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Captain America “Cap” is a coming 2-year-old (in December) flashy bay 3/4 Andalusian gelding. Amigo is a brand-new bay S/P Andalusian colt with the best disposition ever.

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He is incredibly sweet and one of the tallest babies I've ever raised… Socialite is an exquisitely beautiful mare with three lovely light gaits.

This stunning mare is double registered with the Iberian warm blood Society and… Beautiful well started 6-year-old Andalusian gelding.

This athletic breed is fast and can extend and collect, making the Andalusian suitable for showjumping and dressage events. They’re fascinating to watch in motion with their long, thick manes and tails flowing.

Its beautiful, convex profile and arched neck make it one of the world’s most desirable riding horses. The Andalusian horse was initially bred with strong hindquarters to bear more weight on the rear.

Through centuries of selective breeding, the Andalusian horse has developed exception athleticism and stamina. They quickly learn complicated movements such as turning on their haunches and advanced collection.

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The Andalusian Horses aren’t short on speed, as their long neck gives them excellent athleticism and stamina. The Andalusian's have well-defined withers, a massive chest, a straight profile, and a long broad neck.

Because of their exceptional endurance and agility, you’ll find them in both obstacle shows and racing events. In the 18th century, the Andalusian Horses could gallop four to five leagues, without changing pace for 12 to 15 miles.

Andalusian horses’ movement is elevated, extended, harmonious, and cadenced, with forward motion and a balance on turns. The physical attributes of the Andalusian horse contribute to their excellent performance in dressage events.

They find higher movements like passage and giraffe easy because they are compact, yet nimble. From the very beginning, the Andalusian horses have been widely used for driving and riding, and they are among the first breeds to be brought into classical dressage.

Cooperation and desire give you an edge and helps win dressage competitions. The Pure Spanish Horse is said to have a zealous spirit, and thus, you can be confident that it will offer you its best performance throughout its competition.

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It's these traits you can’t see in the conformation of the animal that make Andalusian horses so special. By building a deep connection between you and your Andalusian horse you will ensure a special and long-lasting bond that will go beyond the show ring.

Because they are very intelligent you don’t have to put in a lot of time and effort teaching them basic routines. And once they’ve learned a move, you can count on them remember it, because they have superior memories and will never forget what you taught them.

Because of their looks, intelligence, and temperament you’ll find Andalusian horses used in many movies. Even with the scattering successes of some Andalusian horses, they aren’t well respected for their showjumping ability.

Many European breeders are breeding the Andalusian horse for competitions and showjumping as they’re good jumpers. The Andalusian breed has a natural gift of collected movements and is a very user-friendly horse.

Sort Studs by: RelevanceNewest Oldest Slowest PriceHighest Presort by Colors by BreedShortest HorsesTallest HorsesYoungest HorsesOldest Horses Reinaldo is an 18-year-old registered Andalusian stallion.

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‘Boat 2’ actress speaks out about infamous scene First, I'd elect to assist you to be conscious of that Andalusian's are incredibly high-priced as a result of rarity of the breed.

Andalusian's are very versatile horses and ought to be below saddle, pushed, jumped, and so on. You're able to possibly do 2' or so without any issues yet greater advantageous than that I think of ought to be awkward for you and the horse.

In case you elect to get an Andalusian you will desire to think of roughly competing as a person beginner in Dressage or utilizing. As quickly as you have your heart set on leaping you will desire to adhere to a Thoroughbred or diverse breed that is incredibly athletic and greater desirable finely geared up.

Iberian blood enhances soundness, athleticism, versatility and tractability to other breeds who have either the big stride for dressage or the power and speed for jumping. Many Warm blood breeders are striving for a smaller horse with improvement of their sensitivity to enable a greater ability for passage and giraffe.

Thoroughbred or Arabian, crossing with the Andalusian not only adds calmness and tractability to the temperament, but can produce improved bone and larger build. Realizing that a perfectly conformed horse doesn't exist, and that there are differences of opinions on some aspects of correct conformation, and ideas do change over the years; we, based on studies and personal experiences, briefly present to you some attributes to consider when breeding for a sport horse.

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The Iberian has great ability to flex the joints and come under the center of gravity for collection and extension. A long arm bone creates ease in maneuvering lateral movements, increased stride length and ability to tuck the knees for jumping.

A long, well muscled forearm will help a horse get over jumps plus will absorb concussion and diffuse impact. Short cannons contribute to a more stable movement and is beneficial for endurance and reining.

A 1,000 pound horse with a cannon circumference of less than 7 inches is considered to have insufficient bone. Rounded croup with low set tail will enable the legs to reach well under.

The straight legs and good hooves is an important attribute to avoid unsoundness problems. The prominent withers provide a lever for the muscles of neck and back to work together efficiently.

The withers being a little higher than the croup allows for easily take-off in jumping and for keeping weight off the front end which affects agility. The loin and the lumbosacral joint are the most important areas in a horse's body in predicting athletic ability.

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When weakness exists in the back and loin area, collection suffers and more weight is carried on the forehand with increased risk of forelimb lameness.

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