Andalusian Initiative For Advanced Therapies

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• Wednesday, 14 October, 2020
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The strategic commitment related to the development of an Initiative for AdvancedTherapies in Andalusia, was based on the certainty that this century’s Medicine will be marked by the advance in research focussing on three main areas entailing new approaches in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of many diseases in humans. We are part of the Andalusian Public Healthcare System which offers complete health services to about 8.5 million people and comprises, among other infrastructures, 47 hospitals, around 1,500 primary care centers, several research centers and institutes, a network of 10 GMP facilities to manufacture gene and cell based therapies, a genomic and bioinformatics platform and a Bio bank storing more than 1 million of samples from patients and normal controls- including hips and hES cells lines. The AndalusianInitiative for AdvancedTherapies coordinates the activities of advanced therapy research, development, innovation and hospital use, being carried out within the Andalusian Public Health System, in accordance with the Resolution oftheDirectorate General for Quality, Research, Development and Innovation of the Regional Ministry of Health, of 29th of September 2014.

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Andalusia has a broad network of research centers and laboratories available which, together with the network of centers belonging to the Andalusian Health Service, encourages the generation of cutting-edge knowledge in the field of advanced therapies. As the building up of a biotechnological sector is essential, not only to create wealth in our region but also to facilitate patient access to new treatments, we are always looking for opportunities for business collaboration.

Owing to the ever-changing demands of the medical world, a substantial amount of funds needs to be invested in order to perform specialized research and development. For this reason, Zone is investing in the MDI project, which aims at improving the Dutch knowledge infrastructure.

Owing to the ever-changing demands of the medical world, a substantial amount of funds needs to be invested in... The Labs provide platforms for prolific collaborations with all kinds of societal stakeholders.

With and through design explorations, labs create state-of-the art thematic knowledge. Each lab functions as a creative hotspot that nurtures and develops talent at the cross-section of design, science, and innovation.

Themes include the museum experience, the future of cardiology care, advanced food design, and many more. Re-Lion Netherlands/region is a global company that specializes in technology for Tags (Terrain Database Generation Systems) as well as small unit training and driving simulation.

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In an attempt to apply its extensive experience and knowledge of virtual reality, Re-Lion is involved in the Virtual project. This project is a partnership between several high tech companies and two Dutch technological universities to develop a means of rehabilitation by using robotics.

In addition to motivating the patients, this project will help save a great deal of money for the healthcare sector. Re-Lion is a global company that specializes in technology for Tags (Terrain Database Generation Systems) as well as small unit training and driving simulation.

AI Talent um is an innovative technology-based company specialized in artificial intelligence and high performance computing. Colombia Bring IT On Unknown/AAN initiative led by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies aimed at promoting the creation of new ICT businesses, focusing on mobile/web applications, software and digital contents.

In alliance with Colombia, we have created “Colombia Bring IT On” to show the world a country full of IT solutions, talent, creativity and innovation. An initiative led by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies aimed at promoting the creation of new ICT businesses, focusing on mobile/web applications, ...

To do this we seek alliances with the academic world, research institutions, health centers, patients' associations, small and medium enterprises, and the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Nativized Cede, IATA's executive director, shares their goals, accomplishments, and funding priorities with our readers.

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The plan also aims to facilitate the development of new therapies that will be offered to the population on the basis of equal access with maximum safety guarantees. This plan is helping us build upon what I believe to be our main achievement to date, which has been to gather efforts from different public and private organizations and align them toward the same goal.

When it comes to our funding priorities in the area of stem cell research, using a standard of excellence as a baseline we fund projects involved in the whole development chain, from the bench to the bedside, whether they involve basic research, preclinical developments, clinical trials, or even technological transfer dossiers. By collaborating with multiple public and private institutions we have completed a network of thematic research centers and unique infrastructures, including the Andalusian Center for Molecular Biology and Regeneration Medicine (Cabinet), the Andalusian Stem Cell Bank, the Pfizer-University of Granada-Junta de Andalucía Center for Genomics and Oncology Research (Genre), the Andalusian Cellular Reprogramming Laboratory (Parcel, in collaboration with the Michigan State University), and the Genomics and Bioinformatics Platform of Andalusia.

In defining these thematic research centers, we sought to promote synergies encompassing those of the IATA: cell therapy, genetics, and tissue engineering. Among them we find remarkable the Andalusian Public Healthcare System's Bio-bank that coordinates and controls more than 400,000 biological samples, all fully characterized, registered, and suitably stored and available for use in research projects.

It is compulsory to implement some sort of bridge between promising basic stem cell science results and the clinical practice. At present, we are involved in 18 trials for different stem cell and tissue-engineered products, thanks mainly to the collaboration and commitment of clinicians from our public hospitals.

The trials are set up in various clinical areas, including cardiology, neurology, immunology, hematology, peripheral vascular diseases, digestive, gastroenterology, and ophthalmology. To address the lack of experienced professionals in the field, the IATA created a Master's in Manufacturing of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, a successful training program developed hand-in-hand with the University of Granada.

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Over the past years we have been particularly active in the peripheral vascular disease field, performing six clinical trials and treating almost 200 patients, with promising results in reducing the risk of limb amputation. The results we have obtained to date have encouraged us to promote a phase III clinical trial that hopefully will begin next year thanks to a collaborative agreement reached with a biotechnological company.

We are quite satisfied with several of the results obtained in our cardiology clinical trials by a research team located in the Hospital Ran Sofia of Córdoba. The Cochrane Collaboration, an international not-for-profit and independent organization that provides the best evidence for health care, selected the team for several meta-analysis papers published.

Along with cell therapy and working to change the public's view of the tissue engineering field, we recently received authorization for a clinical trial of artificial corneas generated from libel stem cells, using a scaffold and technology developed by Prof. Antonio Campos of the University of Granada and his colleagues. Within a public research framework, international collaborations are nearly an obligation when facing the difficulties inherent in such complicated studies.

With this in mind, we have established a partnership agreement with the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine as a collaborative funding partner. Under the leadership of Dr. Jose Cabell, an expert in cloning and cellular reprogramming at Michigan State University, and Dr. Philip Corner from the University of Washington, we are also collaborating on the development of a new treatment for chronic spinal cord injury based on induced pluripotent stem cells.

At present, we are still in a preclinical stage, but we are working in parallel to validate the cell manufacturing protocols under GMP conditions in order to be able to start a clinical trial as soon as we overcome the regulatory hurdles. In collaboration with the Andalusian Public Healthcare System's Technology Transfer Office, three license agreements have been established.

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From our point of view, along with developing therapies in the area of stem cells we cannot avoid our obligation to provide fair and equal access to the latest therapies to the whole population, so we deem it a strategic objective to be able to implement some of these treatments in the services' portfolio of our public health care system under a cost-effectiveness basis. Maintaining patient hope and trust is an immense responsibility, and any unethical behavior should be clearly identified and pursued.

We must all contribute in protecting patients against unscrupulous companies, hospitals, or practitioners offering uncontrolled stem cell treatments. Besides this cooperation with the competent authorities, we also participate in the Legal and Regulatory Affairs Committee of the International Society for Cellular Therapy and collaborate actively with other scientific associations.

She has developed several research projects in the areas of sociological and health indicators and in cell and organ donation and transplantation. With extensive teaching experience in the area of donation and transplantation of organs, tissues, and cells, as well as in public health and preventive medicine, Dr. Cede includes in her duties the direction of the International Master Degree in Manufacturing of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, a program organized by the IATA in collaboration with the University of Granada.

The Initiative Andalusia en Therapies Kwanzaas (AndalusianInitiative for AdvancedTherapies ; IATA) is a publicly funded organization promoted by the Regional Government of Andalusia, Spain. Dr. Nativized Cede, IATA's executive director, shares the organization's goals, accomplishments, and funding priorities.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Sporadic ALS Interventional Trial Stem Cell Not enrolling Phase II Oscar Fernandez, MD, Hospital Regional U. DE Malaga (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Ana Cards /.

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(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) / + 34 955 04 83 66 Malaga, Spain Clinical trial phase I/II, multigenic, randomized, controlled with placebo, triple blind to evaluate the safety of the intravenous administration of 3 doses of tautologous mesenchymal stem cells from adipose tissue in patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). At the time that each patient completed the follow-up period (i.e., 6 months after the infusion of the cellular product or placebo), the blind will be open, and patients who have been assigned to the control group, will receive the cell product as secondary treatment.

-Diagnosis of sporadic ALS, with diagnosis of certainty, that is to say, definite or probable, in agreement with the criteria of “El Social”, of the World Federation of Neurology. -Positive HBO or CV serology -Levels of creatinine in whey > 3.0 in subjects not submitted to hemodialysis.

Site Contact Information Hospital Regional Universitario Ran Sofia Eduardo Aura, MD /. University Regional Hospital Carlos Maya Victoria Fernandez, MD /.

Wegener’s technologies engineer naturally occurring stem cells so that they are able to regenerate diseased tissues. Our lead product REX-001, currently in phase III for CLI in diabetic patients, has shown substantial improvements over standard-of-care reversing the condition, alleviating intractable pain and non-healing ulcers and also addresses the underlying loss of blood vessels and tissue ischemia.

REX-001 has the potential to provide a substantial quality of life benefit to patients while significantly reducing the healthcare cost. Wegener is a leading regenerative medicine company and developer of advanced cell-based therapeutics for the treatment of serious diseases that are poorly treated with existing therapies.

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Our lead candidate REX-001 is a highly innovative tautologous cell therapy that is being studied in two Phase III clinical trials in patients with Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) with diabetes.

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