in France, but stopped short of completion when he became ill.

Working closely with long-time musical partner Roger King, Jacket has used his time during the 2020’s lockdown to take us on an extraordinary musical journey around the Mediterranean, painting vivid images of stunning landscapes and celebrating the diverse cultures of the region. Famed for his rock roots with Genesis, and through his extensive solo catalog, Jacket demonstrates the exquisite beauty of the nylon guitar at times venturing into the exotic ethnic and often supported by dazzling orchestral arrangements.

“A lot of acoustic ideas had been forming over the years, and it felt like the perfect time to create this album,” notes Jacket, “a time to contemplate the places we’ve visited around the Mediterranean with the kind of music which evolved from the world of imagination. The lively Join de Vivre expresses the unique sense of joy the French have through their wine, food and folk music, with paintings reflecting family gatherings, spectacular vistas and the vibrant colors of their cities.

Jacket also expresses his admiration for the flamenco guitarists of Andalusia who are celebrated on Andalusian Heart. Our journey comes to an end with The Call Of The Sea, a gentle and peaceful reflection of the vast body of water that unites the many civilizations both ancient and modern.

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It’s also exciting to play alongside instruments from around the world, as well as a wide range of orchestral sounds.” It is generally considered that the common traditional classification of flamenco music is divided into three groups of which the deepest, most serious forms are known as caste condo.

It is also a rare example of primitive song, the oldest of all Europe, where the ruins of history, the lyrical fragment eaten by the sand, appear live like the first morning of its life. ^ Paraphrased slightly from “Caste Condo” by Federico García Lorna, as translated on the Casa de la Guitar Espinoza site; the liberty has been taken of correcting their mistakes in English spelling and usage.

Philippe Event : + 33 (0) 4 67 07 34 79 Catherine Croat : + 33 (0) 4 99 52 92 64 Copyrights : Franco is M Of RA, a ll r if ts reserved. Guitarist, between tradition and creation, explores this rich folk repertoire, revealing the extraordinary and ancestral intertwining of cultural itineraries, of rhythms and musics that developed a patina after years of live performance.

Some pieces… Have (3 voices) Anti Maria (solo a cappella) Cordero DE dies + Toronto + tango (duo) Text from the miss Cupola, set to music by Gil Animate and song of the mining tradition of the province of Almeria (Chen) in a tango duet on where you mention the most famous neighborhoods Gypsies of Spain Trina Seville. La Nana + Bulgaria (soloist : Thorne) Singing traditional caste condo recompiled by Manuel de Falla and Garcia Lorna.

Los biblical (change à deux void) Sephardi folk song duo Latin and Provençal La Verruca (soloist : Thorne) Traditional song from the caste condo on sacred music mostly gypsy. Its strength interpretation, the power of his voice, distinguished on European stages for many years with the group Channels he founded.

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His voice, his personal energy, great rhythmic precision, also its qualities as a composer have positioned Thorne as one of the most respected artists of flamenco fusion scene. Gil Aniorte-Paz Singer, performer, guitarist and composer, lives between Marseille and his native Andalusia, where he met with great success during its tours.

He founded in 2005 the Collective Idaho as a coartistic director, and supervise the production of many projects around the diversity and the richness of Mediterranean cultures and musics : Les Orientals, Barrio chino, CEFTA Brothers, El Dorado Cabaret ... Gil Aniorté-Paz is also very influenced by Catalonia, where he lived during his childhood, and to which he dedicated many of his compositions. Maurice El Median, Radio Tariff, he will continue to focus on art direction and composition.

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Emission Yaqui FR3 Mediterranean Reportage SUR LES Chants Acres Titans en Provence realism par Elaine Toured ET son equip November 2010. Reportage FR3 à l’occasion Du Manifest (bullet 2010), festival of artiste set habitants travail lent ET change en route conviviality.

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