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They can be identified by their thick mane and tail, strong body and noble head. They handle well, with average Acceleration and Speed, and are known for their good Health and increased Stamina, making them great for long journeys.

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Prized in Spain for their use in bull fights, they are an agile, healthy, elegant, and intelligent breed. The Andalusian has a reputation as an incredible athlete exhibiting a sixth sense around livestock, moving with amazing speed.

As soon as the option becomes highlighted and is no longer blacked out, you will want to immediately calm and keep walking slowly. It will start bucking you, and you want to hold the left analog stick in the opposite direction it is trying to walk.

Keep holding the left analog stick back until the game tells you that you have broken the horse. Ride around with it for a little and keep patting it by pressing the left analog stick to try and calm it.

The best spot is east of Donner Falls and south of the “I” from the Marino text on the map. Notes Over, Tobago, and Splashed White are all found in the wild and you can find those first two in towns as well.

The best coat is the Grey Over, which can only be purchased at the Tumbleweed Stable starting in the Epilogue: Part 1. It isn't the fastest horse you can find, but it has solid overall stats and is definitely preferable over any of the wild version of this horse you can find. American StandardbredCommon Bootblack and Buckskin Uncommon CoatsPalomino Dapple and Silver Tail BuckskinWild Horse Location the highest concentration of these in the wild tends to be in the northeastern Cumberland Forest region in New Hanover.

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They are usually east of Fort Wallace and south of Bacchus Station, and there will usually be two or three grouped together. NotesThe common coats here are unremarkable, and you'll run into them in the wild or in town fairly often. There is an area east of COTOREP Springs (and south of the “R” from the Marino text on your map) where there is a little of open land that isn't quite so forested.

Both uncommon coats are great options and have wonderful overall stats. ArabianCommon Coastline Uncommon Bootblack, Rose Grey Bay, and Whitefield Horse LocationThere is only one Arabian horse you can find anywhere in the wild, and that is the rare white coat. There is only one spawn spot in the entire game and this is one of three very rare horses you can discover in the wild.

The horse is typically found to the west of the road that runs west of Lake Isabella, and its range typically is from the top of the island to the bottom of the “Lake Isabella” text. You may need to explore a bit as its range is fairly large, so make sure you come equipped with warm clothes when you start your search.

It's the most common habitat is highlighted below, but if you cannot find it there check slightly north or south of this as well. The black coat can be purchased from the Saint-Denis Stable starting in Chapter 4, while the rose gray bay can be bought from the Blackwater Stable starting in the Epilogue: Part 1.

The Bay Roan can be purchased from the Scarlett Meadows Stable starting in Chapter 2 for $140 and the Strawberry Roan can be bought from the Van Horn Stable starting in Chapter 6 for $450. The common coat is completely unremarkable, but the uncommon features extremely high health and good stamina.

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The dapple dark gray can only be purchased from the Valentine Stable stating in Chapter 2. These horses are all perfectly “fine” but tend to have lower than desired speed to serve as your primary horse. Kentucky SaddlerCommon Coats Gray, Black, Chestnut Pinto, and Silver Bay Uncommon CoatsNoneWild Horse LocationFound in the central and eastern regions of The Heartlands in New Hanover.

This breed is one of the best horse breeds in the entire game, combining top end speed and high stamina. MorganCommon Coastal, Palomino, Flaxen Chestnut, and Bay Roan Uncommon CoatsNoneWild Horse Location In the middle of the Heartlands region. This is another common horse, and another breed that is fairly unremarkable in terms of stats. MustangCommon CoatsGrullo Dun and Wild Bay Uncommon Coaster Striped Baywood Horse Location can usually find a couple of these together in the central and eastern regions of The Heartlands in New Hanover.

This is where the two common coats can be found, and the tiger striped bay is a one of the three rare horse types in the entire game that have only one spawn location. It is found in southern New Austin, to the east of the Rio Bravo text on your map.

This coat has a fairly large spawn location so expand your search location a bit if you're having a hard time finding him. NotesAll three of the coat varieties can be found in the wild and occasionally in towns as well. None of these are all that fast, but the Tiger Striped Bay has good health and stamina so if you're looking for a mustang you will likely want this variety. NokotaCommon CoatsBlue Roan and White Roan Uncommon CoatsReverse Dapple Ronald Horse LocationTypically found in the southeastern Cumberland Forest region in New Hanover.

The tend to be right around the “T” of the Cumberland Forest text on your map, and can appear anywhere from slightly north (almost directly in between where the “Cumberland” and “Forest” words are written on the map) to slightly south (a little ways south of the dotted line representing the barrier of the region. The bad news is there are a lot of wild horses in the region and these guys are fairly rare in comparison, so you may be looking for a little while.

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Do sweeps up and down until you find one. NotesThe two common coats can be found in the wild and, while their overall stats aren't great, their speed is high enough to make them a good early game horse. The uncommon coat, however, is one of the fastest horses in the entire game which more than makes up for some of its other more mediocre stats.

It can be purchased from the Saint-Denis Stable starting in Chapter 4. ShireCommon CoatsDark Bay and Light Grey Uncommon Contravene Blackwell Horse Location found in the wildNotesThe two common coats can be found pulling wagons and coaches all over the map. The uncommon coat will be automatically obtained during the Exit Pursued By A Bruised Ego mission in Chapter 2.

Their stats are fairly mediocre, but they're fine to use if you're desperate for a horse. Tennessee WalkerCommon Coated Roan, Black Fabiano, Chestnut, and Dapple Bay Uncommon CoatsFlaxen Roan and Mahogany Baywood Horse LocationLocated in the eastern Cumberland Forest region of New Hanover. And, finally, the Flaxen Roan can be purchased from the Tumbleweed Stable after reaching the Epilogue.

Most of these coats have very poor stats, but the Flaxen Roan has good health and acceleration and makes for a solid horse even late in the game. ThoroughbredCommon CoatsBlood Bay and Dapple Gray Uncommon Coastal Brown and Brindled Horse LocationFound in western area of The Heartlands' region in New Hanover. It is usually on the right edge of the text of The Heartlands, but there is a fairly large area they can be found in and have a decent amount of space from the north to the south of The Heartlands that they explore. NotesEven the common coats are not that common to be found in towns, but they do exist.

This War horse on average has good Health and Stamina stats, but low Speed and Acceleration. Where to find The Dark Bay, Rose Grey Andalusian Locations, Cost and Stats will depend on its coat type.

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Noted for his sturdy body and proud carriage, the Lipizzaner’ head is remarkable for its large appealing eyes and small alert ears. The body presents a picture of strength with a crested neck, powerful shoulders, muscular hind quarters, and strong legs with well-defined tendons and joints.

* Reserve National Champion Andalusian Pure/Half Dressage Suitability Jr Horse * Reserve National Champion Andalusian Pure/Half Western Pleasure Jr.

* National Champion Half Andalusian Western Pleasure Open I do have to find the placing on Contest (Connie ) as Well As a Purebred filly by Camp X Auricle A (we have an even better Merlin X Auricle A daughter in program )Way too many placing as we are now seeing grand get and great grand get and even great grand get hitting the show ring.

Not to mention the many non-showing working ranch and family pleasure horses produced. Swan Creek has started off many, now very successful breeding operations and strengthened already established farms in the US. However, after over 3 decades and no help to continue training I have decided to cut way down and concentrate on just the Draft, Frisian, Curly Draft and Curly/Draft Mule programs.

A few of the Andalusian mares are being kept for War lander and Mule making. Even Shads is for sale. He really is wasting away here as I do not or have not been breeding much the last few years. I even have a few impossible to find Merlin 1 daughters for sale.

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Horses on terms cannot be handled, done that before and ended up with a mess! THIS IS A DISPERSAL, SERIOUS CASH OFFERS WELCOME But REPEAT...THIS IS NOT A FIRE-SALE THOUGH HORSES ARE PRICED BELOW THEIR VALUE.

Has pastured all summer now with other colts and mature stallion across from mares, so very respectful and nicely conditioned. Half Andalusian Curly Suffolk bred sooty palomino 2014 colt.

Palomino Splash Over 2014 Curly/MFT Filly by Big Ben. Sept 2014 LOUD over buckskin Filly, by Big Ben and out of Merlin Daughter Paint SF, making her 1/4 Andalusian.

2014 Bay filly by a ¾ bred Merlin son X Campanile daughter, out of Frigga. Nice foals 14 hands Bred to Big Ben (Suffolk, Percheron, Belgian, Mustang).

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