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After all, it is she who produces, raises and teaches her offspring. We currently have five carefully selected purebred (PRE) mares chosen for their temperament and type along with their proven bloodlines and movement. To produce the purebreds we chose the Quarter Horse and the Appaloosa, so taking both of these American breeds back to their original Spanish roots.

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They make super riding horses and can excel in any sphere including dressage, show jumping and driving, purebreds make excellent events. We have a fully registered and graded Andalusian (Auto) Stallion.

Bar brook Farm, Rock Bank, 278 Leigh Road, Worse, Lancashire, M28 1LH, United Kingdom Uk Tel: 01672 811423 Fax: 01672 811416 Email: info@garywitheford.co.

Mass PRE Stud, Chester blade Road, Stone Stratton, Shelton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 4EQ, United Kingdom Currency conversion is approximate and is based on the Open Exchange Rates project.

Actual conversion values are subject to change, and may be affected by individual transaction surcharges and other factors. If you are unable to provide a check in US funds, we do accept PayPal with a 5% convenience charge to cover our fee.

PLEASE NOTE: All breeding inquiries should be made to JC Andalusian's, please only contact distribution centers for questions related to shipping. His book will be limited to retain high value for his offspring and so that we can fulfill all of our obligations for rebreeding rights with the semen we have already imported should it be needed.

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When ovulation is determined to be immanent the AI technician may want to reduce check time to every 4 hours. The progressively motile sperm of the test thaw determines a breeding dose.

Breeding doses consist of approx 300 million progressively motile sperm based on post thaw data at time of freezing. It is important to always use the number of straws included in a breeding dose for the best chances of a successful pregnancy.

As tempting as it may be to try and expand the use of frozen semen, breaking up breeding doses may affect conception rates and will cost more money in the end. Where the horses health and happiness is of the greatest importance to us.Large airy boxes and constant turnout.

Breeders of breathtakingly majestic PRE Andalusian Horses. Please feel free to click on any of the names above to be forwarded to the appropriate page or site.

Fireside FARM, FERENEZE ROAD, BY NEILSTONGLASGOW G78 3AQMOBILE 07837 0800 58 (preferred) We imported Currant VI back in March 2011, and he was sourced for us by Karma of Spanish Horses UK.

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DNA tested EE AA CRcr, so he can produce buckskin and smokey blacks, depending on the mare's genetic makeup. His dam being bred by the historic Mira stud and by the Calificado (and twice Champion of Spain) stallion Pander XIV (a son of the legendary Lubricant III and a full brother to PanaderoVIII) sire of Olympic Silver Medal Winner Invasion II & Internationally renowned Gaucho III).

We have high hopes for his future dressage career after gaining 64.55% in his very first test at The College, Base and being placed 3rd overall. He then went on to compete at the Bash Breed Show in July, coming 5th in a strong 4-year-old stallion class.

He commenced his stud duties in 2011 and proved to be an absolute gentleman, and we were thrilled with his first foals in 2012. Currant is graded Auto(approved for breeding) & all his stock eligible for registration.

He combines his sort after color with top class breeding, temperament and movement. He covers in hand or loose, but pasture breeding is by special arrangement only and not suitable for all mares.

Both his parents are from the famous Martin stud, who are well known for producing quality horses. Her dam's lines are Terry, Osborne, Military, Bones and Bollix, amongst others, and contain many famous horses of the breed.

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Her pedigree is largely Military and Terry which traces back to the sought after Avocado bloodlines. It contains the famous PRE stallions: Haciendas IV 1955, Nescafé, Jugular, Bilbao III, and Novato, amongst others.

Lucy was a vaquero horse in Spain, spending long days working with the black fighting bulls. She has naturally athletic, extended paces and is very affectionate. Despite being only 3/4 PRE she is extremely well bred.

Her breeding is predominately Military, and includes Also, Cedar, Tangible, Falcon and Cesar. Plus other famous PRE stallions such as, Gordon II, Bilbao III, Hacienda IV 1955, Herero, and Novato.

She has been backed and then used as a broodmare. Her pedigree, on her sire's side, includes many famous PRE stallions including: Desperado II, Novato, Bilbao III, Close III and Haciendas IV 1955. His progeny have won 30 significant National Accolades. Ella's Great Grand sire, Quality Fair, was the sire of countless show horses, Intermediate evener Crown Gold, Supreme Champion broodmare Crown Aqua Marine and advanced dressage horse Indian Summer.

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