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There are more and more that are considered the most beautiful Andalusian villages, since these localities are increasingly committed to enhancing their historic, natural and cultural heritage. The attraction of these white villages does not always lie in their religious or civic monuments, though there are many that have beautiful ancient churches and Medieval castle remains, among other buildings of interest.

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The urban structure of these villages is usually the typical one of old Medieval town with narrow, winding streets, dotted with white houses. Spectacular beaches, such as those found in the Mary Natural Park, combine with the typical charm of whitewashed houses and narrow streets of local villages, to make this place a paradise of sea and mountains.

When following the White Villages of Cadiz route, the picturesque town of Coil is the perfect stop for fried fish, seafood and sherry, all while enjoying the fabulous beaches known as El Palmer. Here, visitors are sure to applaud one of the most beautiful sunsets in Andalusia and a stunning example of a historical center of typical maritime life.

Its famous mixture of white houses next to the Sierra de Cabrera, besides a maze of narrow streets, cause us the feeling of having travelled back in time. The blue flag signals access to its 17 miles of beach, offering yet another hallmark of quality and comfort of this Andalusian town.

Here lies one of the most precious jewels of Spain’s natural beauty, Neva Umbra Beach, a strip of fine golden sand located between the Atlantic and the Paid Rivers. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, its monuments are of extraordinary beauty and together form a collection of magnificent, stately homes, churches and singular, charming squares, surrounded by three national parks.

Along the Route of the Caliphate, Praise de Córdoba captivates visitors thanks to an extraordinary Baroque monuments and its prime location in the Sabbatical Natural Park. Marbella is a paradise for beach lovers and glamour, but do not forget the old town and the famous Plaza de los Navajos, accessible by narrow, white streets.

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This offers a chance to wander through its cobbled streets and enjoy whitewashed houses decorated with geraniums, near the Natural Park of Azalea, which is designated a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Aaron is located in the only place in Spain chosen as candidate for one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the National Park of Sierra Nevada in Granada.

The most characteristic feature of this town is definitely its water springs, which are fed by the snows of the Sierra Nevada, offering with medicinal properties discovered in the late eighteenth century. Veer de la Frontera also has one of the few virgin beaches that are preserved in Andalusia, Playa del Palmer.

Sahara de la Sierra is one of the Andalusian villages in the mountain range of Cadiz whose urban helmet is declared Artistic Historical Complex. The singularity of this Andalusian village lies in its original works of art distributed between the streets and squares of its urban center.

In addition, all its streets are narrow with the traditional slopes so characteristic of Baroque, Renaissance, Muslim and Gothic art. Arena, besides being the capital, both of the mountains and of the natural park that bears its name, is one of the most beautiful villages in all of Huelva, not for nothing its historical center is considered as cultural interest.

If you decide to visit this town, you can delight with its 13th century castle, between whose walls am located the prior church of Our Lady of Greater Pain, which still treasures today the sight of the mosque that was before the reconquest. But also, Antique hides between its narrow streets a beautiful citadel and a collegiate church, Santa María la Mayor, which is one of the maximum exposition of the Andalusian Renaissance.

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Nicola, is a town in the province of Huelva that is located on the banks of Into, and it is spectacular to see how it stands surrounded by reddish walls of Muslim origin. If you decide to visit this town, you can be sure that you will not be mistaken, because in addition to its white houses, picturesque streets and cozy squares, its historic center has been declared of Cultural Interest, you can enjoy seeing the church of Santa María de la Granada, a spectacular construction described as a strange Mudéjar work of the thirteenth century that rises on an old mosque.

What is most striking at this locality is the fabulous panoramic view visitors can enjoy, since it is a delight for the senses to walk along its tortuous alleyways. Nestled in the south of Córdoba province and surrounded by olive groves, opposite the reservoir of the same name, lies one of the most curious localities of Andalusia.

And you cannot miss spaces as beautiful and picturesque as Plaza Rafael Albert or the Patio de las Comedian. Monteria is located in the shade of a rock, and is home to both its Nazi castle and the church that the Catholic Monarchs built next to it.

Special mention is given to the Peña DE Los Titans which, while 3 miles away, is worth visiting, since it is home to archaeological remains from the Neolithic Period to the Middle Ages. Located in the middle of the Sierra de Cádiz but facing the provinces of Seville and Málaga, this old Roman town is now one of the most attractive localities in the region.

Zeros, while a small town with barely 900 inhabitants, is famous for being the entrance to the magnificent Cuevas de los Murciélagos. The most attractive aspect of this locality is its castle and the labyrinth of narrow, winding alleyways that suddenly amaze you by opening out onto squares full of life and charm.

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Its narrow, winding streets ascend, flanked by white houses, from the shore of the Mediterranean Sea to its imposing castle. As for its historic and architectural legacy, mention should be made of its Arabic Oven, which is the only one still active today and is used for cooking clay items).

It is in the sierra (Midas Pueblo) where it is worth visiting, since here you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Mediterranean Sea and take a stroll along its alleyways of white houses and flowerpots on its facades. Marbella, Coil, Azalea, El Romped or TORRO are some places where you can find amazing accommodation facilities near the spots we have recommended for you.

The whitewashed villages of Andalusia are impressive historical monuments in themselves, and their people still live according to age-old traditions, inherited from their Iberian, Roman and Moorish forefathers. Many of the villages near the coast have become fashionable resorts, while still conserving their ancient charm, whereas others, lost in the highlands of Andalusia, remain rough and ready olive-farming towns, with a special appeal for the adventurous travelers.

Most Andalusian towns began as fortresses, which stood along the ever-fluctuating frontier between the Christian and Moorish realms, as is apparent in the names of such towns as “Jerez de la Frontera”, “Marcos de la Frontera”, “Moron de la Frontera”... Over the centuries, many have developed into thriving agricultural centers producing olive oil, fruit and vegetables and goat's milk. Like neighboring Granada, Almeria province is famous for its troglodytes villages, where many homes are dug out of soft sand-coloured cliffs.

The ancient seaports of the Cadiz coast were first developed by the Phoenicians, Greeks and the Romans. Augmented by excellent crop irrigation from the Snowbelt of the Sierra Nevada, this tropical climate creates the perfect growing conditions for sugar cane, avocados and fruit.

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Malaga is sprinkled liberally with pretty pueblos Blanco, or white towns and villages, the most well-known of all these being Ronda. The ancient land is home to amazing people, incredible landscapes, unrivalled gastronomy and some of the prettiest little towns you'll find in Europe.

Many of its villages are familiar with the recent influxes of tourism, however, some still remain secluded from the outside world, bursting with tradition and charm! In no particular order, discover the most beautiful villages in southern Spain; visit a number of these charming and humble towns from your holiday home in Andalusia.

Marcos is the gateway to the White Towns of Andalusia (Pueblos Blanco) and is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful villages in southern Spain. An inspiration for many Spanish artists, such as the musicians Manuel de Falla, PIO Baroda, Azores, Damask Alonso, and Gloria Fuentes.

Its long and narrow streets bring you to the edges of town where you can enjoy a stroll along the largest lake in Andalusia. A highlight of its gastronomy includes their stuffed pork, which is filled with such things as sausage, egg, bread crumbs, bits of ham and turkey breast.

Archaeological remains of the Neolithic age were found here, and the name Cortana is said to be derived from the word “cork”, a great source of wealth for this land in its past. One of its most impressive sights is the majestic medieval fortress perched on the hill above the small white village.

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Castle of Sancho IV Fountain Alley Stately homes Bullring Calvary Chapel Church of the Divine Savior Birth Chantey river Ermina de San Sebastián Houses Mudéjares The town peaked during the Roman era and has since left a legacy of rich and fertile lands and beautiful architecture.

It is one of many towns that the ancient Via Augusta travels through and is also home to perhaps the most important Roman monument in Spain, the Necropolis. Caesars is also the birthplace of Bias Infant, author of “Ideal Andalusian which prompted Andalusia's autonomy, anthem, and flag.

Parish Church of San Sebastián Castle and Arabic Wall Fountain of Carlos III Cemetery Honda baths Antigua tourism office Mirror del Puerto The town's most emblematic buildings are the medieval fortress and the church of Santa Maria Maggie; from the square, you will see a wonderful view.

Castillo Caltrain Church of Santa Maria Maggie Aide Fountain Arc ode La Villa Lana Street Admiralty House Several viewpoints Let yourself fall in love with the contrasting pastel colors that are interspersed among the white walls and green caves, accompanied by the ever-impressive background of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

The fortress itself is undoubtedly one of the best attractions in Jaén, a hidden gem just outside the Marque Natural de Cazorla. Ronda, a city with approximately 35,000 inhabitants, is located only 100 km from Malaga, is known for its famous El Tao.

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Holiday rentals in Veer de la Frontera are popular as this town is one of the top places to visit in Southern Spain. Veer has been awarded the National Prize for Beautification and other Andalusian towns can fully appreciate the legacy of other cultures in the streets, such as the Jewish quarter.

If you are staying in Almeria and looking for one of the most beautiful villages in Andalusia, Lucien de las Torres is always cited among the top. This town is undoubtedly one of the jewels of the Andalusian Renaissance; the streets and squares are full of incredible palaces, convents, and walls.

Church of St. Mary of the Alcázar Plaza Vázquez de Molina Memorial Square Sacred Chapel of Salvador Used Church of San Pablo Cisco Historical Called Grades Its walls Clock tower Barrio Alfredo Its streets are full of history and you'll be amazed by a very special topography, due to its location along the slope, giving it a unique feel.

Extensive olive groves and plenty of freshwater make the area an ideal place to live and a must-visit on your holiday to Andalusia. Its cuisine is local and traditional and people from this area use an essential ingredient in their dishes, extra virgin olive oil.

Maybe it's the amazing views or the bright red geraniums in pots around the village or the winding, cobblestone streets (or maybe all the above). In the Sierra de Cabrera in Almeria, you'll find a hive of striking white houses, with narrow streets inviting you to discover its past from prehistory to the present day.

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Renting a holiday home in Monacan you will experience its unique microclimate where the winters and summers are very mild. It is a huge tourist attraction thanks to its subtropical climate with pleasant temperatures all year round where you can also enjoy its incredible beaches.

The houses, as well as shops and bars, in Stencil DE leis Bodegas are under the shelter and protection of a massive rock. At the top of the hill you will find the grand castle, one that has withstood the trials and elements of time, which together with the white houses make this village truly a place to remember.

This Spanish town has a fairly rugged terrain with lush vegetation of pine, chestnut, cork, and oak. Both religions are portrayed in the town's art, as seen by monuments in the Arab neighborhood while exploring the noble and religious Christian buildings as well.

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