Andalusian Knit Stitch

Carole Stephens
• Monday, 21 December, 2020
• 14 min read

This vintage AndalusianStitch Knitting Pattern is a sweet little update of the Stockinette Stitch. In this 4-Row Repeat KnitS titch Pattern, we simply knit and purl on one of the rows, creating a little of texture and visual interest.

andalusian stitch knit
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This stitch was named long ago after the Southern Spain community of Andalusia. However, the wrong side has a nice clean look that I personally wouldn’t mind being visible.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Find the AndalusianStitch on page 17 of my KnitS titch Pattern Book.

The Double Andalusian pattern is perfect for knitting blankets, baby clothing, scarves, cowls and sweaters or cardigans. It’s not reversible, yet it has a delicate texture to it, and it doesn’t curl.

Repeat them until the desired length is reached. As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn commissions from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.

The andalusianstitch is an easy to knit stitch pattern. Every fourth row alternates knits and purls, as in 1+1 ribbing.

stitch andalusian knitting pattern stitches quilt number using patchwork cast multiple
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It’s simple but with a little more texture to it than the regular stockinette stitch. It’s clean and pretty on the wrong side too, and it wouldn’t be a problem to let it show.

Learn more: Prevent curling edges in stockinette. This post goes deep into why knit fabric curls and what to do about it.

Because this is a simple stitch, all you will need are knitting needles and the yarn you want to use for this project. When you knit the Andalusian stitch, any style of yarn can be used, so the choice is truly up to you.

When you knit the Andalusian stitch, you alternate in a pattern of four different styles. When you finish knitting the Andalusian stitch, bind off the pattern, perhaps with the basic bind-off.

However, you should be aware that when you knit using the Andalusian stitch, both sides of the pattern do not end up the same. Thus, people looking for a more symmetrical knitting pattern would do well to avoid this process.

andalusian stitch knitting knit pattern studio yarn knitted beginners
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When you knit the Andalusian stitch, though it is a simple design, it can provide texture and interest to many decorative touches. Also, the versatility of the yarn choice when you knit the Andalusian stitch makes it a favorite for knitters.

STEP 1: On two knitting needles; 1st row (right side of work), purl all stitches. STEP 2: On the 2nd row, knit all stitches.

STEP 1: On the 1st row (right side of work), knit 1 (edge), followed by knit 1 + purl 1. STEP 1: On the 1st row (right side of work), knit 1 (edge), followed by knit 1 + purl 1.

STEP 2: On the 2nd and 8th rows, purl all stitches. STEP 4: On the 4th, 6th, 10th, and 12th rows, work each stitch in the manner it presents.

I'm get more and more into my looms and your website rally helps. I thank you for taking the time out and doing all this in terms and videos that we newbies understand.

andalusian stitch knitting knit pattern patterns studioknitsf studio classic beginners intro read blanket baby
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I'm having a little hard time with it as I'm used to using the OK looms. :) I just ordered a couple of different styles of the Kiss Loom.

On my AKB I'm working on a Darby Diamond shawl and my Martha Stewart long loom has my Linen Stitch scarf progressing. Then let's not forget hubby's Beanie Hat on my Martha Stewart oval loom.

:) I just ordered a couple of different styles of the Kiss Loom. On my AKB I'm working on a Darby Diamond shawl and my Martha Stewart long loom has my Linen Stitch scarf progressing.

This is a gorgeous and simple stitch to try f... (show quote)You Are tooooooooo Funny ! I read a blog post today that made me think about how being rejected helps to shape you as an individual.

I have had the odd letter published in newspapers and when I was in my 20s I wrote to a magazine with my views on infertility wishing to remain anonymous. When asked by that magazine to be named I turned it down and thus I rejected them.

andalusian knit stitch pattern knitting patterns studioknitsf studio tutorial sides wrong right
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I had my fair share of romantic rejection in the long and distant past (who didn’t?). I kissed a few frogs before finding my prince unexpectedly, and we are still together many, many moons later.

Yes, I have knitted, sewn, painted things for Table Sales or for gifts. Some things haven’t sold and I understand others weren’t as appreciated as I hoped they would be.

So a little accurate cutting out, a little dismay at previous patches, some stitching together, a day or so with a dining room floor covered with design plans. Mabel, a friend’s dog, enjoying autumn toothier’s been a bit of a gap since I last blogged here.

I think the dullness of the pandemic stemmed my online flow of words and I have been a little self-absorbed. Now back on track and what a wonderful autumnal day to lift the spirits.

I hiked around a local country park this morning, so pretty, golds, reds and greens, I love this season before all the trees become bare and the days too short. Today I read an article online in Psychology Today by Leon F. Seltzer about being self-absorbed, how focus can become narrow and vision blurred, self-criticism, unhealthy rumination, how one can compress life into something beyond comfort (his words written in my layman’s terms, not a direct quote here).

andalusian knit stitch pattern patterns knitting mcdonnell kristen studioknitsf stitches side sides wrong right
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So interesting once having read facts, that some of these ‘negatives’ can be turned to ‘positives’, how being narrow visioned can be good on occasion, how rumination can be specific thinking and how you can be kinder to yourself. A few years ago I may have thought this was all mumbo jumbo, hogwash, claptrap.

My walking buddy this morning told me of a book she’d read, Spark Joy by Marie Condo (I had previously dipped into this but only reorganized my lingerie drawer!). On a mission to use up some of my yarn stash and recently inspired by a successful completed crochet project I decided to go for a new project/new stitch.

In a magazine I found a lovely selection of ‘new’ square crochet samples and chose some that were labelled as ‘easy’, thinking once I’ve done those I could move onto ‘intermediate’. I wasn’t kidding myself that I’d be on the ‘advanced’ ones for a while though I did get carried away looking at crocheted lamp shades and toilet seat covers much to the horror of my non-crafting hubby (which look fun but will never actually be my style).

Versions #2 and #3 made me crochet, stick and cotton yarn being cast aside for a few days … Out walking in a local country park last week was a very pretty experience.

I’ve never seen it before and it was a different vista to the one other time I’d been to the park only two weeks before when there were only pretty green fields and trees. Although this was very sweet to knit, I’d procrastinated over the sewing up (not my favorite part of making garments).

andalusian knit stitch pattern tutorial closer
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Luckily I persevered though as the family baby arrived on Saturday, a month early! I’ve made a heavy weight simple blanket which I was quite proud of.

I loved the way the bamboo/cotton yarn handled, the rhythm of a hook and the way it grew quickly. However, the construction of four squares onto shoulder straps didn’t make sense on paper, probably my fault not the pattern designers.

Obviously reading a crochet pattern is a challenge to be overcome, especially US vs UK terms. Two squares joined at the shoulder and side seams with a border around the bottom.

I wear it with a scrappy top underneath for modesty and hope not to be caught out in too much sunshine without sunscreen therefore avoiding an all over dappled sun tan! I think the title of a blog post is the thing that catches someone’s eye.

A friend this morning stated that since COVID-19 lockdown she thinks she is receiving less post and rarely sees her postman. Unlike a different friend who is receiving a lot more than her internet purchases increase, and she almost feels sorry for her postman when he arrives some days staggering behind the latest stack of packages.

andalusian stitch knit pattern tutorial sides wrong right
(Source: www.studioknitsf.com)

I myself love a bit of metalwork designed to be pretty not just functional, usually gates or fencing though. Just in case he arrives early I made a preemie waistcoat, so he’ll have something nice to wear.

It was supposed to just be 4 big squares joined at angles and with shoulder straps, like a floaty vest. I chose the wrong pattern as I don’t think I would actually have worn it finished, plus I struggled to understand the initial stitches (that’s just my mistake UK terms vs US terms).

I am happy now with the current progress and have been sitting in the shade today (so hot out there, 30degrees+) hooking and planning to add a border. And talking of flowers I felt very lucky as yesterday a neighbor’s daughter gave me a lovely bouquet as a thank you for putting her in touch with someone who has offered her a job.

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic it helped to be actually doing something rather than just waiting for the world to expire. The immediate shut down of the country and the curtailment of life as we knew it was a shock and amidst feeling scared and nervous creating things became urgent and necessary.

I indulged in my love of making things but it was also a lot about tidying up in the home, validating items, it even crossed my mind about what loved one's might have to sort out if I didn’t make it through COVID-19. I wanted others not to have to sort through half done projects and wonder what on earth I had ever planned with the bags and boxes of (in their eyes) ‘stuff’.

andalusian stitch knit pattern knitting studio patterns studioknitsf purl
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In my own house I look around the areas where I usually craft and there again are the carefree signs, half used balls of yarn, snippets of fabric, piles of things not being used and not put back in any order (yet). Please know, I am not undermining the care we all have to continue with in our daily lives, be it in the home or outside, be it no change at all for now.

Many years ago, possibly more than six and less than ten, I remember playing around with textures and knitting a few odd squares. So rediscovering a few that complimented each other, I turned them into a small blanket for a doll’s stroller.

There are three little girls in my extended family who weren’t even twinkles until 4 years ago and I hope one of them has a dolly who needs to keep warm on chilly days! It wasn’t an exciting new project, the squares aren’t perfect but it means one less guilt trip when I dive into the mystery cupboard of yarn and sewing projects.

Having had more time at home recently I’ve had the inclination to sort out cupboards. In the kitchen those chipped pots have been chucked, the plastic tubs now have matching lids and I have stock of store cupboard herbs and essentials.

I’ve found a few things to cook that I didn’t even remember buying! I know I am amongst the many who have taken the opportunity of lockdown to take stock of many things in their lives, sorting cupboards is just a very little of it.

andalusian stitch knits stitches knit dishcloth fabrics patterns easy
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My enthusiasm has slowed a little, I guess the ‘novelty’ has worn off, but I am still trying to go through my craft projects and use my stash as much as possible. As I am making decisions about what to finish or abandon it has been beautifully warm here in the south-east of the UK, like summer come early.

I was tempted to start a new summer project and thought perhaps it was a little deserved after my sorting and stacking. If I learned something new along the way then it counted as ‘improving my mind’ and not ‘wasting my time’ and I reckon that’s ok as a little reward.

There’s been trial and error with pattern reading (US vs UK crochet terms) and keeping tension. This is the beginning of what I hope will become a droopy top to be worn over a summer vest.

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