Andalusian Mare For Sale

James Smith
• Wednesday, 07 October, 2020
• 7 min read

Fend clear;Fendi) Ocala, Florida 34482 USA 2018 Black Pure Gaza Espinoza Filly Exceptional and Rare Black Andalusian PRE Filly … Deck X clear;Deco) Frederick town, Ohio 43019 USA 2002 Grey Andalusian Stallion World famous Andalusian stallion.

andalusian mare
(Source: www.youtube.com)


Patron MBC clear;Patrona) Palmdale, California 93550 USA 2020 Buckskin Andalusian Filly Buckskin 1/2 Andalusian filly...can you say Superstar?!?!? Very kind and confident mare.

Loads in the trailer, stands for farrier (Gets barefoot trimmed by an expert every 6 weeks). I have a 5-year-old AndalusianMARE IN FOAL due in early March no papers.

Breed to an Nice approved breeder (REVISED) Steno BPF, Grey PRE mare REVISED by AN CCE, with HIGH marks in Breed Fidelity and Overall Harmony.

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