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Spanish cultural movement and music genre Flamenco rock or Andalusian rock is a rock music subgenre that emerged from (but is not limited to) the Spanish region of Andalusia throughout the late 1960s and early 1970s.

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There were some precedents like a couple of albums (Rock encounter and The Soul of Flamenco and the Essence of Rock) by Salinas, a handful of singles by Smash, Gong, Galatia, Flamenco or even the American band Carmen. However, Trina was recognized as a pioneer of the genre since their music focuses on a homogeneous fusion of the progressive rock and flamenco.

Many bands that mixed progressive and symphonic rock with flamenco followed them such as Man Caliphate independent, CAI, Guadalquivir, Alameda or Mesquita ; that's why the term Andalusian rock may be understood simply as flamenco pro. Medina Sahara turned from progressive to a hard rock outfit in the 1980s, and they remain as one of the most popular flamenco rock bands in its home nation.

Bottom: Antonio Rodríguez and Alberto García Rock analog was started in the late 1960s by Seville-based group Smash. This legendary psychedelic rock and blues act was formed by Alberto Garcia in 1967 and recorded two influential albums, Gloria DE Los Lots (1970) and We Come to Smash this Time (1971).

Gong initially included Mane on guitar, Rick ion organ and piano, José Maria Ruiz on bass and Pepe Saavedra on drums. Gong, courtesy of Luis Cooking recorded an LP that was never released and put out two singles.

Due to the lack of regular music venues, musicians and young entrepreneurs found a wide range of locations to stage concerts: town squares, high school soccer fields, summer movie theaters, bull fighting rings and some municipal theaters. The most popular Andalusian rock band by far was Trina, a trio that added Flamenco Bulgaria beats to a progressive rock format and released several commercially successful LPs.

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After that, Trina became very popular and switched to a more radio friendly rock and pop crossover format. Jesús de la Rosa Tuque died on October 14, 1983, in a car accident.

Man combined Andalusian music with progressive rock, Arabic melodies, fusion jazz and Latin American rhythms. He was joined by keyboardist Dr. Marcos Montero, who had performed with Alberto and German Rodriguez-Hesles García from Gong.

Man, Caliphate independienteThe classic Man line-up included Anglo Rodríguez on guitar and vocals, Marcos Montero on keyboards, INAMI Agana on bass (former member of funk band Barnabas) and Kilo Guerrero on drums (former member of Jerez rock pioneers Los Solos). CAI released two progressive albums, MAS all DE Questran metes minutes (La Cochu-Trova Records, 1978) and Niche Alberta (Epic, 1980).

After that the band headed in a more commercial direction with the album Mansion DE la primavera (Epic, 1981). The band was based in Madrid, led by two guitarists from Andalusia, Andres League and Luis Cobb ‘Mangles.’ The rest of the band members were Madrid-based musicians Pedro Antihero on saxophones and flute, Jaime Canada on bass and Larry Martin on drums.

The other recording was Al Annals, dedicated to Andalusian music, fusing flamenco with progressive rock and jazz. Guadalquivir was the house band that recorded Al Annals and toured with Miguel Rios during that period.

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The lineup included Jorge Sylvester (alto saxophone), Fernando Bravo (flute), Luis Former (piano), Miguel Ángel Casting (acoustic bass), Ruben Qantas (percussion), and César Berth (percussion). Seville-based Alberto recorded a series of albums that combined progressive rock, flamenco and Indian music influences.

Early albums included À la Vida, Al Dolor (1975), Vericuetos (1976) and Outros Dias (1979). Mesquita (Córdoba) attracted a lot of attention with its mix of progressive rock and flamenco airs.

The original lineup included José Rama García Rose on guitars and vocals; Fernando “Randy” López Rojas on bass and vocals; Francisco López Carrillo “Rock” on keyboards and Rafael Gorilla “Lucas” on drums. Valentin and Pedro were former members of the group Tina y Humor, while Jesus used to play in Los Bros.

The highly popular Medina Sahara (Córdoba), and Tabletop (Antique) had less of a progressive edge, combining hard rock, blues and flamenco Influential singer-songwriters Love y Manuel played an important role, combining flamenco, rock, folk and other elements.

With the arrival of punk, new wave and various Brit pop fads, record labels lost interest in progressive bands. Many of the influential Madrid and Barcelona music critics were known for their hostility towards Andalusian rock and progressive rock in general.

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In 1996, Mangles founded Manteca, with which he released two CDs, Pa Date Gloria and Badlands Con Cabral. The leading act was Madrid’s excellent band echo that combined progressive rock, flamenco, blues jams and more.

Led by vocalist and bassist Luis Mascot, their sound featured Andalusian progressive rock influences. Haifa released MAS all Del SUR (Toque, 1999), Fe (2005), Alhambra (Discos Libras, 2008) and Desperado El silence (Santa Trial Productions, 2012).

Recordings include Races (2010), Gotta (2012), Retakes (2014) and Done empire El tempo (2016). A new CAI line up released the double album Much MAS All (2007), featuring studio and live tracks.

Mesquita reformed in 2011 and released a live album, 30 Anniversary en direct (Navarro ck, 2011). In 2012, CAI’s Diego Hoping and Pace Delgado created a new band called Cayman that included Man’s former bassist, INAMI Agana, and keyboardist Bias Ago.

Various music festivals between 2006 and 2012 presented reunions of various key acts: Guadalquivir, Smash, and Man Caliphate Independent. Some mestizo rock (world music-leaning) bands in southern Spain such as O’funk’ill, Los Delinquents and Della have Andalusian rock influences.

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Heavy metal bands like Hora Zulu and Faust Toronto also incorporated flamenco. Malaria released Figure, an album that brought back a mix of progressive rock and flamenco.

Jay- Bass Marty-Drums Bob- Rhythm G/Vocals Brian ... Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page.

See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. Believed to have begun in Córdoba in the ninth century, classical Andalusian music made its way to Morocco during the mass resettlement of the Sephardi Jewish and Muslim population fleeing Andalusia following the Spanish Inquisition.

Perhaps the best-known Andalusian singer, Benjamin Gonzalo draws a crowd wherever he may be performing throughout Morocco. Often dressed in velvet tunics with fine embroidery, Gonzalo gets the audience singing, dancing and his fans ululating, as he belts out familiar classics known throughout Morocco while collaborating with an orchestra of Andalusian musicians.

Born into a family of music lovers, the young Farsi singer-songwriter Nebula Main has released three albums to date. A traditional Moroccan musician, her love of Arab- Andalusian music has flourished as she has studied under some of the largest names in the industry.

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Built into and now jutting out of a gorge created by the eroding forces of the Tree river, this provincial town is steeped in a rich cultural history. When the Catholics conquered the town, they began storing local produce inside the rock due to its consistently cool temperature.

Despite its misfortune in viticulture, the town very much survives and thrives today, with bars and restaurants that cut into the rock and provide a lively and local atmosphere. It has also since turned its attention to other specialities which particularly appreciate the cool storage rooms afforded by the rock, including chorizo, olive oil, jam and honey.

With houses and streets completely covered by the hanging rock face, as if a meteor has been suspended in time and space, it is one of Andalusia's most mystical destinations.

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