Andalusian X Warmblood

Elaine Sutton
• Friday, 09 October, 2020
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Socialite is an exquisitely beautiful mare with three lovely light gaits. This stunning mare is double registered with the Iberian warm blood Society and Alpha registry.

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Perfect for a competitive YR, JR, young pro wanting to be noticed in the big ring! Every day we say he needs someone who wants to be on a super type who maybe doesn't have the huge WB budget.

Darling Palomino PRE x Luciano gelding, super quiet & Safe, very sweet & fun to ride & take out on trail! Trained by Marta Vanilla as her private competition horse since the beginning of his dressage career.

Registries: AN CCE, FEI, USAF, Relocation: Houston Texas, United StatesFoaled: 2007Gender: GeldingHeight:Dressage Training Level: Grand Prix Dressage Showing Level: Grand Preventing Training Level:Evening Showing Level:Hunters:Jumping: Herero is a beautiful black Andalusian gelding, who has 3 good gaits.

He is very easy to put on the bit, and his trot is extremely comfortable to sit. Confirmed in all his lateral work (Shoulder in/ Haunches in/ Half passes).

Dressage Bloodlines: SIRE: Vigorous FER (Nevada Ferraro Spain) Extremely safe for any Amateur rider. Her nature is to be a more forward horse (she is not a push ride) who likes to work.

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Handsome and very talented FEI Dressage Prospect Bred by Estrella Del Norte PRE New Hampshire USA In Oct 2017 Cyprian was professionally started under saddle and harness. Opulent (OPI) is a kind and willing boy he had very little training previously but since August 2017 has been in a program with a professional.

SMF Templar is an exceptional PRE Andalusian mare, with correct conformation and a great temperament. She is a beautiful floaty mover, and has lovely expression.

Zhivago is a beautiful and eye catching registered gelding. Standing 16.1hh he is quite elegant and noble with his eye catching dynamic movement.

He has a lovely build, smooth gaits and is so very fun to ride. He has three good gaits that are easy to ride and has begun lateral movements.

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SIRE: Ecuador XXIV (Os ado XV/Violin/Jensen) 2009 17h Imported PRE Stallion, Eco was bred by renowned Spaniard farm Los Allures and its owner Don Alvaro Dome, founder of the Royal Andalusian School in Jerez, Spain. Cali(aka Casandra) is a beautiful athletic mare with a first-class disposition.

Palermo MDR is a 16 HH, 2016 PRE (Andalusian) revised (approved) stallion. Val, as he is called at home, is by the amazing PRE stallion North Lover (Courtesan VII x Acquires III) who was a member the 2013 Dressage Champion of Spain and a member of the Spanish team for many years.

He is schooling 2nd level and is ready to make your dressage dreams come true. He is easy to handle as a stallion with a temperament full of bravado.

Lyrics VII is a gentleman and very talented dressage horse. He is by the Imported International Grand Prix stallion Gaucho III.

Lyrics has three very good gaits, with a very free shoulder and natural talent for Giraffe and Passage. I think the biggest concern towards the PRE in terms of dressage is how they move.

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Who doesn’t want a horse that has the potential of getting up to a Grand Prix level in dressage or jumping? To a dedicated amateur rider these horses may look like an easy way to a professional career.

Truth be told, many of these horses belong in the hands of professional riders. What that really means, is that this horse has a strong character and/or is not suitable for most amateur riders.

If a breeding program is focused on performance horses, there is a high likelihood that a degree of inbreeding has occurred to preserve a certain trait (amazing movements, ability to jump etc.) As we know in humans, inbreeding can cause a range of physical and psychological problems in the child.

This in combination with a high level of agility could be a potential death trap for an inexperienced rider. The Spanish horse has been a working animal for centuries and has always been bred to be social and cooperative with the human.

Northern European Warm blood : From the start engineered to pull carriages and work farm land. If we look at the conformation of a horse designed to pull, in short we can often see a lower set neck, a straight shoulder with a big wither, a longer back and back legs designed to push forward.

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This is a great horse to work in an “open shape” letting it reach forward to the bit and getting “his shoulder into it” and those back legs pushing forward (as if pulling), getting him into a good rhythm with a good cadence. In that shape the back is following through the movement, which makes it swing up and down as the horse is reaching forward into his working position.

He is big and strong and is designed to pull and requires a support and steady contact with the riders hands. Because he has a higher degree angle in his shoulder, his front leg will take a longer stride under his body and the movement will travel more through the shoulder of the horse and up through the wither.

This could give a jerky sensation for the rider if the horse is a big mover. Then look at the Andalusian horse also pulling a cart and compare the position of front and back legs.

Then look at the world champion dressage horse (amazing performance BTW) at WEG and look at his front leg position in the extended trot. Andalusian : From the beginning bred and used as a “war horse” adapted to carrying a rider in arms to battle.

To be able to turn on his haunches in a millisecond to face an opponent or to sprint away from the danger to protect his rider. This means that it’s easier for the Andalusian to tuck his bum in and lift his own back and the rider up.

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Because of it being no effort for him to carry a rider in this position, he will naturally work with more suspension, and he will feel softer to sit on. When a horse is working in this collected higher position with the rider he will feel lighter in the hand and softer to sit on.

The Spanish horse was from the beginning designed to carry a rider, and to collect. The northern European horses were designed to pull a cart, even though they have been modernized a lot since then.

The content of this is that it’s probably easier to find a PRE horse that will be light in the hand and comfortable to sit due to the above stated. Unlike a warm blood who will put you on the floor of the arena if he is unhappy, if the Spanish horse hurts he will not tell you.

Owning a PRE horse is therefore a big responsibility for you as his “guardian” because he doesn’t have the “heart” to tell you if he is not feeling well. You need to learn to read him and understand him so that you know when to stop the training and when he is tired.

They learn quick, and they are focused and levelheaded to be able to endure the stress during a film set. It’s that combination of “Corazón” and intelligence that makes them feel like they have a human soul.

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In a movie set there is only a short time of action, the rest of the time is spent waiting around, whilst people, cameras, lifts and all sorts of funny stuff is right next to you and around you. It’s also the breed most suited for amateur riders due to its docile character.

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