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Andalusian X Thoroughbred

Andalusian X Thoroughbred

Elaine Sutton
• Sunday, 11 October, 2020
• 7 min read

Regalia is a son of Axis/Ingrate IX who is line bred through his sire Lubricant III to Agent. Agent is the most famous Also son from the Nevada Military Stud of Spain.

thoroughbred andalusian
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“Lucy” combines some of the best Military/Zscaler bloodlines with superb Thoroughbred racing lineage from her dam. Nothing Toulouse aka “Lucy” is very athletic, has a great mind, temperament, and work ethic.

dollar;16,000For Sale Horse ID:2179833 Prince clear;Prince) Homeland, California 92585 USA 2014 Buckskin Andalusian Cross Stallion 6 yr old Smutty buckskin War lander stallion … Aria Elm vale, Ontario L0L1P0 CANADA 2019 Bay Iberian Warm blood Filly Spectacular dressage prospect.

dollar;5,500For Sale • May Trade Horse ID:2174340 Granada HDF Brook Park, Minnesota 55007 USA 2009 Grey Andalusian Cross Mare In Foal Beautiful 1/2 Andalusian Aztec D mare by Echos D … There are more being approved each day but some are: Moral (Morgan X Arab) Pantaloons (Paint X Appaloosa) Anglo-Arab (Thoroughbred Arabian) Appendix Quarter Horse (Thoroughbred Quarter Horse) National Show Horse (American Saddle bred X Arabian) Wear Pony (Welsh Pony X Arabian) Arab (Quarter Horse X Arabian) Alkalies (Tennessee Walker X Appaloosa) Aztec (Quarter Horse Andalusian) Pony of the Americas (Multiple Horse Cross) Irish Hunter (Thoroughbred Irish Draft) Appaloosa (Arabian X Appaloosa) Hispano (Arabian or AndalusianXThoroughbred) also called Spanish Anglo-Arab And many, many more yet to be named.

Answer 2: Well in Mexico the cross of Andalusian /Quarter horse camp; Criollo is called an Aztec. My paint had all kinds of Thoroughbred bloodlines, but they were from generations past.

Most Andalusian's are now called Pure Gaza Ethanol or PRE for short. Thorough any horse bred in that particular region can still be called an Andalusian.

horse canada andalusian filly thoroughbred ad horses alberta tofield
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Pass Fine, Andalusian, Morgan, Saddle bred, Standardized, Arabian, Peruvian Pass, Quarter Horses, Thoroughbred, Gypsy Manner, Percheron, Irish Draft, Irish sport Horse, and Moor pony. I know I already posted pictures of him before, but I only got one reply and I also found some newer better pictures and wanted to check with you guys if you saw anything different.... His name is Allegro, and he's an 11-year-old Andalusian Thoroughbred cross.

Good withers and a smooth top line. I was a bit skeptical when you said he was a TB x And, but I was pleasantly surprised to see his pictures.

If I didn't know better I'd think he was a purebred warm blood of sorts. Beautiful towline, good hip, legs, and shoulder.

Really the worst I can say about him is that he has a thick throat latch which is strictly cosmetic. Thank you for posting the jumping photos. Considering his shoulder and neck I figured he would be a copier jumper and much better with his knees.

A lot of the Brandy horses I've seen tend to have long backs and thick throat latches. Knees hanging rather badly in the jump photos though, I don't know squat about jumping but I'd be pretty concerned. Allegro is beautiful, and more importantly looks like the same horse at both ends, which is more than can be said of a lot of Bands (and a fair few other crossbreeds)...

horse andalusian iberian horses stallion thoroughbred transperceneige 2007
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Since you have mentioned that about his legs hanging, I went and looked at some other jumping pictures to see if he has done that in all of them or if there were just certain times when he did it. It appears to be a habit he does when he is bored or tired from what I can guess.

The cross-country pictures I showed were taken during a clinic I did with him. I went and looked at the pictures from the beginning of the clinic, and he appeared to pick up his legs much more....

Hes cute !to me it looks like he hangs his legs when he is unbalanced. In the first pictures you posted it looks like he's hanging his legs over the jumps that he really got close to.

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