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Click here for Online Studbook (Please note: the new compete database currently works best on a computer. By using the search engine, you can research a particular horse just by entering its name OR registration number.

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The Performance Registry was introduced to register those horses that are not eligible to be accepted for AX, A1-3 or Q registration. This means any resulting progeny will not be eligible for registration until such times as a result has been received by the AQUA for this breeding sire.

Whilst all due care is taken, the Association is not able to guarantee the accuracy or authenticity of such information and cannot accept any responsibility for reliance by any person upon any of the information.3. All images on this site are subject to Copyright Law and are not to be reproduced in any form without written permission.

To be recognized as a Standard bred, a horse had to be capable of trotting or pacing a mile within the prescribed limits of a certain standard of time. Standardized race at two distinct gaits, the trot and the pace, and there are different lines of sires and dams that produce the trotters and pacers.

Some notables are Rattan Bars, Calumet Evelyn, Steaming' Demon, Six Day War and Countess Adios. This has increased their speed with each generation, as shown by the abundance of reduced world records each year.

Historic Bloodlines All modern-day Standardized can be traced back to the stallion Hamiltonian 10 (1849-1876) who stood at stud in Chester, New York. Hamiltonian is responsible for all the major sire lines leading to today's top trotters and pacers.

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Hamiltonian's sire line can be traced back to another very important horse, his great-grandsire Messenger. The importation of the gray English Thoroughbred stallion, Messenger, to America in 1788 was the turning point in establishing what is known as the American trotter, today's Standard bred breed.

However, he also founded a separate and distinct breed of trotter which far surpassed all others in speed and quality. As his sons and daughters bred on, their progeny became widely known as superior performers, establishing Messenger as a truly historic stallion.

Born in 1780, Messenger can be traced back six more generations to a horse foaled in 1704 known as the Darla Arabian. Most popular American breeds of horses can trace back to these three foundation sires.

Catalog Persistent Identifier APA Citation Park, Selwyn Dorothy. & Percheron Horse Breeders Association (Australia), issuing body.

And Percheron Horse Breeders Association (Australia), issuing body. & Percheron Horse Breeders Association (Australia), issuing body.

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We are experiencing longer than usual delays on DNA kits and foal registrations, so please be patient with us as we work hard to get your papers sent out. DNA kits are now being emailed directly from the lab at UC Davis.

Remember, we do NOT need photos for Transfers unless the horse is also going Permanent or being registered for the first time. DUE TO THE INCREASE IN COVID-19 OUTBREAKS THROUGHOUT THE United STATES, AMHA HAS CANCELLED THE 2020 ANNUAL MEETING.

ON NOVEMBER18, 2020 THE BOD MET VIA ZOOM TO DISCUSS HOW BEST TO CONDUCT THE BUSINESS OF AMHA. New rule change proposals must be submitted on the proper form via email, fax, or mail (postmarked) to the AMHA office by midnight December 12, 2020.

We greatly appreciate your patience if you experience longer than usual response times. We hope to transition to the new software system soon, which should greatly reduce our turnaround time.

Their good friends and mentors have helped guide them in developing their stock with some top miniature pedigrees in the industry today. In just a short time they have achieved Multiple World Champions, Multiple Reserve World Champions and AMHA Honor Roll success.

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Click the button below to learn more about Software Sponsorship opportunities Create account Our realistic genetics system allows you to breed horses which can inherit their colors and genes almost true to life.

The countless gene combinations of colors, potential, exterior and health ensure that every horse is unique. Contestants are required to run one of ten approved patterns, divided into seven or eight maneuvers, including small slow circles, large fast circles, flying lead changes, 360 degree spins done in place, and the exciting sliding stops that are the hallmark of the reining horse.

The number of international competitions organized throughout the world is growing at a healthy pace: from three in 2001 the number has increased to 43 in 2008 with events organized in the United States of America and Canada, but also in Italy, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Israel and Brazil. WSD N/N With a pleasing mix of traditional & the sought after modern sport bloodlines, Ninja offers the whole package to mare owners including exciting color possibilities.

Standing at 16.1hh (165 cm) with a good amount of bone, faultless compact conformation with a deep girth and shows straight active paces with a powerful scope jump. He is available by frozen AI in UK and Europe and offers discerning breeders the opportunity to breed for color without compromising on quality.

Fiasco is by the legendary Prince of Wales Cup winner Dan away Flash Jack His sire, Grander V, won the coveted “PREMIX CAB AEX” for best stud, “AL MAJOR SEGMENTAL”, at the ECU ZAR ZARAGOZA 2009.

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He is jumping in age classes and Newcomers, quickly gaining his double clears for 2021 as he is careful and athletic. With many big wins under his belt far to many to mention all of them but has won the royal Welsh, been to boys 4 years on the trot, competed at Olympia to name a few.

Power, scope and carefulness, correct conformation, expressive paces and a superb trainable nature. WSD N/N With a pleasing mix of traditional & the sought after modern sport bloodlines, Ninja offers the whole package to mare owners including exciting color possibilities.

He is jumping in age classes and Newcomers, quickly gaining his double clears for 2021 as he is careful and athletic. His sire, Grander V, won the coveted “PREMIX CAB AEX” for best stud, “AL MAJOR SEGMENTAL”, at the ECU ZAR ZARAGOZA 2009.

Unlike the majority of most equine breeds, miniature horses are measured at the last hair of their mane rather than at their wither. Miniature horses come in a full spectrum of coat coloring and patterns and (unlike Shetlands), a spotted appaloosa is an accepted and popular coloring in the American Miniature Horse Registry.

Although their actual history is sometimes debated, the American Miniature Horse developed right along with the 20th century. Dwindling land resources have also contributed to the miniature horses' growing popularity.

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For those drawn to the competitive side of the breed, miniature horse shows are hosted around the country and attract large numbers of small equine enthusiasts of all ages. The AMUR National Championship Show hosted each September in Tulsa, OK, consistently draws more than 1,500 miniature horses from across the United States and Canada, making it the single largest competition for miniature horses.

In fact, AMUR Nationals is one of the larger horse shows of any kind in the United States. The popularity of American Miniature horses is a testimony to their endearing dispositions, versatility and practicality.

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