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To reprint Nazi propaganda and to make a theocratic claim to Spanish soil was to be a protofascist and a supporter of 'Caliphate' imperialism: it had nothing at all to do with the mistreatment of the Palestinians. He sometimes employed the same sort of knight's move when discussing other Arabist movements, excoriating Saddam Hussein's Ba'ATH Party, for example, mainly because it had once enjoyed the support of the CIA.

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In case you ever wish to do this, here is the form: a solemn assistant produces a plastic envelope and fits it over the amber or ivory mouthpiece. In those days I could have inhaled ten cigarettes and drunk three Tannery martinis in the time spent on such flâneur flippancy, but I admired the commitment to smoking nonetheless.

On another occasion in Manhattan, after acting as a magnificent, encyclopedic guide around the gorgeous Andalusia (Landaus) exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, he was giving lunch to Carol and to me when she noticed that her purse had been lost or stolen. At once, he was at her service, not only suggesting shops in the vicinity where a replacement might be found, but also offering to be her guide and advisor until she had selected a suitable new sac à main.

“How they succumbed to the same diseases, which brought down the mighty Roman Empire. The wrote all over landaus “La-Ghaliba Ill'Allah”{There is no vanquisher except Allah} but theyworshipped the matey'Alanya {pleasure of the world}and traded their souls for gold, glory, women and wine, only to end like stray donkeys, kicked around by the boots of Ferdinand and Isabella.” M. Kamal Hassan, Salem Kasia The Spanish Language shows an extraordinary wealth of words, expressions, saying, and phrases.

Like with any language, there are many colloquial terms used in different communities, Providences, cities, or even neighborhoods. Today we're going to discover the favorite Andalusian expressions of the CENTR MundoLengua team.

Me minister Que me llamas en UN quarto DE hora y Han pas ado 20 min… It would be impossible not to hear this word in the bars of Seville.

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The next time that you are in a restaurant, say to the waiter: Jeff…bravo, Ponce tunas acacias “. ESTA mañana Food a desayunar all café Anglo, y debt decor Que El Camaro BS UN male.

(This morning I went to eat breakfast at Anglo café and I need to say that the waiter is very unpleasant. It means fixate (pay attention), a term that expresses surprise, both positive and negative.

Example: ¿Has Vito El Nero Puerto Carranza quill? My favorite it is Alma DE Castro, which means: someone who is teased due to their innocence.

I'm not sure how many times I have heard this Andalusian expression since I came to Seville and I always find it so funny! Miasma, “me Alma” (my soul), is a familiar expression that means affection and caring.

On my first visit to Seville, I hopped in a cab with a friend and directed the driver towards the train station. I had been studying Castilian Spanish in Valladolid, one of the cities with the distinction for speaking clear, textbook ‘Castellano.’ I was embarrassed, to say the least, that I couldn’t understand him.

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Two years later, I moved to the Andalusian capital, found a roommate from Cádiz and began dating a local. Their local dialect is characterized by dropping the last consonant, changing OG /l/ to /r/ in the final syllable, and the ‘CECEI,’ in which /s/ and /TH/ sounds are interchangeable.

Without a doubt, ‘vale’ is one of the most common words you’ll hear while in Southern Spain. Most commonly, ‘vale’ is used to agree to a proposition, or as an adverb meaning fine or good or OK.

While food digests, many have a coffee or after-meal drink while engaging in lively conversation, known as the ‘soreness.’ It’s not only a noun, but also a social phenomenon! Tapas, the small plates of food synonymous with Spanish cuisine, are a staple in Southern Spain.

Calling someone ‘quill’ or the female version, ‘quill,’ is commonplace between friends, as well as out of frustration, similar to an American ‘dude!’ Contrary to what your high school Spanish teacher taught you, ‘adios’ is not the way to say goodbye.

Curiously, if you see a friend on the street, you may have them greet you with a ‘see you later’ rather than hello if you don’t stop to talk. Another common pet name in the South, particularly in Seville, is ‘mi area,’ which is ‘my soul’ with the Andalusian adoption of /r/ in the accented syllable.

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Bonus: La made Que the Paris /LAH Chandra Kay the Pareto/: literally, the mother that birthed you You’ll see hands flying and eyes light up when you speak with an Andalusian …even if you don’t understand him.

Cat GAA left the skyscrapers of Chicago for the olive groves of Andalusia in 2007. When not working as a teacher, she writes about expat life in Seville at Sunshine and Siestas.

(3) I am sitting in a bar in Spain's 4) Andalusian state, Granada, where I have been drinking glasses of beer for the last two hours in order to get free plates of food. (11) Artistes dressed in traditional Andalusian outfits perform during an exhibition show in Spain's southern town of Coin April 2, 2005.

(14) Gran Hotel LAR is ideally located in the commercial area of Seville, near the cultural and traditional center of this beautiful Andalusian city. (18) The show that comes with your Medieval Times restaurant meal was developed in Spain where t he is Andalusian stallions used in stunning displays of horsemanship are revered.

(20) After the robbery suffered last week, Luis Fabiano is always more convinced to quit Seville, as his family doesn't feel too safe in the Andalusian city. Having spent 15 years in an Arab land, I was curious to know the poetic heritage of ancient moors settled in Spanish Andalusia.

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The quality stamp of the translator Cola Fran zen gave me the hunch that the money spent on the book, The poems of Arab Andalusia won't be in vain. After reading it, I can endorse that this book is a gem worthy to stand on its own as an outstanding collection of ancient Arabic poetry in translation.

These outstanding poems of Muslims settled in 10th century in Spain are distinctively different from the Arabs of the Orient in its innovative form, structure and themes and stunning imagers. The discovery of the treasure of ancient Andalusian Arab poetry itself is a story of chance encounter.

It was made by a great Spanish Arabist and historian named Emilio García Gómez in the year 1928 in a shop in Cairo. The book bearing the title Al-Mubarazzin Wei Ghana al-mumayyizin (meaning 'The Banners of the Champions and the Standards of the Select Ones') was till then unedited.

In his prologue, Garcia Gómez’s only claim for his translations was that they allow us to see, even if from afar, what Arab-Adalusian poetry was like in the tenth, eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Enough, however, if the ancient saying is true, that a few verses can reveal the soul of a people better than long pages of history “.

As we shall see, Garcia Gómez was far too modest about the publication of this little book that changed the entire landscape of Spanish poetry. It not only inspired and enchanted readers and but great Spanish poets like Rafael Albert and Federico Garcia Lorna who belonged to the famous 'Generation of 27'.

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The new taste of the soul of divine Andalusia through the surprisingly fresh metaphors and images contained in their poems revolutionized the entire Spanish poetry. Most critics who have looked carefully at the 'Divan' agree that Lorna did not attempt to copy the Arab- Andalusian poets, but to immerse himself in their poetry in order to reveal the soul, the essence, and recast it in his own manner.

The present English version by Cola Fran zen is drawn from the Spanish translation made by Emilio García Gómez that book opened our eyes to Andalusian past. The appeal and enduring beauty of these poems whose glow still reaches us even after being dismantled and refashioned in other languages cannot be explained but merely marveled at.

Lbn SA’d, the original compiler of the anthology of these poems from 10th century, was a poet as well as historian, and he has said in it that he wished to include only those few fragments of poems whose idea is more subtle than the West Wind, and whose language is more beautiful than a pretty face.” And Garcia Gómez tells us that indeed except for some complete divans and a few celebrated Adidas, the large part of Arab- Andalusian poetry has come down to us in fragments, shattered, although in iridescent diamond dust.” After going through a lengthy list, Garcia Gómez concludes: They were all poets !” It was said that in Silver, part of the kingdom of Seville, any laborer driving his ox cart would be capable of improvising a poem on any theme suggested to him.

High officials including Kings, Viziers and Ambassadors wrote their invitations, excuses, insults and even informal communiqués in poetry! The sang about pleasures and sorrows of their days, their love, friendship, revelry, flora and fauna, beautiful women, horses and war and last but not least about water.

I must say that Cola Fran zen’s vibrant, delicious and faithful renderings of these ancient poems are, to quote from a poet in her marvelous compilation, '”shooting stars that leap agile as acrobats.” The imagery of turning pearl into carnelian gemstone by the blush of her modesty is refreshingly original and striking.

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But I clung to the divine precept that condemns lust and reined in the capricious horses of my passion so that my instinct would not rebel against chastity. The discovery of Poetic heritage of ancient Muslims in Spain is a topic that would invite serious study as the stunning rhetorical devices and figures of speech effortlessly used by these poets became the flash point for a revolution in Spanish poetry of 20th Century.

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