Antique Saddle Rack For Sale

Elaine Sutton
• Friday, 30 October, 2020
• 7 min read

Once you take the saddle off the horse, its essential to have a place to put it. The key to a good fit is to get a tack rack that is tall enough so that the stirrups do not touch the ground when you place the saddle on it.

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A few models are even built with wheels (such as a collapsible dolly type) making it easy to roll it around the stable. What's more, folding stands make an ideal portable saddle rack.

It typically takes up more space than a folding rack or one that hangs from the wall. Wood is in generally good condition with a couple of nicks on the right side.

Ballard Firearms is the story of a mechanical genius whose rifles and cartridges were the equal of any made in Amer ... Click for more info. 3 volume set about Frank Wesson's unmaking from the Civil War years up until about 1890.

During this time he made about 100,000 firearms of various types including carbines, pocket rifles, derringers ... Click for more info. Barrel cut off flush with receiver, shortened stock.

Marked on the blade is “Cambridge C ... Click for more info. Since 1965 Mr. Mere has taken part in the for ... Click for more info.

saddle rack 19th century side antique late musgraves
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Wood is in excellent condition with a carbine style butt plate. Wood retains most original varnish with a few minor handling Mars.

Original 24 inch octagon barrel, nickel silver blade front sight and folding ladder rear sight w ... Click for more info. Almost all nickel finish remains with minor handling marks.

Original Lyman side mount receiver sight. Features a 24-inch round barrel with full length mag tube chambered in 44 WCF caliber.

This is a very fine example of a New Haven Arms Company Volcanic Pocket Pistol that has been engraved at the factory. 4 inch barrel chambered in 31 calibers with a nice bright shiny bore and strong r ... Click for more info.

Serial number 33082 which falls right in the middle of a group of muskets identified as being possible weapons used i ... Click for more info. Bbl and tube are a nice aged brown color.

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All brass parts have a nicely aged dark path ... Click for more info. The Marlin 1888 rifle was only built for a couple of years with less than 5k produced.

26 full octagon barrels, very near fine bright shiny bore. Excellent overall with 95%+ shiny barrel blue, 90% case colors on left side receiver with considerable protective lacquer intact; right side r ... Click for more info.

3 1/4 inch round barrel chambered in 32 S&W Long calibers. Most all the original nickel remains with some very minor flaking on the cylinder.

Good bore with strong rifling ... Click for more info. Brass weights toward the front of the forearm for match shooting makes for a front heavy rifle DES ... Click for more info.

24 inch octagon barrel chambered in 38 WCF caliber with a full length mag tube. Deluxe checkered walnut stock with pistol grip and crescent butt.

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Traces of the original case colors remain on the frame ... Click for more info. 24 inches round barrel, full length mag tube and crescent butt with trapdoor.

Wood is in VG condition with most original varnish. Towards the end of the stock there is some minor cracking and oil SOA ... Click for more info.

24 inch full octagon barrel chambered in 38 WCF caliber with full length mag tube and crescent style butt. Nice fire blue on the loading gate.

This is a small pocket pistol with overall length of 7 inches. The wood is a fancy tiger striped maple stock which is in overall VG condition.

This pistol is pictured on page 206 of the Derringer book by Wilson and Eberhard. This is a strange gun with a bird's-eye maple stock and has more of a drop to the grip than is normal for a derringer.

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Gun retains about 90% original nickel ... Click for more info. 20 inch part round barrel that is mostly a brown/blue coloration.

Gun has been completely refinished and retains all of that finish. Leroy Mere Antique Firearms SP ... Click for more info.

24k serial range with a 32 bbl, ram rod and sling SW ... Click for more info. 24 inches round barrel with full length magazine tube.

Wood is in very good condition with a rifle style butt plate. Overall metal is in good condition with ago ... Click for more info.

These were converted by cutting off the cylinder, inserting breech block, attaching firing pin to hammer, cutting cartridge groove on right ... Click for more info. There were quite a few 1860 Army's produced but only a handful that have the London address.

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