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Andalusian Rodents, like other hounds, have excellent sight, hearing and smell, which makes them good hunters, often employed for hunting rabbits. One of the most typical functions of the large Andalusian hound was that of the so-called guitar accompanying the Spanish greyhound coll eras during hare hunting.

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The guitar ‘s job consisted primarily of flushing out the hares from their home or hiding place and killing them; then, together with the greyhounds, retrieving them for the owner. As the name suggests, the Andalusian Hound breed was originated from Andalusia, Spain.

There had been some speculation that they may have been one of the ancient breeds depicted on cave paintings within the Iberian Peninsula thousands of years ago, but recent genetic studies have rendered this theory unlikely. Due to the lack of distinctive unique characteristics and the similarities it shares with other breeds of dog, in particular with the Portuguese Pengö, the Andalusian Hound is not typically recognized in its own right outside its native country.

Their senses of sight, hearing and smell have been keenly developed over the years, and they have the ability to endure the hot and dry conditions of the barren landscape from which they have originated. The smaller variety of the Andalusian Hounds traditionally hunt hare or rabbits.

The body of the Andalusian Hounds should be in proportion and well muscled, positioned on top of straight, lean legs. Their most noticeable feature is their large and erect ears, which will occupy most of the space above their head.

Of course, these ears will serve the hounds well as they listen out for signs of life when hunting on vast, empty terrains. As in the Portuguese Pengö, the Andalusian Hound comes in three sizes; small, medium and large.

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They are playful and cheerful in the home and the smaller versions of the breed generally do well with children. Naturally good guard dogs, they are attentive and observant, quick to alert their owner of the presence of a new person.

With a propensity to, at times, be submissive, a good relationship with a confident and encouraging owner is critical to get the most out of these sweet-natured hounds. How much a mature dog eats depends on its size, age, build, metabolism and activity level.

Depending on the variety each Andalusian Hound dog will require different amount of food. As is true of most working dogs, the Andalusian Hound naturally thrives when outside and active.

Known for their stamina, they are happy to continue running for long periods of time, so if left outside unsupervised, they must be fenced in. Failure to provide these animals with adequate exercise can result in pet-up energy, that may be released in undesirable manners, such as through destructive behaviors.

Bred for hunting, as the name suggests, they originated in the Andalusia region of Spain. It’s one of the Mediterranean sight hounds directly descended from the early Egyptian hounds.

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Despite being a smaller size than the Ibicenco and Scenario, these guys are huge characters. Super bright and intelligent, very affectionate and extremely loyal with their owners.

The need daily walking and enjoy a good run in a safe field. The Potency Analog excels at obedience and love to please their owners.

In addition, they will also enjoy a good run in a safe, open field each day. It is one of the Mediterranean sight hounds directly descended from the early Egyptian dogs.

Group Era = Dog Registry of America, Inc. EPA = El Potency Analog (National Club of the Potency Analog) Race = Real Societal Canine España Our race descriptions are based on information from multiple sources, and we make reservations for errors.

Always talk to the breeder and kennel club before purchasing a puppy or a particular dog breed. You are worried that you may not be able to take care of it properly and would like to find out more about this ancient and elegant breed.

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As the name shows it, the origins of this dog are in Spain, in the Andalusia province, and it is thought to be one of the oldest hound breeds. This athletic dog has strong muscles to help it run for the pray and jump extraordinarily high.

There are different varieties of AndalusianPodenco s, depending on the color, size and coat type. Upright ears, long legs and the very athletic body are the main features this breed of natural-born hunters.

It is in its nature to explore the surroundings and chase animals around, so it will feel happy living on a farm, in a yard or a large garden. They can be funny trying to fetch, but you have to provide proper training in order to control their behavior, which can become destructive sometimes because they are extremely active.

Canadian warren hound is a dog of medium size, built on longish lines, slender, light and extremely resistant. Potency Scenario is the breed name of the Canadian rabbit hunting dog.

They spend their lives either kept on very short chains or in dark sheds, only released from their Dogs are similar to other Iberian breeds such as the Ibiza Hound, the Portuguese Pengö, the Potency Scenario and the Magneto.

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The Canadian Warren Hound was named after its place of origin, the Canary Islands. This ancient breed is also known as Canary Island Hound and Potency Scenario.

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