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We work every day to spread and promote equestrian art, horse breeding and derived industries Internationally known for flamenco, horsemanship, and sherry, Jerez is not as popular or touristy as its better known neighbors, Seville and Córdoba, but the city is steeped in rich traditions and offers a variety of sights.

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As with most of Andalusia, Jerez has been home to Romans, Visigoths, Moors, and Christians, and these many groups have all impacted the city’s unique culture and traditions. The city is perhaps best known for producing sherry; the unfortified wine is made from Palomino grapes from the surrounding countryside and can be sipped in local bodegas.

Like many Spanish citizens, Jerez locals rest during the siesta, so plan your day around the mid-day break, when shops, historic sites, and restaurants may be closed. For being an older European spot, Jerez is a generally well-cobbled city and is relatively wheelchair friendly, especially near the main plazas and thoroughfares.

Following a thrilling start to the coronavirus-delayed MotoGP season with the Spanish Grand Prix, the paddock will stay at Jerez for the second round of the campaign. All eyes will be on Marc Marquez as the reigning world champion makes a heroic effort to compete in a grand prix just days after undergoing a surgery on his right arm.

Alex Runs and Cal Crutch low, who also suffered injuries during the previous weekend, have also been declared fit to race in the Andalusian GP. The original season opener in Qatar featured only Moto2 and Moto3 classes, while German, Dutch, Finnish, British, Australian, Japanese and Italian GP's were all called off.

In response to the spread of the virus, MotoGP released a 13-round calendar that runs entirely in Europe, although the series is still aiming to hold flyaway events later in the year. Given the situation, it was easier for MotoGP to host multiple events at the same venue, and the support from the government in Spain made it possible to hold a double header at Jerez.

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Rossi endured a difficult start to the 2020 campaign at the Spanish track last weekend as he qualified 11th and retired after a dashboard alarm on his works M1 went off. But the 41-year-old Italian got his Andalusian GP weekend off to a strong start as he completed a Yamaha one-two behind teammate Maverick Finales in FP1.

Rossi and Finales both used the soft front tire in the Jerez race last Sunday while the rest of the field used the hard option, but Rossi reckons tire choice this time around will be “more open” owing to the improved track conditions. “This morning I did a good lap time with an easy feeling, and also I worked a lot with the hard front tire.

Jerez winner Fabio Quartararo meanwhile had a low-key Friday, concluding the day down in 14th place overall after spending time working on the electronics of his Yamaha. “It's great coming back to the exact same track, you know you can try many things on Friday but in any case the setting from Sunday is wonderful.

Jerez de la Frontera (Spanish pronunciation: ), or simply Jerez (pronounced ), is a Spanish city and municipality in the province of Cádiz in the autonomous community of Andalusia, in southwestern Spain, located midway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Cádiz Mountains. It is the fifth largest in Andalusia, and has become the transportation and communications hub of the province, surpassing even Cádiz, the provincial capital, in economic activity.

Show map of SpainCoordinates: 36°4054N06°0816W/ 36.68167°N 6.13778°W/ 36.68167; -6.13778Coordinates : 36°4054N06°0816W/ 36.68167°N 6.13778°W/ 36.68167; -6.13778 Country Semiautonomous communityAndalusiaProvinceCádizComarcaCampiña DE Jerez Judicial district Jerez de la Frontera Municipal association Municipals de la Bahia de CádizGovernment • Mayor Amen Sánchez Díaz (SOE)Area • Total1,188.23 km 2 (458.78 sq mi)Elevation56 m (184 ft)Population • Total212,879 • Rank 25th, Spain • Density180/km 2 (460/sq mi) Demonym(s) Variants Time zone UTC+1 (CET) • Summer (DST) UTC+2 (CEST) Postal co-official language(s) SpanishWebsite WWW. Since 1987 the Grand Prix motorcycle racing has been held at the Circuit ode Jerez in early May.

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The same circuit has hosted several Formula 1 Grands Prix, including the 1997final race of the season, which was marred with controversy for a notable high-profile championship-deciding incident. Valencia Roundabout, also known as Catalina Roundabout name Jerez goes back to the Phoenician Era, Series, later Romanized under the name of Cart ; the location of this settlement, however, remains unknown.

The classical Latin name of Asia Regina, unrelated to the present name, referred to an ancient city now found within Mesas de Asta, a rural district approximately 11 km (6.84 mi) from the center of Jerez. In former times, during the Muslim period in Iberia, it was called Perez or Ceres (pronounced /ees/ in Old Spanish).

Over two centuries later, after the Castilian conquest of Granada in 1492, Perez definitively lost its status as a frontier city, but did not lose that designation. After the Kingdom of Castile took Jerez on October 9, 1264, following the name given by the Muslims to the city in the period known as the Reconquista, the city was then called Perez in medieval Castilian, transcribing the consonant / / (like the English sh) with the letter ex, as was the rule at the time.

The old spelling “Perez” as the name given to the city survived in several foreign languages until very recently, and today continues to influence the name given to sherry : Portuguese Perez , Catalan Ceres , English sherry, French Ceres . Traces of human presence in the area date from the upper Neolithic, and humans have inhabited Jerez de la Frontera since at least the Copper or Neolithic Age, but the identity of the first natives remains unclear.

The first major protohistoric settlement in the area (around the third millennium BC) is attributed to the Cartesian. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the Vandals and the Visigoths ruled it until the Arabs conquered the area in 711.

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From 1145 to 1147 the region of Marcos and Jerez briefly operated as an emirate under dependency of Granada, led by Abu'Lamaism Royal. In the 12th and 13th centuries Jerez underwent a period of great development, building its defense system and setting the current street layout of the old town.

In 1231 the Battle of Jerez took place within the town's vicinity: Christian troops under the command of Álvaro Pérez de Castro, lord of the House of Castro and grandson of Alfonso VII, king of Castile and León, defeated the troops of the Emir In HUD, despite the numerical superiority of the latter. The discovery of the Americas and the conquest of Granada, in 1492, made Jerez one of the most prosperous cities of Andalusia through trade and through its proximity to the ports of Seville and Cádiz.

Despite the social, economic and political decadence that occurred in the seventeenth century, towards the end of the Habsburg rule, the city managed to maintain a reasonable pace of development, becoming world-famous for its wine industry. Currently, the mayor is María del Carmen Sánchez Díaz, known as Amen Sánchez, member of Spanish Socialist Workers' Party, who won the municipal election in 2015, by the aid of Gazebos Jerez and Vulva.

Antonio Oliver Villanueva (1936) Antonio Martin-Mateos Mantilla (1948–52) Álvaro Dome Died (1952–57) Ramón García-Pelayo (1958) Tomás García Figures (1958–65) Miguel Prim ode Rivera y Aquino (1965–71) Manuel Cantos Romero (1971–76) Jesús Mantras García-Figueras (1976–78) José Pérez Luna (1978) Juan Manuel Coronado Moreno (1978–79) Jerónimo Martínez Beat (1979) Pedro Pacheco Herrera (1979–03) María José García-Pelayo Jurado (2003–05) Polar Sánchez Muñoz (2005–11) María José García-Pelayo Jurado (2011–15) Amen Sánchez Díaz (2015–) The economy of Jerez has traditionally been centered on the wine industry, with exports of sherry worldwide.

Because it lacks the civil service that other cities enjoy, Jerez has based its economy on industry. The cultivation of fruits, grains, and vegetables and horse and cattle husbandry has also been important to the local economy.

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The city's strong identity as a center for wine, flamenco, and horses, its popular festivals, MotoGP hosting and its historical heritage have contributed to this success. The territory of the region corresponds to the previous municipality of the city of Jerez, before the disintegration of San José del Value in 1995.

Jerez is characterized by mild, short winters with occasional cool nights and hot, long summers with occasional very hot temperatures; unlike the surrounding coastal areas which are characterized by very mild winters and long warm summers. The average annual precipitation is 570 mm (22.4 in) per year, concentrated in the months of October through April.

Building Gallo Azul in Jerez de la Frontera City Hall of Jerez de la Frontera González Bass Dome Group Steve Group Garvey Williams & Hubert Bodegas de Pilar PLA Bodegas Tradition Sánchez Rotate Bodegas Gustav Sherry is a fortified wine made from white grapes grown near the town of Jerez.

Jerez has been a center of viticulture since the Phoenicians introduced winemaking to Spain in 1100 BC. The Moors conquered the region in AD 711 and introduced distillation, which led to the development of brandy and fortified wine.

Because sherry was a major wine export to the United Kingdom, many English companies and styles developed. Manuel María González Angel founded it in 1835, and his English agent, Robert Blake Bass subsequently joined in.

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Williams & Hubert : This is a winery located in Jerez de la Frontera dedicated to the production of sherry wines and brandies and other liqueurs. Group Steve : Steve Group owns the prestigious wineries Marques Del Real Resort and Valentino, one of the oldest in the area (with origins dating from 1430).

Brandy de Jerez is being used in Spanish cuisine in recent years, especially with meats. Jerez is the original home of the Cartesian sub-strain of the Andalusian horse breed, known as the Cabal lo Caetano in Spain.

When the Spanish Crown decreed that Spanish horse breeders should breed their Andalusian stock with Neapolitan and central European stock, the monks refused to comply, and continued to select their best specimens to develop their own jealously guarded bloodline for almost four hundred years. Another famous equine institution headquartered in Jerez is the Nevada Military de Jerez de la Frontera (known outside Spain as the Nevada Military), the Spanish military stud farm dedicated to the breeding of purebred Andalusian and Arabian horses.

It is devoted to the investigation, recovery, and collection of flamenco-related historical documents, whether they are in audio, visual, or journalistic form. The center operates a museum and library to help educate the public and serve as a resource for scholars.

Its origins date back to the 18th century and it is currently considered an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. Many of the most famous personalities of the city are involved in the performance of flamenco, including La Vaquero de Jerez, Lola Flores and José Mere.

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Since 1987 the Grand Prix motorcycle racing has been held at the Circuit ode Jerez in early May. Thousands of motorbikes from around the world come to the city this week to watch the MotoGP race held in Jerez annually.

It is celebrated annually in the Marque González Monteria for one week in May, occurring always after the Spanish motorcycle Grand Prix. All booths (cases) at the fair are open to the public, so that attendees may walk into any one of them and enjoy the food, drinks, and dancing.

Holy Week in Jerez, as in other cities in Andalusia, commemorates the Passion of Jesus Christ. During the Christmas season, from the end of November to the end of December, many penal (religious and cultural clubs) celebrate the holidays with public festivals where anyone can go to drink, eat, dance and sing Christmas carols, accompanied by friction drums called amoebas.

The Studio Municipal de Chapín, a multi-purpose stadium, was built in 1988 and seats 20,523 spectators. It holds 5,000 and is the home of Jerez Industrial CF, founded in 1951, the main rival of Perez.

The city is also home to a member of the Official School of Languages (Estela Official de Idiomas) and a center of the National Distance Education University (University Nacional de Educación a Distance, Used). It was built in 1937, during the Spanish Civil War by the Nationalists in order to transport soldiers from Africa to Spain.

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