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(crazier comparative)( the craziest superlative)( crazies plural) 1 adj If you describe someone or something as crazy, you think they are very foolish or strange.

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INFORMAL, disapprovalPeople thought they were all crazy to try to make money from manufacturing..., That's why he's got so caught up with this crazy idea about Mr. Trances. crazily adv after v, ADV adj The teenagers shook their long, black hair and gesticulated crazily... INFORMAL (=mad) If I sat home and worried about all this stuff, I'd go crazy ..., He strides around the room beaming like a crazy man.

INFORMAL v-link ADJ about n (=mad) He's still crazy about both his work and his hobbies... Crazy is also a combining form., comb in adj Every football- crazy schoolboy in Europe dreams of one day being involved in the championships. 4 adj If you are crazy about someone, you are deeply in love with them.

INFORMAL v-link ADJ about n None of that matters, because we're crazy about each other. 6You use like crazy to emphasize that something happens to a great degree.

Behave in a manner that is commonly considered as specific to women It is used most frequently when referring to men who show lack of courage or an excessive shyness or sensitivity.

To be gutsy: avoid Du can Tobe filled beyond regular capacity; a garment like trousers you're wearing and bursting at the seams (whether because they shrank in the wash, or you gained weight) would be a perfect literal example of this idiom and figuratively, it means: to be beyond full.

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Duplicate clue solutions are not entered twice so each answer you see is unique or a synonym. When facing difficulties with puzzles or with our website go to contact page and leave us a message there.

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The most common family a little of crazy SVG material is cotton. Despite being the greatest and most influential mind in human history, Isaac Newton, by all accounts, was a bit of a headcase, 1 as well as a total dick.

He would go through manic episodes where he would work furiously for days at a time without eating or sleeping. Afterward, he would fall into deep depressions, refuse to see or speak to anyone, and often contemplated suicide.

What’s lesser known is that Tesla had an intense phobia of dirt and germs and a curious obsession with doing everything in multiples of three. He would compulsively calculate everything in his immediate environment, like how many cubic centimeters of food he was about to eat or how many meters he was going to walk to the toilet.

Many of the greatest literary figures of the past 300 years either drank themselves to death or put a bullet in their mouth. Compared to “normal” people (as if “normal” even exists), people with mental illnesses have more chronic physical health problems, 5 have difficulty forming and maintaining relationships, 6 earn less money, 7 and live shorter lives.

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They argue all the time over the definitions of diseases like ADHD, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. Centuries ago, when depression was known as “melancholia,” it was believed to be caused by an imbalance of bodily fluids called “humors.” Homosexuality was once considered a formal mental disorder all the way up until 1986.

Even in the Seneca quote I mentioned above, the Latin word for “madness” was used very differently from what it has been translated to today. One of the reasons mental disorders are often difficult to define is that many of their characteristics are, in one sense, extreme versions of “normal” traits seen in all of us.

Maybe your kitchen utensils have to be arranged just so or else you start freaking out thinking the whole house is about to explode. You don’t have OCD, as many people joke, but you do have a particular fixation on some things being “in order” so that you feel comfortable and secure.

But for the vast majority of us, it’s easy to figure out when our minds went on their own little picnic, and we can quickly rejoin reality. People with certain types of schizophrenia, on the other hand, have trouble distinguishing the “real world” from their imagination.

People with extreme OCD similarly live in a constant state of not feeling in control of their own minds or actions. Image by Alex Plesovskich. Kurt Cobain was often described by close friends and family as a person who was absolutely terrified of being humiliated.

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He may have conveyed this apathetic rock star personality, keeping up appearances that he didn’t give a fuck, but actually, he gave a huge fuck about what everyone thought to the point of having severe anxiety and depressive episodes. Nirvana had rehearsal sessions that lasted upwards of 15 hours before recording Never mind.

Temple Gran din revolutionized the cattle industry in North America and is credited today with providing one of the greatest leaps forward in the humane yet practical treatment of livestock. They believed Gran din’s gift was to disregard other people’s objections when they got in the way of her principles.

Gran din didn’t overcome her disability, she drags it with her, like a mule pulling a plow through a field, each lumbering step tearing up what’s behind her in order to build what only she can see in front of her. It’s like Mother Nature waltzes into the casino now and then and bellies up to the roulette table to lay all of her money down on double-zero.

If she hits it, the payout is big (with someone like an Isaac Newton, who ironically, never married or had kids, but increased the reproductive fitness of humanity for centuries after he lived). But there’s another evolutionary angle to this: and that is that some tendencies of mental illness, in certain situations, may have been beneficial in the roving tribes of our ancestors.

If it just so happens that a tribe needs a shrewd, ruthless leader to guide them through an unpredictable and unstable environment, the psychopath might be their best option. A schizotypal member of the tribe might have been delusional, but he could also be a source of a few hair-brained ideas that ended up paying off in a big way for everyone.

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Maybe he hallucinates a burning bush telling him to round people up and mass-migrate them to more fertile land. Maybe he hallucinates 10 commandments and carves them in stone and declares him and his friends God’s chosen people.

Paradoxically, the same things that should cause these disorders to fall out of the gene pool are the ones that keep them in it. And the same extremes that hinder individuals could be what provides the “tincture of madness” for their genius and creativity.

Humanity needs some source of innovation in order to take a gamble just as much as we need the stability that runs our everyday lives. Maybe that autistic kid in your call class will go on to produce major advances in quantum physics and win a Nobel Prize one day.

I’ve learned over the years that my brain’s tendency towards quick boredom and constant need for novel stimulation is likely what drives my creativity as a writer. 17 My wife’s obsessiveness about detail (and her scary degree of cleanliness) is also the thing that makes her such a talented designer and artist.

My friend’s almost psychopathic willingness to question everything people do and believe is what makes him such a good psychologist. Another friend’s quirkiness and social awkwardness is what makes him willing to take on huge entrepreneurial risks that have sometimes paid off big.

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And since we’re all a little insane, then our awareness of our own eccentricities and tendencies has very real consequences for our own lives. Mental health, in the vast majority of cases, is therefore not a question of “curing” or “fixing” people, but recognizing where the strengths of an extreme brain may lie, while simultaneously learning to cope with its weaknesses.

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