Andalusian Olive Oil

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Italy and Greece are the other two main producers of olives, with over 1.4 million hectares and more than 700,000 respectively. In terms of annual production, Spain produces over six tons of olives every year. In ancient times it was believed that olive trees had to be planted near the sea in order to thrive, but modern agricultural techniques have overcome such barriers.

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Starting at breakfast, when toasted bread is drizzled in virgin oil to eat with morning coffee. Even some typical sweets are fried in olive oil, such as Roscoe, anise-scented rings, and empanadas, little pasties filled with sweetened and spiced pumpkin.

Every province of Andalusia has excellent olive oil, but some enjoy the quality label of denomination DE origin (designation of origin, or D.O.). Andalusia's most famous contribution to world gastronomy-- gazpacho --really has its origin as simple, peasant food--bread, olive oil and garlic crushed in a mortar.

As you travel along the mountain road from Granada, the white village which appears below in the valley, with its high-towered castle-church, resembles a ship sailing across a rolling sea of bushy… More The variety of olive tree growing in neat rows across Andalusia today is the Flea European.

Andalusian Plastic Cluster strongly rejects the proposal to prohibit the sale of extra virgin olive oil (in Spanish Love, Agate Olive Virgin Extra) in plastic packaging, as it has been proposed by the Draft Royal Decree of Quality Standard for Oliver and Olive Pomade Oil from the Ministry of Agriculture in Spain. In fact, PET, the most widely used plastic material in Love packaging, is totally safe and much cheaper than any other alternative.

In this way, an action that theoretically seeks to favor extra virgin olive oil could end up reducing its consumption and significantly affecting the income received by farmers. In fact, the versatility and exceptional characteristic of plastic make it the only material that is valid for all the formats in which Love is currently marketed.

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But the advantages go much further because also, given its low weight, it adapts to beneficial requirements for special groups of consumers (senior citizens, Korea channel, people with disabilities …) and allows expansion to new marketing systems. Andalusian Plastic Cluster understands that the packaging and its material are used as marketing and differentiation strategies to attract the consumer, since these are legal and respectable arts.

PET material scrupulously complies with all the specifications contained in the Draft Law Decree for Love packaging, so there are no scientific reasons to carry out this prohibition. Single-use plastic is a 100% recyclable material, it is only necessary to raise public awareness to deposit the packaging in the yellow container and thus facilitate collection and treatment.

For this reason, from Andalusian Plastic Cluster we advocate increasing awareness among society instead of carrying out use prohibitions, which would return us to the 60s of the 20th century. Its objectives are to strengthen the position of Andalusian companies in the global market, and generate wealth and employment by increasing competitiveness stimulated by innovation, cooperation and internationalization strategies.

Today when you arrive at a supermarket or gourmet food store, you are likely to find a fairly good selection of good quality olive oils. The earlier the harvest, the greener, stronger and more bitter the flavor of the oil will be.

Once the olives arrive at the mill, they are crushed with their pits; this makes a thick paste called mash. This mash is then either pressed or centrifuged to separate the oil.

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Some use adjectives like “grassy,” “peppery,” or “woody.” Fruit that is harvested from early winter to early spring is riper and has a purplish or blackish color. The oil produced from this later harvest is generally golden, with a fruitier and smoother taste.

Although the IOC (International Oliver Council) and the EU (European Union) have legal definitions for the olive oil grades, labels here in the USA can be confusing. Thankfully most Spanish olive oil bottles have straightforward labeling.

Marketing jargon and nutritional hype may intimidate shoppers who are simply looking for the best quality olive oil to cook with. Producers often blend varieties to achieve the taste they want in the end product.

If you stick with extra virgin Spanish olive oil, you really cannot go wrong. So try buying several brands of Spanish olive oil and use them on salads, in recipes, and for frying to see which one(s) you prefer.

Gently cold-pressed from Andalusian olives, this olive oil presents a fine fragrance full of fruitiness and invigorating flavor. The oil comes exclusively from the first pressing, offering optimum natural flavors.

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There’s an imaginary border that crosses through the South of France and northern Italy, angling through Greece and Turkey toward the Middle East. Garbanzos are popular in some parts of Italy and Greece as well as in North Africa, the Middle East and India.

Almost 90% of the world’s garbanzos are grown in India and Pakistan, where the Desk type, including a black variety, is prevalent. A variation grown around Fuentesauco in Zamora province is especially esteemed because, cooked long and slow, it becomes creamy in texture without disintegrating.

Fuentesauco garbanzos are special enough to have earned an Indication Geographic Protein, a protected geographic origin, which means that they can be specifically labeled as coming from that area. Garbanzos of the pedrosillano variety, also grown in the central region of Castilla y Leon, are tiny, fairly smooth, almost perfectly round and a dark caramel color.

The blanco echos variety, grown in Andalusia, is pale, very large and irregularly shaped. In Spain, garbanzos appear almost daily in the condos (one-pot meals) and potatoes (thick soups) of every region.

They have a special affinity for the strong flavors in Spanish cooking -- salt pork, sausages, tomatoes, cabbage, garlic and onions, pimento and cumin. Stewing hen, beef shin, ham bone, Panetta, chorizo, gorilla sausage and chickpeas are slowly simmered with aromatic vegetables.

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To serve, first the rich broth is strained off and cooked with noodles or rice to provide a first course. The frugal Spanish housewife will always cook more garbanzos than are needed for one meal, knowing she can incorporate them with leftover broth into a different soup the next day, such as SOPA DE picadillo.

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

If you are following a medically restrictive diet, please consult your doctor or registered dietitian before preparing this recipe for personal consumption. Olive oil educational programs in partnership with the International Culinary Center.

Richard REA, the executive chef at the Butcher’s Daughter, also suggests looking for the certifications from either the NASA (North American Oliver Association) or its European counterpart, IOC (International Olive Council). Stewart, the author of Eating Between the Lines, also uses California Olive Ranch often and noted that the producers manage to maintain the quality of the oil while keeping the price fairly low.

Anna Heel, senior editor at Taste and the author of Lasagna: A Baked Pasta Cookbook, calls it a “dependable, mild olive oil to add richness to a tomato sauce or to fry some eggs in.” Danielle Iron, author of Food You Love But Different, likes California Olive Ranch Too for roasting or grilling vegetables, broiling salmon, and making a quick vinaigrette. Iron says it’s a great option when she doesn’t “want the oil to overpower the flavor of the dressing.” And Mailed Weber, the chef and owner of café and natural wine bar Lou in Nashville, who told us she grew up in California and started her career in the state, is also a fan.

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Jenkins told us that Tuscan Too “is the best oil in the world,” and that Tenth di Capetian, which is produced outside Florence, is her go-to. This Too from the Southern state comes recommended by both Joey Ward, the executive chef and owner of Atlanta’s Southern Belle and Georgia Boy restaurants, and David Bancroft, the executive chef and partner of Acre restaurant in Auburn, Alabama.

“It’s produced by a small organic and biodynamic cooperative next to the Sierra Marina Natural Park in Andalusia,” he says, describing it as “bitter, bright, and grassy with notes of cut grass, green apple, and arugula.” He adds that it’s best used “for adding a peppery punch to foods that can stand up to it, like a hearty stew or roasted potatoes, but you can also contrast it with subtle cheeses, fish, and steamed vegetables when you want the fruity flavors of the extra-virgin olive oil to shine through loud and clear.” To re-create the feeling of going out to eat at home Jessica Gandhara, chef and blogger at The Forked Spoon suggests picking up a bottle of this award-winning California olive oil that’s local to her neck of the woods.

If you can get your hands on it, she also recommends “their limited-edition California First Harvest,” calling it “out of this world tasty, but also quite expensive at about $50.” Plus, she warns, “it sells out fast.” She drizzles it on crudités and bowls of homemade hummus, and likes it for dipping torn pieces of baguette to enjoy while she cooks.

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