Andalusian Pigeons For Sale

Paul Gonzalez
• Saturday, 21 November, 2020
• 8 min read

Color Champagne Both parents are Andalusia Dad colored blacktop colored champagne The horse is not Papered5000 or better offer.

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Thank you for visiting Andalusian's DE Mythos! We celebrate this ancient, rare and noble breed, for centuries a proud war horse and the bearer of kings.

Each year, we produce a few foals which are hand raised with loving care, given lots of attention to mold them into people loving equine partners. This year, we are offering three foals inter which means they can be purchased before foaling time at a greatly discounted price.

This will enable you to acquire a high quality foal from exceptional champion bloodlines The Russian Tumbler is a beautiful, friendly and gentle breed.

They are also great parents which is a big difference from the breeds I've had all my life which struggled with fertility and raising their own babies. Our National Russian Tumbler Club members are some of the nicest people you will meet.

BOB 2012 Fremont, Ohio show and second Reserve at the NBS Also BOB at the MPC and Fremont Pigeon Club Show as an old hen.

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He has been treated like a pet and is not halter broke. Intact spotted standard jack should mature around 12.2-13h good with other horses, ponies, cows, sheep, ok with dogs as well.

We at Purely Poultry are proponents of raising oriental game fowl for the backyard flock for legal purposes only and want to see these chickens prosper for future generations to enjoy. Modern Game chickens are a striking breed of bird.

There is plenty of roost space and presently has 12 nesting boxes with wooden dowel fronts. Nesting boxes are one foot high and 32 inches long.

Pairs are mated up in the locked nest box for a week. Then released into the loft. When the youngster are eating well they will be removed to the growing loft.

Bluesman Pigeon Fancier 605 posts Dec 27, 2005 1:08 PM Yes that would work. I think I understand you are going to have it waist high at the floor level? The opening loft to flyway will be large to help with summer ventilation.

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Flyway will be available to the flock at all times. My flocks kept small to be more enjoyable, My pigeons are kept for their colors and style. I have Reduced Blacks--”Blue Laced”, Andalusian's, homozygous Andalusian's, a few dark Indigo- Opals --Blacks and a Bagless Blue pair.

I am in Minnesota, we had a Very cold 1st 10 days of December now we are enjoying 'spring' weather. Bluesman Pigeon Fancier 606 posts Dec 28, 2005 2:38 AM Jerry.

I live in South Central Pennsylvania. The weather here changes about every 3 days. It will go from -10 degrees F to 40+ degrees in the same week. Cold, Warm,Snow, Wind,Rain, Ice,Sleet, Freezing Rain all in the same week.LOL. But overall we have been having milder winters the past 5 years. I start breeding soon after Thanksgiving. I like to get a couple early rounds to get them on the wing early in the year. Past few days the highs have been closing in on 40 degrees. Breeders are loving it. Me too.LOL. All I raise is Rollers. Well I do have Barnyard Fancy Chickens free ranging and a couple pair of White Utility Kings for Squaring & a dozen Heavy Laying Hens to keep me in eggs.LOL. David done 2 posts Dec 28, 2005 5:53 PM Jerry, was reading your post describing the different colors you have. I get my prettiest Andalusian's from rather poor blacks which is usually the ones with only 1 gene for spread.

The real shiny blacks (usually homozygous for spread) don't usually produce the gorgeous Andalusian's. Jerryf 4 posts Dec 29, 2005 3:24 AM Divide live on 5 acres, rolling hills, oak trees, great views.

Yes I should have the sexes separated I will do that today I will cage the hens, cocks can stay in the breeding loft. At mating time I will lock the pairs in the big nest boxes and remove the stack of cages so the loft will get 10 square feet of additional floor space.

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Donb 4 posts Jan 02, 2006 10:54 AM Jerry, a little further discussion on the color Andalusian Blue “. For instance if each parent passes on its spread gene then you have a black offspring.

Just thought I'd pass this on so maybe someone would realize its not like mating 2 BLU bars together where you get a BB every time.

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