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The PerlinoAndalusian Horse has higher stamina for longer rides and can be acquired for free along with a new saddle and saddlebags. They handle well, with average Acceleration and Speed, and are known for their good Health and increased Stamina, making them great for long journeys and perfect for hunting.

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Previously available in Red Dead Online only, this horse was added to Story Mode for the PC Release of RDR2 on November 5, 2019, and for other platforms on December 13, 2019. In alternative, we created a VIP Membership that allows you to browse the site without ads and get some extra features, for a small price.

We're looking for new staff members with passion for GTA and Rockstar Games, and willingness to contribute in any of the website areas. They handle well, with average Acceleration and Speed, and are known for their good Health and increased Stamina, making them great for long journeys.

Prized in Spain for their use in bull fights, they are an agile, healthy, elegant, and intelligent breed. The Andalusian has a reputation as an incredible athlete exhibiting a sixth sense around livestock, moving with amazing speed.

Back to Gomorrah “, the last lawmen on horseback is riding a Rose Grey Andalusian. Before the update in December 2019, the Per lino Andalusian could be obtained in Red Dead Redemption 2 by using the cheat “You Are A Beast Built For War”.

They handle well, with average Acceleration and Speed, and are known for their good Health and increased Stamina, making them great for long journeys. Testis is a Domestic Animal, killing it or harming it decreases Honor and attracts a Wanted Level. Scientific NameEquus Ferns Caballus.

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There are a lot of different breeds in the game, so finding the best possible horse is a fun, but money and time-consuming, activity. Not counting purchasing them in Stables, it's possible to steal them or catch wild ones that can be found roaming all over the map.

Stealing horses is not really advisable, as you also need to “take care of” any witnesses to prevent getting reported to the law and increasing your bounty. So if you don't have much money, catching wild horses is the way to go if you're looking for a better steed to accompany you through the game.

The regular breeds can be encountered in multiple locations, but there are areas where the spawn rate is higher and so it's easier to come across them. Catching and taming wild horses in rather straightforward in Red Dead Redemption 2.

The Wild American Standard bred can be found more often in an area to the north of Valley View, right by the river. The Wild Appaloosa is usually found to the west of Donner Falls, which are located to the north of the Bacchus Bridge.

The Appaloosa is actually a very good horse race in Red Dead Redemption 2, so you may want to bond with one to increase its stats and get yourself a very trusty steed. Specifically, this wild horse breed spawns more often in an open area to the southeast of Fort Riggs, right past the river.

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The Wild Kentucky Saddler spawns more often in the open area found to the east of Manzanita Post. If there are no horses around when you reach the area, simply camp, make some time pass and try again.

The Wild Mustang can be found in an area located in the gap between the “L” and “A” in The Heartlands on the map, to the east of Oil Derrick. There's another breed that spawns more often in the area, so make sure to study the horse before attempting to catch it.

The Wild Tennessee Walker can be found more often in an area located to the east of Oil Derrick, in the gap between the “L” and “A” in The Heartlands on the map. Their spawn rate is also considerably lower than regular wild horse breeds, so you may have to come back to their locations multiple times.

The Tiger Striped Bay Wild Mustang can only be caught in during the late game, as its only spawn location is found in the southern part of the map. The horse can be found in the open area directly to the west of the Rio Del Logo Rock.

The White Wild Arabian is, without a doubt, the best horse race of Red Dead Redemption 2 and, as such, it requires some effort to catch. Some other locations include the Lavender fields near Hanging Dog Ranch, all the way to the west near Little Creek River; also just north of Cattail pond in Grizzlies West, near the Wapiti Reservation just below the letter “R” of “Marino”; and of course the NPC camp mentioned earlier at New Hanover near the oilfield.

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For your reference, the location of the horse is slightly above the name “WAPITI INDIAN RESERVATION” on the map. Each breed is classified in different categories that which provide a unique feeling.

Combined with 59 styles of coat and customizable accessories, your horse will truly feel like your own. Below you'll find our Horses guide which will tell you everything you need to know about locations, stats, bonding, taming, and different breeds.

Once you unlock stables, you can visit new towns to see what horses are available to buy (which have better stats than their wilder variants but can cost a pretty penny), and you can also sell or name your primary horse, purchase upgrades for their tack, customize their looks, and clean them up. Horses can be caught and broken in the wild, bought from town, or stolen from travelers.

Keeping it groomed and well-fed will bump up its stamina, performance, and handling. Some players have reported finding these horses in other locations, but we haven't been able to confirm if that's true.

NextLegendary fishLegendary Redfin PickerelPrevLegendary fishLegendary Muskie In Red Dead Redemption 2 you can also find the Legendary Bullhead Catfish. This legendary fish can be found on the island east of Saint-Denis.

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To catch the Legendary Bullhead Catfish, you have to use the Special River Lure. The nearest post office is in Saint-Denis.

This page catalogs all the content updates for Red Dead Online, beginning with the November 2018 public beta. Log into Red Dead Online this week to obtain the Horse Care Package, free of charge.

Players who link their Red Dead Redemption 2 Social Club accounts to Twitch Prime before July 19 will obtain the following: RDO$300 The Superior Ammo Bundle More bonuses in the coming weeks This week in Red Dead Online, Rock star announced players will receive rewards for completing a set number of Daily Challenges, bonuses for linking their accounts to Twitch Prime, and more.

This week in Red Dead Online, Rock star announced players will receive discounts on a variety of weapons, bonus Free Roam Mission rewards, a new emote, and more. Log into Red Dead Online this week to obtain the Respectful Bow emote, free from the Catalog.

Discounts this week include: Evans Repeater (25% off) All Weapon Components (30%) Red, White, and Blue bandannas (50% off) Make It Count: Ancient Tomahawk Showdown Mode is available as part of the Elimination Series.

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This week in Do all Special Saddles are 25% off, and all Ability Cards will gain an additional 20% XP. Future Update: In response to player feedback, the next major Do update plans to allow players to reset their character appearance without losing progress, automatically retain Playing Style preferences when moving to and from Free Roam, and more.

This week in Red Dead Online, Rock star has announced a new Showdown Mode and Free Roam Event. New Free Roam Event: Railroad Baron Similar to King of the Castle, players fight against each other to hold control over a specific area while on top of a moving train.

New outfits this week include: Flores Vest Limited stock of Calhoun Boots, Raccoon Hat and Shaffer Chaps. Bonus: Receive a version of the Belle rose Hat for free by logging into Red Dead Online anytime this week.

This week in Red Dead Online, Rock star has announced a new Free Roam Event and Showdown Mode. New Showdown Mode: Head For The Hills Run to your safe house while opponents try and hunt you down.

New outfits this week include: Flora Corseted Chemise Pardon Shirt Tops Limited stock of the Plaid Cap, Raccoon Hat, and Shaffer Chaps. Bonus: Receive 10 Gold Bars and an exclusive Raccoon Hat tint for completing the 2-Step Verification on the Social Club account.

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New outfits this week include: Scott Skirt Valdez Vest Citadel Boots Limited stock of the Plaid Cap. A Land of Opportunities offers a new co-op mission that has players continue assisting Jessica Leclerc in uncovering the investigation of who killed her husband.

Honorable and dishonorable players will have different paths for the mission, but will be led to the same ending eventually. Dynamic Events : Encountering random NPC’s in need will give opportunity for XP, Honor, Cash and possibly Gold rewards.

New Showdown Mode Overrun : Gain as much land as possible by marking your territory from your opponents while defending what you can. Defensive players will not be engaged to PVP Free Roam missions nor are they able to be pulled into them while in the play style.

They will have a shield icon by them, will take less damage, and cannot be melee attacked, targeted with auto-aim, lassoed, or executed. Added Bonus: All players who is a login to Red Dead Online this week will receive 15 gold bars and have a 25% XP increase on A Land of Opportunities, Free Roam Missions, Showdown Modes, Races, and Free Roam Events.

Those who are Ultimate Edition owners will receive RDO$100 and the Throat Slit emote for free. This week in Red Dead Online, Rock star has announced a bonus for all players who have hit rank 10 and above.

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Health, Stamina and Dead Eye should be filled before you run for a package and tonics can be used to bring your tank to gold. New outfits this week include: Manila Hat Porter Jacket Conch Pants Added Bonus: Access to coats, holsters, boots, and gloves up to Rank 40 will be available to all players until April 15.

The Turbofan, Missouri Fox Trotter and Arabian Horses are being brought down to Rank 40, with Volatile Dynamite, Incendiary Buckshot, Explosive Slug, Express Explosive, and Dynamite Arrow pamphlets being lowered to Rank 60 for the week. Players start with an explosive package and must deliver it successfully to then detonate a part of their camp.

Player Care Package: 60x High Velocity Pistol Ammo 60x High Velocity Repeater Ammo 2x Fire Bottles 8x Fire Arrows 2x Jolly Jack’s 2x Potent Horse Medicine 1x Lake Lure Special Spinner: Players who complete five daily challenges between March 5th and 11th, 2019, will receive a Special Spinner, a fishing lure useful for all fish that cannot be lost to a broken line. Daily Challenges Complete rotating objectives to earn bonus cash, gold XP.

Players who are behaving dishonorably (committing crimes, killing NPCs and other players, etc) will have darker map icons (similar to GTA Online’s Mental State function) and will appear on your maps at greater distances. Dead Eye Skill Tweaks: No Deadly cards except Paint it Black allow for perfect accuracy anymore.

Increasing the cash and gold payments across a number of different activities including Free Roam Missions, Free Roam Events, replays of A Land of Opportunities Missions, Showdown Series modes and more. Balancing the values of select pelts, skins and fish as well as horse reviver and pamphlets.

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As an added bonus, all Red Dead Online Beta participants who logged in before the patch will receive a gift of RDO$250 and 15 Gold Bars.

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