Another Word For A Lameness

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• Thursday, 07 January, 2021
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Physically disabled, especially in the foot or leg to limp or walk with difficulty: a lame racehorse. Impaired or disabled through defect or injury: a lame arm.

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Weak; inadequate; unsatisfactory; clumsy: a lame excuse. Awkward, dull, stupid, or uninteresting: The party was lame, so we bailed early.

While arguing in favor of Measure D at a City Council hearing in 2019, she called Baser a lame duck.” Lame -duck Congress and lame -duck president face huge challenges in the coming weeks Signature, which has nearly 60 percent of its portfolio tied up in commercial real estate, is bracing for the fallout.

We urge our leaders on both sides of the aisle to find common ground, finish the work they started, and pass additional relief measures during the lame -duck session to help the businesses, industries, and workers who continue to suffer. Though it’s possible another stimulus package could come during the lame -duck session before the next Congress sits in January, some economists find it unlikely.

Their comments came as lawmakers prepare to return to the Capitol next week for Congress’ post-election lame duck session. I have conflicting feelings of lame less and warm fuzzier: I'm only worried because I really do respect him.

She's cured of her lame less now, and is grown up to be a very pretty girl, Bailey said. In many instances, as soon as the subject has traveled a considerable distance, lame less diminishes or discontinues.

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I didn't get your message until this morning, Jesse said lamely. In central Italy the influence of the First Consul was paramount; for in 1801 he transformed the grand duchy of Tuscany into the kingdom of Etruria for the duke of Parma; and, seeing that that promotion added luster to the fortunes of the duchess of Parma (a Spanish infant), Spain consented lamely enough to the cession of Louisiana to France.

Browse other sentences examples The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historical usage. What does it mean?, the dictionary definition doesn't seem to make sense...” Ranked with Shelley and Keats as one of the great Romantic poets, Byron became famous throughout Europe as the embodiment of romanticism.

His good looks, his lameness, and his flamboyant lifestyle all contributed to the formation of the Byronic legend. It used to mean something quite different from its current colloquial use. It's from lame crippled or lacking full use of a limb, usually a leg.

No, it means that he walks with difficulty, due to some injury or defect to one or both legs. I just meant that in extreme cases of lameness, the person may be unable to walk.

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Thank you so much for the quick reply ! I think I should start a new thread for that sense of lameness. Kindly reply me on the new thread.

The lameness tends to occur very suddenly, usually without a history of trauma or excessive exercise. In most cases, the worst pain lasts between one and two months but may persist in a cyclic nature for up to a year.

If this is the case, a puppy will eat much more of the diet in order to meet its energy needs, resulting in higher total calcium consumption. Pain control can go a long way towards helping your pet feel more comfortable and should be used, though.

Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribe Hike: take a long walk, especially in a park or a wilderness area9.

Hobble: walk unsteadily or with difficulty; see also limp10. Limp: walk unsteadily because of injury, especially favoring one leg; see also falter13.

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Lurch: walk slowly but with sudden movements, or furtively15. March: walk rhythmically alone or in a group according to specified procedure16.

Mosey: see amble; also, used colloquially in the phrase “mosey along” 18. Nip: walk briskly or lightly; also used colloquially in the phrase“nip (on) over” to refer to a brief walk to a certain destination, as if Conan errand19.

Parade: walk ostentatiously, as if to show off21. Perambulate: see stroll; also, travel on foot, or walk to inspect or measure a boundary22.

Pussyfoot: walk stealthily or warily (also, be noncommittal)29. Shuffle: see scuff (also, mix, move around, or rearrange)36.

Stagger: walk unsteadily (also, confuse or hesitate, or shake)37. Step: walk, or place one’s foot or feet in a new position39.

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Tiptoe: walk carefully on the toes or on the balls of the foot, as fin stealth47. Toddle: see saunter and stagger; especially referring to the unsteady walk of a very young child48.

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