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Country of originSpainDistribution Andalusia Standard Minister de Agricultura, Alimentation y Media Ambient (in Spanish)UseTraitsHeight Male: The breed was considered the most prized in the eighteenth century, and the Spanish crown would not permit them to leave the country; however, King Charles III sent two males (jacks) to U.S. President George Washington in 1785.

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Only one jack survived the sea journey to Mount Vernon, and was named “Royal Gift”. The Andalusian is a large donkey, averaging 150–160 centimeters (59–63 in) at the withers, and of medium length.

The head is of medium size, with a convex profile; the neck is muscular. The coat is short and fine, and soft to the touch; it is pale gray, sometimes almost white.

It is a fact that General George was given two fine Spanish Jacks, one dubbed “Royal Gift”. This animal, so eagerly awaited for the production of mules, had not, apparently, been trained to serve mares.

Modern breeders with jennet jacks or mule jacks will understand quite well that Royal Gift’s mares were covered the first year by an Arabian horse stallion who was more than willing to take his place. The following season, Royal Gift was helped to his duty with the use of a few jennets, and the American Mule was on its way. This jack was much in demand, and eventually toured the southern states, siring mule foals all the way.

The distinct body types and characteristics of some now-lost breeds can be easily seen in the Mammoth jack stock of today. Depending on the preference of the owner, both of these types of jack stock can sire excellent mules for a number of uses.

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These should be carefully examined for pedigree, for with a solid recorded background, these animals are merely of Catalonia nor Andalusian type, and should not claim that bloodline. Color is not an issue, although black or sorrel (or dappled red roan) jacks are favored in draft mule production.

No matter the height or color, the Mammoth breeding jack should be a superb specimen, with good proportion and sufficient bone to be in balance. A frequent fault found in Mammoths is long back, with small hips and weak loins.

The hip of the donkey is already smaller in proportion to that of a horse, and this fault seems to go with other body types in some cases. Those used exclusively for mule production may be forgiven some flaws, but conformation can affect performance, especially in the working of the “power train,” the hind end.

There are five main breeds that were incorporated into the development of the Mammoth jack of today: the Andalusian, Catalonia, Majorca, Maltese, and Poison. Many of the heavy sorrel jacks used in draft mule breeding resemble the purebred Andalusian quite closely.

Most jacks today that exhibit the Andalusian characteristics are sorrel or dappled red roan, with little or no visible cross being preferred. Black in color, although not quite with the fine-textured hair coat of the Catalonia, these jacks contributed size and bone to the Mammoth.

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The demand for these huge animals quickly depleted the supply and there are no known populations of this breed today. The Poison is found in France (although evidence supports they were bred from Spanish stock many centuries ago), and was used almost exclusively for the production of mules.

The Poison is noted for the heavy bone, and memorably, for the long tangled coat, forming dreadlocks to the ground. The coat color is exclusively black or dark brown (termed bairn by the French) and should never bear a cross or stripe.

A few Pious were exported for breeding, and early engravings of these noted animals show them with shaggy, yet neat, coats. Those that were used in jack stock production contributed bone to the Mammoth, not only in leg, but in the length of the back and distinctive shape to the face.

Mules in Biblical times were vastly different from the wide range of types and sizes enjoyed by the longer fancier of today. The modern mule breeder can take a jack of any color from black to sorrel to dappled to spotted and breed to quality mares of any imaginable breed, and produce a mule suited for any type of work or use.

Color Champagne Both parents are Andalusia Dad colored blacktop colored champagne The horse is not Papered5000 or better offer.

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Andalusian mare for sale she is Pregnant for my stallion for more details you can call 951-287-XXXX. George Washington, the first President of the United States, numerous types of animals on his farm, Mount Vernon, including sheep, cattle, hogs, and horses, as well as mules.

By 1799, he had 58 mules and 28 horses working on the Pioneer Farm Site for harrowing and plowing fields, pulling wagons, and other purposes. While George Washington is often attributed as the person who introduced mules in the United States, historical records indicate this is false.

For example, an invoice from a Virginia-based company dated about a century before the birth of George Washington showed an order for 80 donkeys from France. This breeding earned him the name “The Father of the American Mule,” which, from this perspective, is a correct description.

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