Andalusian Stitch

James Smith
• Thursday, 31 December, 2020
• 11 min read

This vintage AndalusianStitch Knitting Pattern is a sweet little update of the Stockinette Stitch. In this 4-Row Repeat Knit Stitch Pattern, we simply knit and purl on one of the rows, creating a little of texture and visual interest.

andalusian stitch knit
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This stitch was named long ago after the Southern Spain community of Andalusia. However, the wrong side has a nice clean look that I personally wouldn’t mind being visible.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Find the AndalusianStitch on page 17 of my Knit Stitch Pattern Book.

As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn commissions from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. The andalusianstitch is an easy to knit stitch pattern.

Every fourth row alternates knits and purls, as in 1+1 ribbing. It’s simple but with a little more texture to it than the regular stockinette stitch.

It’s clean and pretty on the wrong side too, and it wouldn’t be a problem to let it show. Learn more: Prevent curling edges in stockinette.

stitch andalusian knitting pattern stitches quilt number using patchwork cast multiple
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This post goes deep into why knit fabric curls and what to do about it. Once you have got the hang of stockinette stitch you will be able to knit andalusianstitch too.

When I knit backward I get the right tension and I feel like I get a better flow! The AndalusianStitch is easy enough for beginners yet detailed enough with its subtle bumps to give a nice textured look to any of your favorite projects.

I like that anyone can do this pattern and that it lends its self for any kind of project from the basic hat to gloves, socks or just the ornate pocket on a shirt or sweater. It does make for a dense stitch however the striped part does leave a slim line of opening when you switch the pattern from rows of knit to the rib stitch.

Just doesn’t show up well with large gauge looms like the Knight Knitter or the Bye. Yarn: Like most textured stitch patterns this one looks best in a solid color with a slight sheen.

I used one of my favorite brands Carbon Simply Soft in Grape. Other economy brands like the Red Heart just didn’t work well.

andalusian stitch knitting knit pattern studio yarn knitted beginners
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Andalusian stitch is a four row repeat of knits and purls, nothing fancy yet produces a lovely fabric. Cast on an even number of stitches. In today’s tutorial, I’ll teach you how to knit the Double Andalusian stitch, a lovely four-row pattern great for beginners, easy and quick to memorize (two of the four rows are just plain knit rows).

It’s similar to the Little Boxes stitch we learned some time ago, but much easier! The Double Andalusian pattern is perfect for knitting blankets, baby clothing, scarves, cowls and sweaters or cardigans.

It’s not reversible, yet it has a delicate texture to it, and it doesn’t curl. The odd rows form the right side of the work.

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In the event that inappropriate bond strain is utilized, the material puckers. Should the improper needle is employed, holes arise inside the fibers.

andalusian stitch knitting knit pattern patterns studioknitsf studio classic beginners intro read blanket baby
(Source: www.studioknitsf.com)

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