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European royalty for centuries chose the Spanish Andalusian horses as numerous famous paintings depict. The aim was to preserve and promote these beautiful Andalusian horses and to further develop the fantastic training and horsemanship,which is virtually unmatched in the world (in fact the Louisiana horses of the famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna are also of purebred Spanish stock).

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The riding school is based in the complex known as El Secret de Las Cardenas, a palace and grounds built and designed by Charles Garnier in the nineteenth century. The main riding exhibition is called “Como Bailey Los Caballeros Analyses” which can be loosely translated as “How wonderfully the Andalusian horses dance”, is on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12.00, with extra shows on Wednesday at 12.00 in August.

The show last about an hour and a half and is based on traditional dressage and Spanish dome vaquero (literally translated as cowboy horse domination!) However, these sometimes rather formal movements are put together in a fantastic equestrian ballet which shows off the unique qualities of these horses to perfection.

A chance to see these noble beasts performing at close range would surely soften the heart of even the most stubborn client! As well as the exhibition itself visitors can attend training sessions, visit the stables and saddlery, and checkout the Carriage and Equestrian Art Museum.

Once you have found your ideal property, we would like to help you every step of the way and make sure that you are transferring your funds for the purchase to Spain safely and securely. You can click on the link below to register for a free, no-obligation account with Smart Currency Exchange.

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The client must know at all times the status of their case, so that they can participate in the development of their matter. The Lagoon Law Firm has different offices and a solid collaboration network with other foreign offices, equally with international vocation, with whom we interact in a close and permanent way, covering the needs of all those cases that require a global and international assistance.

However, when the time comes to face legal issues it is convenient to have a lawyer in Marbella with whom you can speak in your mother tongue. Of the almost 150,000 Marbella residents registered with the City Council, around 37,500 are foreigners and, within this group, citizens of British origin (18,750) and Swedish (896) occupy a featured portion.

As experienced jurists, at GM Lawyers we understand that dealing with Spanish regulations is overwhelming for foreign citizens. The smartest option to solve all your legal issues in Spain is to contact a lawyer in Marbella who is fluent in languages such as English or Swedish.

Ramos is known to the Spanish and Moroccan courts for selling falsified titles, distinctions, and diplomas on behalf of several institutions. Although the 20-year-old Moroccan withdrew his complaint on September 12, 2019, prosecutors pursued the case despite the significantly weakened evidence.

According to the Arabic-language daily Assaraf, Ramos frequently visited the homeless shelter where the victim resided. The TV presenter then invited the boy to a five-star hotel in Tangier, where the first instance of sexual assault took place.

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In the initial June 2018 report, the victim alleged that the accused invited Rafael Opera, a 41-year-old flamenco singer from Seville, to join the abuse. Tail Touchier, the regional coordinator of “Don’t Touch My Child,” believes the victim received money from Ramos’s circle.

While this is a victory in Morocco, Touchier believes that Ramos is only one part of a wider network of foreign pedophiles. A Tangier judge sentenced Spanish pedophile Felix Ramos to 9 years in prison.

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Our dedicated, experienced, and highly qualified team will assist you, speaking clearly and concisely, and we will ensure that the entire process runs smoothly. We know that for every lawyer client, their matter is the most important one, and our aim is to keep you informed throughout the proceeding’s key stages.

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The philosophy of the lawyer company is to offer personalized attention and to achieve the maximum degree of confidence in our professional relations with the clients. A very important component of the clients’ portfolio of this practice is based on people who come from other European countries.

For this reason, the members of the office are not only fluent in different languages, but in addition, they are acquainted with the culture and the quality standards typical of the countries from which our clients come from. Lagoon International Lawyers offers its services in ENGLISH, GERMAN, FRENCH, RUSSIAN AND SPANISH, both in the phone and in person.

This way, no matter their juridical general training, our lawyers are fully familiarized with the Law applicable to each area and to the commercial and personal realities of our clients. Our organization enables us to understand the companies’ aims and circumstances, their business practices and the financial consequences of our legal advice.

Our lawyers get involved in all the matters because we know that only through a true interest in the resolution of the different juridical questions that appear, is it possible to obtain a completely satisfactory result. To reach this aim, the office stresses the training and the professionalism of each and every member of the practice.

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